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One of the best features of AutoCAD is its graphics, as AutoCAD produces drawings, animations, and diagrams that are easy to understand and navigate. This is why AutoCAD is a tool that is used widely in various industries, including construction, engineering, and architecture.

The Best-Selling AutoCAD Version

AutoCAD 2019 is the newest version of the best-selling AutoCAD software. Launched in May 2017, AutoCAD 2019 is targeted at building design and engineering professionals and is available as a Windows (and Mac) desktop app and a cloud-based mobile app.

In fact, AutoCAD 2019 is the most powerful AutoCAD version since AutoCAD 2017. With this release, AutoCAD now includes the dynamic content browser, meaning that users can easily insert objects from external sources, such as websites or mobile apps, into a drawing.

This feature allows users to insert images from anywhere on the internet, including websites, social media, or apps, and easily incorporate them into a drawing. It also includes a timeline, which allows you to insert and connect all kinds of media and animation clips, all from one central location.

Additionally, AutoCAD 2019 introduces design metrics, which helps you easily create and insert layouts, sizes, and scales of objects. There’s also a new complex annotation tool, which is ideal for quickly and easily drawing detailed annotations on a drawing.

Finally, the new AutoCAD 2018 Dynamic Content Browser makes it easy to insert objects from different sources. For example, you can insert images from external sources, such as websites and apps, into a drawing.

Design features in AutoCAD 2019 include the ability to resize objects and to crop them. A new interactive dimensioning tool allows you to automatically dimension and annotate common dimensional units.

The new, dynamic interface of AutoCAD 2019 was developed to support a variety of touchscreen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and to offer touch-based navigation.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2018?

AutoCAD 2018 is a refinement of the 2017 release of AutoCAD, with several additional features and improvements.

The addition of a timeline lets you easily add and connect all kinds of media clips, from video, images, and audio clips to sketches and animations. You can also add callouts to your timeline, which means you can call out information about an object in a drawing.

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Direct-X Drawing Engine (DXDE) is a collection of routines and classes that provide a user-interface and application programming interface (API) for manipulating vector graphics. It provides an interface to the Windows GDI+ API and the 3D engine used by Autodesk Revit.

For high-volume, networked application development, AutoCAD provides support for the Application Programming Interface (API), which is also available for AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Civil 3D. This API allows developers to build their own add-ons (also known as plugins) for AutoCAD.

AutoLISP is a programming language created for AutoCAD by Microsoft in collaboration with Autodesk. The AutoLISP source code can be found on the AutoLISP website. Some of the features of AutoLISP are:
Support for interactive programming and scripting
Support for symbols and auto-evaluation
Support for source code organization using environments
Support for macros and dynamically linked object-oriented programming
Support for basic block programming
Support for object-oriented programming (both AutoLISP and C++ classes are allowed to be used in the same script)
It is one of the basic programming languages in AutoCAD, which is popular among both Autodesk staff and AutoCAD users. The programming in AutoLISP is kept in a separate source file.

AutoLISP can be used for:
Basic functions
User interface
API programming

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is a line-based programming language created for AutoCAD by Autodesk. The Visual LISP source code can be found on the Visual LISP website. Some of the features of Visual LISP are:
Support for interactive programming
Support for symbols
Support for source code organization
Support for block programming

File format
AutoCAD files have an XML document (defined by DSC files) in the file header and use the ‘.’ as the line continuation character.

Architectural grid
The AutoCAD architecture grid or archgrid is a grid and an icon set designed to be used in architectural models by Autodesk. The grid includes a flag icon, main building icon, icon for an architectural view (for construction). Other icons were included to represent storeys and floors, column and beam iconography.

Autodesk started

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What’s New In?

Create multilayered forms with hidden elements that are never printed or marked.

Easily locate and display objects in your drawing by highlighting them with the “Highlight Hidden Lines” command.

Automatically define properties for new objects, elements, and layers, or easily transfer existing properties. (video: 1:47 min.)

View and edit annotation layers in 3D.

Easily create polylines and polyrectangles.

Organize your drawing objects with the “Actions” toolkit.

Troubleshoot drawings quickly. Improve CAD accuracy using the “Start and stop range searching,” which helps you find errors in your drawing and quickly correct them. (video: 2:26 min.)

Create and manage designs with Excel integration. Keep your designs synchronized with your drawings and improve coordination between design and production with the new Excel integration. (video: 1:43 min.)

Control your designs with the new grid-less and viewable objects. Print only visible content in your drawings.

Automatically reference and create parameters for new objects.

Access industry-standard measurements on the fly.

Extend your drawing to include more of what’s around you, with the new camera and laser tools. (video: 1:47 min.)

Easily create drawings in various paper sizes.

Dynamically project models to varying scale drawings or physical parts.

Easily transfer sheets between drawings with the new exchange model.

Easily create watertight models.

Quickly navigate, edit, and add comments to files with the new “Attachments” tool.

Seamlessly access your files from anywhere, anytime. Use the new “Cloud Files” to access your drawings from anywhere.

Quickly view and manipulate drawing history and layers.

Automatic access to drawing history for individual layers.

Show all drawing history within a drawing.

View and edit annotations by layers.

Sharing Drawings with Third Parties:

Share drawings in various formats, including PDF, with third parties via email or the Cloud or in larger print jobs.

Integrate drawings and models from third parties directly into the drawing environment.

View an embedded drawing in another application.

System Requirements:

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DirectX: Version 9.0c
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Sound Card: