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Docker is an open source container technology that makes developers more productive. At its heart, it uses an innovative and efficient way to run multiple applications — or even an entire Linux distribution — as independent containers. Developers can test, compare and share containers of code, and orchestrate and manage containerized applications in software configuration management (SCM) systems.
Docker also provides container management as a service (CaaS), and you can deploy Docker images as microservices in container-based PaaS such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
Here are some of the important reasons why you should consider Docker for your development needs.
Platform independence
Docker is designed to abstract underlying platform details, including the operating system kernel, hardware and drivers, and network stack. This approach makes it possible to run containers on any underlying platform. Running containers on the same host as your application allows you to reap the cost savings of sharing underlying resources and enjoy faster application deployment.
To run a container on a specific platform, you can create a container image that uses the Docker platform-specific features to run on that platform.
Platform-specific features
Many platforms provide platform-specific features that are not found in the Docker platform. For example, containers on Linux are not portable to other operating systems. You can, however, run a container on a Linux host and pass in Linux specific features such as Linux namespaces, capabilities, and so on.
Docker shares some concepts with virtualization technologies such as virtual machines and hypervisors. However, unlike virtualization technologies, containers use modern CPU features, are more efficient, and can run more efficiently on any platform because they share the kernel.
Efficient development environment
The Dockerfile file format is well-documented and has a clear intent, and anyone can modify it. The Dockerfile format encourages the creation of clean, readable, reusable, and portable image definitions.
With well-designed images, you can quickly start a container by selecting from an image that has the right OS, service, libraries, runtime, etc. Images can also be shared across teams, and source code for each image is isolated. Using images is a more efficient and portable way to start containers than running containers individually, and by using the Docker Registry service, it is easy to share images among the Docker community.
Code reuse
Using Docker, you can re-use the same base images in as many applications as you want. Because Docker stores its state inside the container, for example, you can connect

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