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FIFA 22 also introduces The Journey. Reintroducing The Journey puts you on the field as a head coach in The Journey, a new story-driven mode that explores the characters and the story behind your organization.

FIFA 22 also features many new ways to play: 4 new control schemes, including PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and 5 new gameplay systems including Player Impact. It also introduces Friendlies, a competition format based on organised match play.

Finally, FIFA Ultimate Team has been completely reimagined, bringing in a much more intuitive user experience and refined visuals.

What’s New in FIFA 22 • 3D ESPORTS in FIFA Mode for the first time in FIFA franchise history • Authentic feeling transitions between gameplay and coaching mode in FIFA Mode. No pop-ups or odd user input breaks. • More ways to play in The Journey mode. You are free to explore the stories of the characters in the scene and the organization for which they play and interact. Discover new friendships, rivalries and catch up with your competitors with our smart, interactive interface. • FUT in FIFA Mode is more focused and better integrated. We reduced the number of cards available and have added a focus on the “power” cards (such as the Transfer Card) as opposed to the “entertainment” cards (such as the Trick Card). We also introduced the “Max Value” FUT tiers – now with much larger amounts of flexibility for maxing out a team. • FIFA Mode is now the perfect place to experiment. You can play completely as a Head Coach. Feel free to do whatever you want in FIFA Mode and the game will remember what you chose for your next match. • Use the new “Smart Player Management” system to quickly access and manage all the players in your bench. • You can now create custom positions for up to 500 players, avoiding the need to go to your BOTW to select them manually. • Use the new “Confidential Draft Mode” to have your drafts available in the midst of your BOTW sessions or you can use a “Draft Player Pool” to share players with your friends or BOTW players. • The training session is now much more interactive and lets you focus on your team’s matches. You can create your own training drills for your entire squad in your next game, or view the data of the players in your squad during a match. • Draw


Features Key:

  • New Player and New Stadium features: Compete with the best players in the game with a brand new Player, New Stadium and Formation line-ups. Choose from a total of 32 countries with 48 kits featuring players from the 2014 World Cup and other tournaments like Confederations Cup, South American Cup, SheBelieves Cup and Africa Cup of Nations. FIFA Ultimate Team will supply thousands of kits with premium players, fully licensed by the FIFA logo.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Sign up for a player ID: Enroll in FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time and redeem codes to receive exclusive items. Players can sign up to get 2000 Ultimate Team points and earn 50 percent of their squad share.
  • New Master League, Tournaments and Leagues: Competitors can continue to play in more than 40 official leagues and cups in the Master League, including the Europa League, Champions League, Copa Libertadores and La Liga. Tournaments will be played every hour and don’t need to be won every week. Compete in an All-Stars, European Cups, Club World Cups, Challenge Matches, European Groups, Super Cup and League Flags.
  • Major innovations: FIFA 22 introduces innovative gameplay features and AI Adjustments to increase gameplay complexity, such as always keeping the pitch covered so there are no goals to concede. The controls also feature new fluid and responsive movements, offering more options to dribble, pass and shoot.
  • New Player Movement Dribbling: Increasingly realistic dribbling animations, with more fluid movement and added variety to your possessions.
  • New Player Movement: More agile and harder to mark, with more variations of pass, boot or dribble. Pass options are provided across all the pitch.
  • New Player Stamina and Power: Players run more efficiently and perform with greater intensity, giving a richer and more realistic football experience. Power-ups, real-time excitement and dangerous shots mean it’s never a moment too long.
  • HyperReal Player Accuracy: Field players are more accurate, more skilled, and react more quickly on the pitch.
  • FIFA 22 introduces HyperMotion Technology (HM.T), which


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    Have You Played? FIFA? We hope so! FIFA (and its single player elements) is one of EA SPORTS’ most popular sports video games. It’s a team sport like soccer but allows you to play as one of 19 leagues from around the world with 10,000 real players, and it’s totally free!

    FIFA is a football video game released by EA Sports that was first released on September 27, 1992. The game is developed by Electronic Arts, and was one of the best-selling PC games of 1993. The first FIFA game has players compete against other human teams in standard matches, tournaments, and league seasons, culminating in an All-Star Game.

    FIFA EA was widely praised for its use of fluid animation and large stadiums, but received criticism for its rough gameplay.

    The first game introduced the concept of player classes, with all-rounders and strikers. Players had to dodge goals, tackles, and shots, plus skill would be needed to keep the ball alive for long periods of time.

    The first game introduced the concept of player classes, with all-rounders and strikers. Players had to dodge goals, tackles, and shots, plus skill would be needed to keep the ball alive for long periods of time.

    FIFA EA was widely praised for its use of fluid animation and large stadiums, but received criticism for its rough gameplay. As development on the sequel progressed, this criticism was addressed in 1993 by using physics and refinements in the game’s artificial intelligence. FIFA made its debut on the Super Nintendo in 1993 and continued to evolve into its most popular iteration in FIFA 99. Along the way, the series had expanded to both PC and a number of other hardware platforms.

    It’s Where the Game Stands! FIFA has 23 official leagues from around the world.

    The Fifa Wiki is your best source for all that you need to know.

    FIFA 20

    Hang on to your seats, everyone. We’ve got football fever on our hands. EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 is the biggest step yet in creating the world’s most authentic football experience. This year, you’ll live and breathe the beautiful game – from commentators and referees to players’ emotions on the pitch – with incredible attention to detail and amazing, unprecedented next-gen gameplay.

    FIFA 20 brought unprecedented attention to gameplay. This new Evo gamemode is aimed at both PC and consoles


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    Interact with more than 100 million real footballers, manage your card collection, and assemble the best team for all your favourite clubs.

    Training –

    Prepare yourself physically and tactically for the biggest challenges of the year by enjoying over 500 different training drills. With over 40 goalkeepers, 50 defenders, 50 midfielders and 30 forwards to choose from, you will also enjoy an array of gameplay options to replicate the intensity of a match day. You can even step in for your club as an opposition player.

    • More than 500 different training drills.

    • Over 40 goalkeepers

    • Over 50 defenders

    • 50 midfielders

    • 30 forwards

    • Assignable drills and features throughout a training sequence

    A new set of fan favourites have been added to the game, each representing one of the top 5 clubs in the world.

    Argentina – Messi

    Brazil – Neymar

    England – Pogba

    France – Mbappe

    Germany – Lewandowski

    PlayStation 4

    Full Game Performance

    Console players will benefit from enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) that gives you better control over the ball, and many more ways to interact with your game. You’ll also notice a more responsive defender, team mate and goalkeeper, more realistic ball physics and much more.

    What’s New

    Ultimate Team – New Ultimate Team game modes include Create-a-Club, Customise, Grow, Claim & Share, and more.

    Training – New training drills, with new challenges, transitions and options to experience the intensity of a match.

    Career Mode – New features will make your life easier when playing Career Mode.

    The Community

    PlayStation has helped grow football like no other console. Experience the passion in stadiums all over the world.

    English Premier League – Immerse yourself in the world’s biggest football league.


    PES League One 2019/20 – Play in the third tier of English football, with more realistic team dynamics and more ways to succeed.

    FIFA PES League Two – Drop down from the Premier League into League 2 with more than 200 hours of gameplay experience. Play for 70 different clubs in more than 80 leagues.

    More than 300 real teams and over 250 authentic leagues including League 1, Championship, League 2, League 3, NWCL,


    What’s new in Fifa 22: