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“The player’s animation is the finest it has ever been,” said FIFA executive producer David Rutter. “The players are still and realistic, and feel more like the living and breathing players the world has been waiting to play like for decades.

“We’ve also introduced a suite of new features that build on the realistic player simulation: ‘Move Like a Pro’, ‘Feel Like a Pro’, and ‘Fly Like a Pro’ are all available as a series of new in-depth tutorial options.

“Each of the in-depth tutorial options scales from the basic to the most advanced, so players can dip their toe in the water, increase their knowledge, and progress towards their goal of becoming an FUT Pro. It’s the most comprehensive in-depth tutoring system ever created for FIFA.”

New Player Traits

“We got the player animations right because we took the time to get them right,” said Rutter. “But because of this development time, the animations presented a challenge. So to reward players for their effort and commitment to realism, we’re introducing new player traits.

“These traits give players influence over how the player behaves, plus offer a deeper experience in the game. ‘Poise’, ‘Tactics’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Interference’ are all the real-life traits which players can activate to help them improve their overall gameplay experience, and each player trait also has an impact on the player’s performance, physiology and style.”

Within the “INJURY & UNIMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS” section of the guide, you’ll find a new mechanic we’ve been perfecting called “Tactics,” which is actually a player trait that will provide a greater influence over the player’s performance by offering varying bonuses (more “tactics” = more bonuses) if activated for certain situations.

This feature has taken some time to perfect but it’s big step towards making players more aware of how they can take advantage of these new traits. Players now will know that every time a certain tactic is activated it affects the same player differently, so it’s up to the player to decide when to activate it.

The best player in the world may not know when to activate


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New storyline; new game modes; new player career playstyle; new multi-player Competitive Mode; new celebrations and chants; all-new “last touch” engine; all-new ball physics; new off-ball engine; all new animations; all-new content updates; new white and black kits; all-new v2.0 presentation engine.

HyperMotion Reality

  • FIFA 22 features beautiful all-new photography and dense new HD crowds, which reacts to players’ on-pitch actions in new and compelling ways.

Tactical AI

  • The new Tactical AI returns to bring more decisions and opportunities to control players and the flow of the game.

All-New Brazilian Scoring Scheme

  • A new scoring system has been created that is more rewarding for making goals.

Digital Improvements

  • FIFA 22 received additional improvements in game loading speed and overall performance.

Create Your Team

  • In Create a Team, an all-new Battle of the Experience system makes the most competitive game modes more accessible to users.

New Assists & Cutscenes

  • FIFA 22 will feature all new network assists during gameplay.

Improved Spectator View

  • Inspectors for new teams and new country kits, in combination with new landmarks, Stadiums and kits, provide an all-new visual and presentation experience.


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FIFA is simply football at its best. Authentic football comes to life in FIFA as players feel the unique sense of touch and emotion from true footballing motion, chemistry, and pace. The most realistic pitch moments deliver a deeper sense of authenticity through accurate ball flight, and the most authentic experience of true footballing motion. Build your Dream Team, compete in FIFA Ultimate Team, experience the new set piece moments of Dynamic Pro Skills, and more.

More ways to improve your footballing skills and play your way

FIFA has become more than just a football video game, it has evolved into a game that provides players with the opportunity to develop their footballing skills in new and exciting ways. With our new Focus on Touch, they need to chase down an opponent’s flicks and tricks, whether they are the result of strength, timing, or guile. But the goalkeeper also uses new reactive ‘Movement in Midair’ tactics, including the ability to stop on a dime to react to a shot. Aggressive, floating, precision long-range passing, the use of short passes through the air, the handling of the ball during offsides situations, reflexive quick-flick touches with the forehead—combined with the all-new Retaliation gameplay, all require finesse and patience to master.

A FIFA player’s knowledge of his team’s playing style and the technical ability to apply it on the pitch are the driving force behind their improved play. In FIFA, players must know their roles and fulfill them, with reliable and supportive teammates and an intelligent system all influencing a player’s performance. Talent adds up to strategy and tactics in FIFA as players learn what makes their teammates excel. Supporting them with intelligent tactics and strategy is key to success.

New iRacing®-inspired gameplay

A revolutionary animation system powered by two-way physics ensures that player’s control over the ball is perfectly natural, with a lifelike response to every touch and a reactive nature, while the Enhanced Pitching, Chasing, Lifting, Shooting, and Decision Making systems are the most advanced, nuanced, and responsive that you’ve ever seen.

New game modes, new paths to glory

The Ultimate Team is back and better than ever, featuring the most authentic Dynasty Mode of any sports video game, the most dynamic Draft Mode and Player Fantasy Mode, and the all-new Graduation Mode. FIFA 20


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Ultimate Team is an all-new way to play. Customise your very own team, form a dream 11, play against your friends or clash against players across the globe and prove who is the best team of all.

Manager Juice is back, giving you more control over how you want to play the game. Put it into the ‘smart ball’ function to control the ball like a true manager, or play the game as usual, naturally controlling the game with your fingertips. Find the perfect balance in the Tactical and IQ modes.

Take command of your football club. See your player ratings and statistics rise or fall with every game as you develop them as a team. Retire players, add experience and win trophies.

FIFA Career Mode includes Career Difficulty and Online and Season replays. For more information on how to adjust these options, visit

Comments from the community

“FIFA is a masterpiece of a game. I love using the controls to operate a football team on my fingertips and in Career mode, I love seeing my manager evolve on the pitch throughout the season.”

“Anyone who enjoys football will enjoy the realistic gameplay and stats, but the MyClub feature is what makes FIFA 22 a must-have.”

Tease people with things they can’t have – and deliver them when they want it.

“From humble beginnings in February 2015, FIFA stands for football, friendship, football, FIFA. It’s a beautiful story of innovation, creativity and a game that has touched the lives of millions of people around the world – and, as the secrets of the game are revealed, so will be more about where it all began.”

“FIFA puts football at the heart of everything we do, with an unwavering commitment to creating the best game on the planet.”

“Achieving our goals in gaming will require open and creative thinking that goes well beyond simply coming up with another ‘World’s Best Game’. Games are the product, but more importantly, they’re a medium to create something that could change people’s lives.”

“We recognise that we can only bring


What’s new in Fifa 22: