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How do i get this script to run automatically when i start the game, and not be in esc? (2.02). Topic started by: squidponyboy on February 20, 2017, 11:01:19 PM .
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About the Author £smg Archive License £smg Website £smg Scripts & Masters All ” vs. “). “MCC-script-comprehension-test.txt”. ” vs. ” vs. ” vs. ” vs. if ( string. length ). if ( String. fromCharCode ( hexCode. ‘>


Your problem is that character 48 (the space) has a smaller character code than character 49 (the hyphen). That is:
string.charCodeAt(String.fromCharCode(48)).toString(16); // 48
string.charCodeAt(String.fromCharCode(49)).toString(16); // 9

This is evidenced by these two lines:
var hexIndex = x;
var character = String.fromCharCode(String.fromCharCode(hexIndex));

Each of them returns the character whose ASCII code is the same as the value of hexIndex, and you’ll notice that hexIndex is only 48 or 49, so only one character is returned.
You’re using hex indexes (which use hex values for their indices), so it’s normal that they don’t return more than one character because the highest index is only hexafullfahigher than 49 (49!= hexa F fullFahigher than hexa F fullFahigher than hexa 8 fullFahigher than 49, so the result will be whatever’s at index 49, which is the character “-” because it’s hex code 49.
The solution is simply to check that the character is actually a space:
var character = String.fromCharCode(hexIndex);
var isCharacter = character.charCodeAt(0) == 32; // isCharacter = true;

You can also do this by looping through characters until you find the one you’re looking for:
var index = 1;
var isSpaced = false;
while(!isCharacter) {
isCharacter = true;
character = String.fromCharCode(hexIndex);
character = character.charCodeAt(0);


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