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The Des Moines Register

DES MOINES — Amid a national conversation about police tactics, the Iowa Department of Public Safety has announced changes to Iowa’s police training programs.

The changes include:

• The addition of mental-health training to police training.

• A voluntary, statewide certification program for all police officers in Iowa, modeled after the National Law Enforcement Training Certification Board.

• An online training program to combat implicit bias and “alignment to community values and standards.”


Definition of word hacker in English:

Hacker definition, noun. a person who programs a computer, particularly for use in illegal activity, as breaking into a system.

— Oxford English Dictionary

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1.0 the standard definition, Prabhakar karekar, Analogias verbales pdf


hacker 1 a : one who causes damage to a computer or who secretly writes programs in the computer’s language to make it do things it was not designed to do b : one who intrudes into a system or information-gathering process for the purpose of illegally or maliciously obtaining private or secret information 2 : one who cracks or breaks into machines or computer systems for pecuniary or illicit gain 3 : one who makes unauthorized modifications to a computer program or a computer system for the purpose of impairing its functions or operations 4 a : an illegal or unauthorized user of a computer system, particularly one who gains unauthorized access to software, hardware, or telecommunications services, by guessing or tricking someone into revealing the passwords or codes needed to be admitted to a system b : one who practices hacking or other illegal means of getting information, as by breaking into a computer system 5 : a person who uses computers or computer systems, often illegally, particularly to gain access to information 6 : one who uses or modifies a computer system in violation of the rules of the system or in a manner designed to impair the operation of the system 7 : one who is dishonest or sneakily dishonest 8 : a person who makes unauthorized modifications to a computer program or a computer system for the purpose of impairing its functions or operations