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In this article, we’ll dive into how to Photoshop like a pro. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take better photographs, how to create professional-looking collages, and how to correct errors and apply special effects in Photoshop. You can also learn tips to improve your images before they get to the final photo.

Note: All examples are made in Photoshop CS6 with Photoshop CC 2015 on a Mac. There may be minor differences for other versions of Photoshop or Windows, but your results will be the same.

The Method

For best results when editing your image, it’s best to learn the Photoshop methods used by professionals. By following these steps, you’ll effectively retouch your image as if you were a pro.

Use the Method

To be a true professional, you should develop your own method or mindset when working with photographs. Adhere to these six steps for perfect results:

Pay careful attention to individual image areas

Consistent brush settings

Proper file naming

An efficient workflow

The Importance of Editing

Most photographers shoot with a particular way in mind. They’ll place or adjust the subject for the best photos. But, they rarely stop there; they’ll edit, edit, edit. Just as a painter completes a piece, modifying an image until it’s just right, many photographers will spend most of their time editing their photos.

Once a photo has been shot, it can easily be modified hundreds, if not thousands, of times. The more you edit, the more chances you have of creating something that doesn’t look entirely like the original shot. Most photographers strive for that beautiful image that “just feels right.”

Photoshop makes this process much simpler than ever before. Most people can edit their photos with just two or three clicks. More than likely, Photoshop includes features that automatically modify any photo. If you edit your photos even once, you should notice a difference.

Video: Photoshop CS6: Image Editing Methods

Most photographers don’t develop any editing skills. As a result, they sometimes end up with a photo that looks more like it was taken with a television than a camera. Many are not aware of the numerous basic editing commands.

However, since Photoshop does it all by default, editing becomes much easier. When you’re ready to take on the best image, you’ll be able to edit without thinking too much about it.

Software vs. the Old System


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In addition, Elements is designed for the casual and beginning user. There are no complex menus or layers. Instead of 10 layers for one image, there are five. There are a variety of preset and manual effects.

Import image

When you import or open an image in Elements, it is automatically treated as a layered image. You can drag the image on the canvas or re-arrange them in layers.

Basic image editing

The following processes can be performed on images in Elements;

Basic Edit Features


















Other edits are available for advanced users, including masking, blur, and more.


Similar to Photoshop;

Adjustment Layers

Clone (Paste as Cloned Copy)



Layer Mask (with opacity)

Magic Wand (with fixed or variable size)

Move (with auto select)


Radial Gradient

Replace Color (with opacity)

Select All

Spot Healing Brush

Using sliders and text boxes, you can fine-tune your edits by changing the brightness, contrast, color, and more. These tweaks include;


Lighter Color

Mid Tone Color

Darker Color


Using the Curves and Brightness/Contrast sliders, you can change the brightness and contrast of an image.


Use the color and color range sliders to change the color of images.

Note: You can also use the Custom Color feature to create your own color.


Use the color and color range sliders to change the saturation of an image.

Hue and Saturation

Use the color and color range sliders to change the hue and saturation of an image.

Remove Color

Remove colors from images with the color remover tool.

Remove Red-Eye (and others)

Remove colors from an image using the Spot Healing Brush tool. There are red-eye removal presets and you can

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Artist, educator, and activist: Fred Hampton’s life in pictures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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A portrait of Fred Hampton

Artist, educator, and activist: Fred Hampton’s life in pictures

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A Peaceful Protest

August 1, 1968. Across the street from the Haight-Ashbury’s Straight Theater is the west coast headquarters of the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party. They’re there to protest the murder of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark two days earlier. Fred Hampton was killed when Chicago police stormed the apartment where the Panthers were holding a party. Over 150 people, mostly Panthers, were injured, including reporters, and nine people were arrested. The previous day, Fred Hampton was at home when police came with a search warrant. He called the police for help, and the police insisted that he open the door. When he did, they shot him.

Fred Hampton

August 28, 1968. At the beginning of the 1968 Democratic Convention, Roger Starr (center) and a group of five other Chicago Panthers picket outside the convention in protest of the Vietnam War. The Panthers were arrested and held in jail, and were assaulted by police.

Fred Hampton

February 4, 1969. Six months after his death. Portrait of the Village Vanguard, a music venue at 2105 North Clark Street in Chicago.

Panthers picket the 1968 Democratic Convention

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Band With a Cause

May 11, 1969. At the Chicago Progressive Teachers’ Conference. (Left to right) People’s Party Congressman, Rev. Jesse Jackson, SCLC President, Rev. John Lewis, Illinois State Senate Candidate, and Fred Hampton’s widow, Lorna.

Illinois State Senate Candidate

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The First African-American Mayor of Chicago

May 22, 1969. In a press conference announcing that he was a candidate for mayor. This was after the official candidates were chosen.

Illinois State Senate Candidate

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Fred Hampton’s Dream

August 16, 1969. Fred Hampton’s adopted mother, Mrs. Josephine Cook (left

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