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Actionbar and widget – android

I’m new to the android, and I’m facing a trouble about the action bar and the widget part.
My goal is to display an app that is like the native android clock app.
So, what I have done is to open the default clock app and I have created a new activity and put an action bar.
In the action bar I have put a button to show my current app, and I’m able to do that.
What I want is to replace the clock in the action bar with the app I opened, in other words, take out the clock, then replace with my app on the action bar.
Do you have an idea to achieve that?
Thank you very much in advance.


You need to create a receiver for ACTION_WIDGET_CLICK and only update the widgets you want. That’s it. Don’t try to replace a native widget with your own, unless it’s Android 1.6+.
Edit: It’s not hard to find examples of the specifics. The pattern is to show a custom widget and add it to the ActionBar, something like:
CustomDialog dialog = new CustomDialog(getContext());
dialog.setButton(R.drawable.my_custom_button, “Custom”);

onCreate(Bundle) {
ActionBar actionBar = getActionBar();


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