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Jel’ to isto kao njihov rok? [14:43, 7. 01. 2017. Replika PDF] Thank you for typing that.Q:

Break up numpy array list of strings and turn into a dictionary

I have a variable that is a list of strings that is delimited by a space. For example,
arr = [“H9A 2016”, “H9B 2016”, “H9C 2016”]

How can I turn this into a dictionary with the keys as shown in the example below.
dict = {“H9A”:2016, “H9B”:2016, “H9C”:2016}

The only way that I know how to do this is to turn the variable into a numpy array and then use split. Is there a better way to do this?
import numpy as np
arr = np.array([“H9A 2016”, “H9B 2016”, “H9C 2016”])
dict = np.array([[[‘H9A’, ‘2016’]], [[‘H9B’, ‘2016’]], [[‘H9C’, ‘2016’]]])

Thanks in advance.


Using str.split is essentially your best option – even if you create a different data structure (e.g. list of lists), numpy will perform that operation for you.
There is a slight overhead to the listoflists structure, but if you need to use it in your code (rather than just to store the result in) then there’s no other way to do it.


How to add number counter to each page

There are numbers on each page.
From page 1,2,3, to page 8 to 10.
I want to add counter which change every page.
like :


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