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Below is a breakdown of the new HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 22, including the match engine, gameplay changes and new animations.

FIFA 22 Match Engine

The most significant gameplay change that uses the new HyperMotion Technology is the “Dribbling” Engine. This allows for more realistic attacks on the ball that is deeper in your opponents box.

Previously, it was difficult for the ball to be removed from the centre of the box, and to hit opponents with ball possession, that involved a 15 yard pass. With the new dribbling engine in FIFA 22, players can start the attack with a layoff pass or feint, and turn on the style to beat a defender and drive towards the net. The new dribbling engine has been implemented to create more realistic gameplay and pace. Below are the new dribbling animations added to FIFA 22.

The new dribbling engine is balanced.

Note that the player has the ability to abuse the engine and beat a defender with style, but the new dribbling engine is not overblown. It is a reasonable level of authority.

In addition, the dribbling engine now has a more realistic motion capture animation to emulate an attacking player. In previous versions of the game, the animation appeared stiff and unnatural, where as FIFA 22 has a more naturalistic feel with realistic hip movement.

Another new addition in the dribbling engine is that the player now has the ability to change direction while in motion. When dribbling at high speed, it is important that the ball is always moving through your legs and torso. If players stop their movement in mid-dribble, the ball will struggle to pass through their body.

The new dribbling animations also have good width and depth, thus offering a realistic and balanced feel to the attacking player.

Note: It is currently not possible to do a post-hit animation for dribbles, and it is also not possible for the player to score a penalty by dribbling down the middle.

In addition to the new animations added to the dribbling engine, other gameplay changes include:

In previous versions of the game, players could only move the ball when it was in the pitch. However, in FIFA 22, the player can now use the touch line as a de facto pitch. It is possible to use the touch line as a pitch when the ball was on the pitch and the player has control of the ball. For example, after a long pass, the player


Features Key:

  • Experience the lowest banner height in years with fluid, new, game-changing touch-based controls in FIFA 22. Improve, show off and create your best kits to out-play opponents in the game’s new Digital Lab. The transformation of Guardian trends, combined with fluid controls give players more power than ever to take down their opponents in a more realistic way.
  • Play as Barcelona and Real Madrid and dominate your opposition with the incredible ball technology in FIFA 22.
  • FIFA 22 brings you closer to the action with more intuitive and natural touches on the ball. Combine this with more immersive players in more authentic stadiums and a new camera system that combines fast and slow motion to bring more match atmosphere.
  • Destroy your rival across more ways to play, powered by a new and improved Rich User Experience.
  • FIFA 21 introduces the next generation of licensed player faces, allowing EA SPORTS to offer the most authentic first-person player models ever created. The faces are detailed and accurate, so players will look even more like themselves.
  • Power up your career by introducing some of the most authentic motions on the pitch yet with FIFA 22.
  • New, revolutionary and more dynamic goal celebrations.
  • More tactile and immersive controls. Don’t worry about the ball. Concentrate on fluid and natural movement to fire shots at near impossible targets.
  • New chants, and on pitch commentary. Engage fans with new chants and praise them from the sideline. Feel the atmosphere in the stadium and hear player or manager announcements to make every moment special.
  • Better weather.
  • Authentic player appearances, more options, day and night.
  • •New choice of kits
  • •Brand new stadiums with spectacular 3D stadiums.
  • •Authentic chants and applause in virtual stadiums.
  • New goals
  • •Create the best players in the world and share it online with friends as your PRO in the game with brand new Pro Clubs and Tutorials.
  • •Favourite teams will be at the top of the leaderboards
  • Rewards for playing your way to glory. Play your way to a new shirt, replica jersey


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    The All-New Pro-Evolution Engine

    The all-new Pro-Evolution engine pushes FIFA gameplay innovations forward with completely new animation and goal features, improved camera angles and much more. Authentic ball physics, player weight and deformations make each passing, shooting or defending action feel weighty and deadly.

    The new Pro-Evolution engine brought to life by the all-new “Foul System”, which now accurately generates clashes and tackles, replicating the difficulty of real matches.

    “FIFA 20 makes use of new physics, including the new control system; the Player Intelligence System and the new visual player models”

    Player Intelligence System

    The new Pro-Evolution engine with the addition of a new Player Intelligence System unlocks untold


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    · Make the most of Weekly FUT Tournaments by playing for more rewards.
    · Check out all the new team building options available in FUT.

    My Player/My Team – Get more immersive single player experiences.
    · Your in-game nickname comes from your real-life name, your FIFA Ultimate Team ranking, your FIFA Career and Club loyalty, and your FUT Points.
    · Your in-game player bio features a new Real Vision and Vision Editor
    · Challenge yourself to the FIFA World Cup™ as you embark on a journey in a Career Mode for the World Cup™, with all 32 national teams
    · Take on the game as you switch from your in-game player to manager, with the ultimate news and analysis available in your My Player menu.

    Ultimate Team Improvements
    · Build a more balanced team by utilizing the new Team Builder, which takes into account the strength of the player and transfer value of the players.
    · Increase the transfer value of current players by focusing on their in-game statistics, player ratings and transfer value.
    · Focus on real-world transfer activity by allowing players to be more challenging to buy from other clubs.
    · Focus on strength of opposition by tailoring defensive stats.
    · Gain an understanding of which International Competitions are more attractive for players in each position.
    · Improve your team’s overall international standing with more countries to compete against.
    · Improved penalty summary screen.
    · Improved Weekly Team Tournaments screen.
    · Improved national team match up screen.

    New Player Target Assist Type: Flair
    · Quickly see what a player can and can’t do in a match by looking at what types of players your players are being selected to face.
    · Assist your player to go on a real-life run or to make a specific type of run.
    · Aim Assist allows you to predict


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • New additions include the African and Asian Leagues’ Leagues, as well as the South American and Oceanic Regions for Clubs and FUT Draft.
    • Smarter Defending and smarter skill moves – now, players are forced to use smarter footwork and movement on the ball to gain an advantage.
    • Player Champions and Player Rivals – Make player rivalries and challenges into a way of life. Over 600 rivalries are now possible in Career Mode.
    • Play with the ball – Control the flow of the game by choosing to use your Intelligence or your Vision in dribbling opportunities.
    • New user experience – a new icon and new league book.
    • New Career Mode Gameplay – Get the most out of skill moves, playing with the ball, getting key passes and transitioning between defenders.


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    FIFA™ is an award-winning franchise built on its Football DNA. Inspired by authentic global football and leveraging the benefits of new technologies, EA SPORTS FIFA delivers the excitement, control, and detail of real-world football into the virtual pitch.

    FIFA is an award-winning franchise built on its Football DNA. Inspired by authentic global football and leveraging the benefits of new technologies, EA SPORTS FIFA delivers the excitement, control, and detail of real-world football into the virtual pitch.

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    Content Limitation

    Supporting the Xbox Live Community, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will not allow players to transfer cards to a non-Xbox Live account.

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    Brand New Goalscorer Scoring Systems

    Brand new goal scoring systems allow for an unparalleled experience at the top of the game.

    3-on-3 Team Play

    Teams of up to three players can go head-to-head in three-on-three online or offline matches.

    Tournament Mode

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    FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments

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    New Commentary

    Easily switch to on-screen commentary via new broadcast booth style dialogue.

    New Post-Match Actions

    Feel the emotion of each moment after a match with new


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