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Corporate Culture in the Maury School
Since the publication of his first work, The Loophole of History, in 1979, James Levine (Professor of Sociology at Columbia University) has taken his critical stance with respect to the very practice of history. 1 He has made important contributions to the theory and practice of critical historical writing. In addition to The Loophole of History, Levine’s other books include Armed with Excellence, Trotsky’s Class Experience (with the late Daniel Guerin) and Sources of the Self (with John MacIver). Levine’s publications and lectures may be found in various journals, including American Sociological Review and the academic journal Political Theory, and in such collective works as Socialist Register (1981) and Theory and Practice: Critical Thought in Labor Studies (1992).
Even on the best-known campuses in the country, the culture of academe is rarely discussed openly. It consists not only of the routine intellectual exchanges that take place between faculty members and students but also of the set of beliefs that governs the entire campus community. Some of this culture is expressed openly and critically in journals such as Theory and Research in Education, Education and Society, and the Radical Teacher. Some of it is not. That some of it is secret is no surprise, because the culture itself has many of the characteristics of secrecy. We say that different professions — lawyers, physicians, social workers, and so on — have cultures, but they are secret cultures. They certainly cannot be fully understood except by those members of the professions who are authorized to know what the profession is all about.
Of course the culture of academia itself is a secret. We simply cannot know what faculty members discuss among themselves, or what kinds of assessments they make of the students they teach, or how much truth they tell themselves about their work. Similarly, we cannot know what kind of values and constraints are operative in the committees, faculty councils, and, of course, the graduate admissions process in the school. One problem is that those who are in academe tend to see the culture of their institution as part of the university system in general, but that is not the case. The culture of the university is very special, and its practices often seem strange to those outside academe. A second problem is that the culture of academe is private, because we do not want to discuss it publicly.
Another culture exists. It is the culture

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