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Lamb Speculator – Investors’ Market Review – 1st October 2019

LambSpeculator: Investors’ Market Review – 1st October 2019
Robot Roblox, a popular online gaming platform is planning to enter the real estate sector by launching its first ever B…

LambSpeculator: Investors’ Market Review – 1st October 2019
Robot Roblox, a popular online gaming platform is planning to enter the real estate sector by launching its first ever Build-a-Room project, Build-a-Rent, on the Roblox platform in Africa.
Our Roblox community enjoys building the most unique and exciting games in immersive, 3D, blockchain-enabled worlds, surpassing 10 million monthly active users and 100+ million personalized games. Meticulously crafted worlds, characters, experiences, and property, exist in Roblox, allowing users to use their imaginations and create unique game environments that they are also real-world owners of. The subscription plans and payments to power the Roblox experience are handled by Robux, Roblox’s premium virtual currency.


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Roblox is the worlds best gaming platform available now. Millions of users play and enjoy on the site each day. Players create, share and play games, meet people and make friends. Roblox can be used on any mobile device you own. On mobile phones. On iPad and iPad Mini. They work on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Roblox has one of the largest interactive worlds of any gaming platform, with games, game levels, game worlds, and character content. Users build and create new games, level up their characters, race virtual cars, and meet friends and fans of their favorite games.

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