The technology is captured using a body-worn motion capture system, driven by the latest version of the EA SPORTS Ignite engine. This allows for key player behaviours to be captured in real-time and played back to the players in new play modes, with improved fluidity and accuracy in player movement, and positional awareness in the passing and movement of players.

The engine has also been redesigned, with key features and behaviour capabilities of the engine improved and new systems added. These key features include the ability to create animations based on the new pose based controls, create realistic animations from expressive player actions, and accurately and efficiently calculate player movement using multiple players, including defenders.

The new engine is key to further enhancements, including the introduction of “HyperMotion Technology” into FIFA Soccer for the first time.

HyperMotion Technology

For a player, the outcome of a game is determined by the player making the most of all the opportunities at his disposal in the heat of battle. HyperMotion Technology captures the movements of these players in real-time, enabling the simulation engine to display these movements in new, innovative and intuitive ways that create a deeper and more natural-feeling game. A key part of this technology is to use the position, movement, physical characteristics and skills of real players to more realistically create animations and movement.

Player Behaviour

The skills of players have never been more evident on the pitch. Realistic animations are now driven by the player positioning and movement in the virtual game environment. The extensive player data is used to create player animations based on the position, skill, and physical characteristics of real players and, for the first time in FIFA Soccer, the actions made by players when controlling the ball.

Pose Based Controls

New game modes make the most of Pose Based Controls, which give players a more precise and natural control of the ball. Players can now use their natural body weight, arm angles and shoulder rotation, as well as twisting their bodies when running. Players will no longer automatically lean back, and can naturally turn to control the ball when receiving a pass. Players are also more aware of their body positioning, positioning the ball more naturally when standing over it in the final moments of a situation.

Player Input

The new engine is driven by the player inputs, allowing for more on-field awareness and gameplay, even if the player is not directly controlling the ball. New “presence” and “orientation


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your Ultimate Team dreams as both a manager and a player. Build your dream team from over 10,000 players, including legends past and present, in the new Player Manager.
  • Live out your Ultimate Team dreams as both a manager and a player. Build your dream team from over 10,000 players, including legends past and present, in the new Player Manager.
  • Become more versatile than ever: with a collection of abilities that vary depending on the types of challenges presented, your skill and your opponent, it takes more than just being a powerhouse to become unstoppable. Plus use new Playing Positions like Trapper and Forward from the new Sniper System.
  • Put your managerial skills to the test: Drive your Club to greater success, making you king of the transfer market. From wages to spending millions to making shrewd sub squad movements, direct your club’s destiny from the front line. Make cuttings and rehashes in the Transfer Centre the way you work on your players. This will require quick thinking and fast acting. Cue up Demolition Derby to get the ball in the net.
  • Play with the real people – FIFA’s Ultimate Partners, The Yokohama F. Marinos will be right on hand to react to your comments and provide you unique insights into the true feelings of the world’s finest players. Participate in Fans’ Feasts, where the whole world around you turns on their televisions to tune in on Football Day every Saturday. And share your glory with the global football community and the @EAProWorld on EA SPORTS Football Clubs.
  • Take your gameplay to the next level – invent new skills and use virtual reality to extend your reach and improve accuracy. Reflect and train your ball control and choose from nine shooting directions. Speed and power can be increased with controlled shots, rebounds and shot tricks.
  • Invade your opponent’s space and score goals through attacking your offsides markers.
  • Stop your opponents before the ball touches the goal or dribble past them.
  • Beat your friends, rivals and the whole world online with EA SPORTS FIFA Dynamic Stance.
  • Introducing Face Off mode – realistically recreate FIFA Stadiums in VR, including Cascadia Semi-Final, Champion’s League Final, the Euro Cup


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise, and FIFA Ultimate Team™ is its flagship mode.

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    Enjoy EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It features a variety of football clubs, stadiums, and vehicles, as well as new innovations around FUT Draft, FUT Draft 2.0, and new features such as StadiumBuilder, Victory Crates, Coins, FUT Sides, and more.

    FUT Draft 2.0

    The FUT Draft 2.0 experience is all about being fast and free, creating and sharing your best squad of football stars with friends.

    FUT Draft 2.0 in FIFA 22 gives you a new drafting experience. You can move quickly by clicking and dragging to select players, and earn more points by completing trades.

    NEW: FUT Draft 2.0: Your approach now affects your trades, meaning you can now rise and fall with the tide of the game.

    NEW: FUT Draft 2.0: Now you can use Coins to instantly complete an offer, rather than opening draft packs.

    NEW: FUT Draft 2.0: With FUT Draft 2.0, you will earn more points for completing offers and completing trades!

    NEW: FUT Draft 2.0: Share your team with your friends using the new Crowd Pitch Control that lets up to 16 players become involved in the game at once!

    FUT Ultimate Draft 2.0

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    The franchise’s flagship mode. Every year there are players and coaches you can buy, and these match-day purchases are activated on your stadium in Career Mode. These upgrades give you an edge, whether you are at the top of the game or at the bottom.

    MyClub – Where you can manage and develop your brand, play friendly matches, and compete in head-to-head competitions. Train players, scouts, and staff, and help your team develop by purchasing coaches, equipment, training sessions, and more.

    Online Seasons – Take the game to the ultimate level with competitive online seasons of all FIFA titles, including online versions of FIFA 22 and FIFA 17.

    FUT Draft – Bid on players to help your club at the FIFA FUT Draft. Plan your team’s future carefully, then use your newly-acquired currency to keep your club at the top of your game.

    Global Leagues – Compete in the official FIFA Leagues and the latest season of the UEFA Champions League using your Global Leagues.

    Play now, pay later
    FIFA Ultimate Team also features an automatic card collection system. As you progress, you will be awarded FIFA points based on your achievements. You can redeem these points for items on the FIFA Points Store, which we will explain in detail later in the review.

    This year, FIFA is giving us a new way to score, FIFA Points. However, we did not get a free FIFA Points from our game experience in FIFA 21, but we get them from collecting FIFA points. It’s a good way to make points.

    I won FIFA Points on FIFA Ultimate Team on my FIFA 22 game in the original launch.

    We’re getting match-day improvements in Career Mode.

    FIFA points are hard to accumulate.

    MyClub mode is limited and you need to make yourself more comfortable before you can make your club great.

    The FUT draft and the available Global Leagues are lackluster.



    This is the first year that you will get FIFA points in your game, even if you’re not playing FIFA Ultimate Team. You will get FIFA points if you want to take part in the FIFA Masters challenge. You can get up to 30 FIFA points from here.

    You will receive it on the EA Origin App.

    It costs real money to


    What’s new in Fifa 22: