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“Dare to demand more, but at the very least it’s fake that’s the very best because I haven’t had any luck breaking that particular rule.”. Rapper Travis Scott posted the video on Instagram in which he, Drake and a group of friend are seen in a Miami club.

“STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — Police in San Diego said they found three people dead after a drive-by shooting Sunday in the South San Diego neighborhood of Coronado Heights.”. “One of them was a lovely and gentle soul who was providing security for people at outside their homes.

Monday was July 25, and Christian Alexander opened a box that had been delivered to his Eureka, California, home. As he examined the contents.
“The name of the deceased is Abdul-Rahim Al-Muhajir. He was a US citizen,” Deputy Coroner Jeff Fuhrman said Monday. “The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest.”

Scott said, “You see me chilling in the club with Travis and Swae and others. I just wish this person had said what they were just trying to do.”. “The next thing I know, I look out and I see the dude getting tackled. Then shots are going off.”

In the video, Swae, Scott and Drake can be seen walking past a couple. Two men in the video, later identified as the two dead, approach the men. The group, then, enters a car. The driver, who was recently jailed in Ohio, turns a gun on the two men, fatally shot them and is then tackled by a member of the group.

An armed passenger in the back seat shoots one man as he leaves the car, while the other is shot outside.

Fuhrman confirmed the three dead men were the same men in the video.

Scott was arrested July 22 at a casino in Louisiana. The rapper had been charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, accused of slapping a woman and pushing her head into a car during an argument. He was expected to post $100,000 bail at an arraignment July 26.

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I guess I missed the memo. “I know what I’m talking about!”

i dont get why people are so


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