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Players can seamlessly and accurately control the ball using any foot, at any height, using intuitive controls and a gamepad. FIFA HyperMotion will be available in a variety of FIFA Ultimate Team content packs in FIFA 22.

FUT Premium members will have access to all FIFA HyperMotion content in FIFA Ultimate Team. Also included in the pack will be the Grand Master Guides, 3-man Grand Master Teams, the FUT GW TTT MPL, FUT HyperX, and The Collection. All other players will have access to two FUT HyperMotion content packs, including three alternate versions of FIFA Star players and the FIFA Icon collection of both Legends and Story mode characters.

FUT HyperMotion Edition 1 will be available as a bonus bonus pack for all players. The pack will include a suite of gameplay enhancements, including a new, lower-pitched audio engine, five Alternate Graphics Modes, skill animations that match player name plate frequency, player strike zones that are 45% larger than the ones in the Season Ticket Edition, Custom Tactics featuring all 22 real-life players in the FIFA 22 Cover Stars team, a handful of classic players from the past, and animations that match the movements of the real-life players.

FUT HyperMotion Edition 2 will be released for a limited time (exact details to be announced). It will feature four all-new gameplay enhancements, including Attacking Zones that will apply defensive pressure at the end of a player’s attacking run, a new Defensive Zones that will apply pressure at the start of a player’s attacking run, the ability to read the defensive positioning of a goalkeeper, and a tweaked Passing Ability.

FIFA 22 is currently in development.

In May this year, EA Sports announced the first gameplay footage from the next major edition of the FIFA series. In response to the huge success of the game, EA Sports has announced that it will be powering it with a brand new physics engine, a new animation system, a new animation system, a new audio engine, and that they’re looking at creating a brand new, “hyper-realistic” player model. The team is now hard at work perfecting the game for release in time for Christmas 2013. In September the following details of the game were announced:In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Reina spoke on behalf of the EA Sports FIFA Team on their new game engine:The game has also been updated with


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player.
  • Create the newest club in FIFA.
  • Design your kit and style your stadium.
  • Career Mode.
  • Live out your dreams in Player Career mode.

Key features:

  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player.
  • Create the newest club in FIFA.
  • Design your kit and style your stadium.
  • Play Pro or manage your entire team in more immersive Player Career mode.
  • Compete against 53 other Pro Clubs from around the world.
  • Become the true Legend of Football.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will be available globally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will be available globally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sporting a hoodie, t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, you’re on the field to play your favorite soccer or football game – on and off the pitch. In FIFA, the king of European football, you get the chance to create your own legend. Experience the thrill of playing a game where everything that makes football special – your control, movement, and passing – is under your control. With over 400 authentic clubs, you’ll take on authentic teams from all over the world. And with the most realistic simulation ever in a game, you’ll represent an entire team and contribute to its success. The only thing you can’t control is where the ball goes.

Your soccer/football skills

FIFA 22 will see you move and control your players in a number of new ways, all designed to help you play like the real thing. In addition to a variety of new moves, including Body Swerve, Step Over, Step Up, Turn & Slide and Get Up, your passing and headers have never been easier. With new accuracy and precision passing controls, your team gets an increased number of touches on the ball and more precise short-range passes. Players will receive extra acceleration and dribbling moves to use on any defender in their sights. Pass the ball with greater accuracy to unlock a new range of creative moves, including a Jump Clear. Take on the defenders by creating passes that turn while on the ball, jump up and over opponents, and zip around them at supersonic speeds. Finally, create tackles that are more accurate and used in the right position to win the ball, a crucial part of the game.

Control your dream team

The next-generation FIFA delivers more in-depth play, more customization and more game modes, plus the ability to play wherever and however you want. Go behind the scenes and create your own players, managers and tactics, and give them a boost with in-game goals, celebrations and other customizations. Add all your favorite players to your favorite team by simply dragging and dropping players from the Ultimate Team mode over to your virtual squad, or dive into the manager mode with the ability to create your own tactics. Track your progress and customize everything from skill and fitness to stadium design as you take control of an entire squad as a player or manager.

Play everywhere


Fifa 22

Play how you want, wherever you want, through The Journey and The FIFA ELITE Series. Take on the entire soccer world by breaking down game modes and game types with The Journey. The ELITE Series challenges players to build the best team through millions of combination combinations with The Journey, as they progress through 30 or 40 seasons.

Matchday – Experience a new way to play the ultimate soccer experience in FIFA with the return of Matchday. Once again, teams have to fight it out in the league stage of the season and progress through the league and cup competitions. From trophy-winning managers to hungry players fighting for your favourite players, the managers battle it out in a league stage that has never been more intense.

FIFA Mobile –
Experience the excitement of FIFA Mobile wherever you are and whenever you want. Start your journey with FIFA Mobile in minutes, as you play your way through the series of challenges from the biggest leagues around the world. What better way to get a head start than by downloading the app on your mobile device for free?

Play your way with the most immersive soccer experience. The most complete soccer game ever on mobile.

A unique mix of gameplay that transcends screens, platforms and genres.

New features and game modes for matches, cups and multiple game modes that let you play FIFA like never before.

Experience the magic of FIFA wherever you are and whenever you want with FIFA Mobile. Play millions of games, compete with your friends and even meet the new team-mates you’ll find.

Play your way through the most complete club simulation game experience in a competitive and fun new way with FIFA Ultimate Team. Compete with millions of players online through The Journey and ELITE Series.

Build your Ultimate Team – your Dream Team – on your mobile device. Thousands of players and millions of game modes to choose from will keep you playing for hours. Not just that, FIFA Ultimate Team will keep you playing for weeks as you work your way through the season with the best team possible.

Let your club take you on an incredible journey in a series of games where the team you start with will be your team until the very end. This can be a great way to


What’s new in Fifa 22: