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For some people, it’s the name of the teacher they met that day. For others, it might be their first friend. And for some, it’s the lunch they had on that first day of school.

But for one Texas woman, it was the lunch her best friend ate on her first day of kindergarten.

That’s what inspired Jessica Harris to write a book about her childhood and her friend.

When her daughter started kindergarten last year, Harris decided to start writing a book about her childhood.

“We decided to do a book as a way to [share] our story,” Harris told ABC affiliate KRIS-TV. “I don’t think we really even talked about [becoming] authors, it just happened… She and I had just met so I don’t know if that was really her intent. But once we started talking about it, it just kind of exploded.”

And so they began researching and writing down the memories of her early life, something that has given Harris a new perspective on the memories she’s had all her life.

“It kind of blows your mind when you start realizing all these little moments that you have been taking for granted your whole life,” she told “It gave me a more intimate relationship with her than I thought I had.”

Harris and her daughter took a class together, one that’s required for every