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I know its a simple question.. but im too stupid to ask the right way..
I have a.tga image file.. and im using Autocad to create a.dwg file. its working fine but the.tga file is 1 inch to big to show properly in Autocad.
it looks like its i nverse of the view. how can i fix it?


If the image dimensions are really bigger than the dimensions of the view (or detail) you can divide the width of the image by the ratio between view and image size (width and height) before creating the dwg.
You have to edit the image first and define the new scale factor (scale in view and scale in image):

Use the image editor to extract the image’s dimensions.
The ratio between view and image size will be in the lower right corner of the editor.
The percentage scale means the image will have a new width/height, depending on the scale factor.


Preventing automatic conversion from ‘char *’ to ‘char’

how can I prevent this? My compiler can’t figure out how to turn a char* into a char.
Does this affect C++?


You should not.
char * is a pointer. It is a pointer to a char. That’s all there is to it. The pointer holds an address that points to an actual char.
char x; // Actual char. Not a pointer.
char *y = &x; // y is a pointer to the actual char x.

C-style strings also use char * for that very reason. As you know, they’re C-style strings. They’re not C++ strings, so let’s pretend you can’t use them. You’re stuck with char *.
char *z = “Hello”;

char *y = z; // y is a pointer to a C string.

char *x; // This is a pointer. To a char.

Finally, C++ strings are std::string, which are by the way, are implemented as C arrays, so char * is correct again.
string z = “Hello”;
string *y = z;
char *x = &z[0]; // x points to a C array (a C++ string).