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6. **Save your image.**

You can save your image at any time by pressing Ctrl+S (Windows) or Command+S (Mac). This will export your image to a file that can be reopened at a later date.

7. **Enhance the photo with a toning technique and gradients.**

In this example, you can use the Curve dialog box to modify the middle-toned image. The dialog box has many options, including the option to add a black-and-white layer mask to the image. Here are your options:

* Click **Curves** at the bottom of the Layers panel and then click the **Curve** tab in the menu bar.
* Choose **Curves** from the Adjustments panel’s sidebar menu.

The Curve dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 9-10.

8. **Under the Curves tab, adjust the **B** / **L** values so that the image is more middle-toned in the midtones of the tonal range.**

Click the black arrow to the right of the **B** value until it is filled in. Your **L** value, which appears above the arrow, should be set to –250. Click and drag the **B** value to the right until it’s set to 0, and repeat this process to increase the brightness. Click and drag the **L** value left until it’s set to –350.

9. **Click the Saturation tab and adjust the S** / **V** values.**
10. **Click OK.**

FIGURE 9-10: Use Curves to enhance the image.

To create a layer mask, click the Add Layer Mask icon (the plus sign) next to the layer. Then click the Brush tool to paint a selection on the new layer to apply the black-and-white layer mask to it.

11. **Blur the image in the Effects panel.**

A quick blur is usually all that’s needed to add a touch of drama to an image.

12. **Combine the two images by merging them using the Layer Merge dialog box.**

Select Layer 1 in the Layers panel and press Ctrl+E (Windows) or Command+E (Mac) to open the Layer Merge dialog box. Click the button with the Merge to Layers icon to merge the two layers

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This article was written by Artech.

Create new images with your camera and start editing. Photo by Tim Rice. Additional photos and diagrams taken from Adobe’s website and Adobe Creative Cloud user documentation.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard image editing software. Adobe Photoshop Elements is its stripped-down alternative for photographers, graphic designers, web designers and other hobbyists.

Photo by Caitlin Yim and Melinda Haritzen. Additional photos and diagrams taken from Adobe’s website and Adobe Creative Cloud user documentation.

The common functions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are most essential. There are also some differences between the two applications. To make editing in Elements easier, one can be guided through the process with tutorials and tips.

Up to now, the most common image editing tasks that Photoshop/Pseudocode allows are:

Correcting color, contrast, and exposure.

Fixing flawed images from other devices or software packages.

Editing special effects like blurs, vignettes, smoke and erases.

Cropping images, stretching, rotating and scaling them.

Stitching photos taken with different cameras.

While the functionality is similar, there are some tasks that are not supported with Photoshop Elements. It has fewer editing tools and effects, plus it does not allow batch processing. Another difference is that Photoshop Elements contains only one photo editor with no application preferences or personal workspace.

Basic photo editing and organizing

A simple way to organize your photos is to set up folders for each month and each season. To do this, go to File → Organize (or Edit → Organize). It is a quick way to format your photos, filter them, and find new ones.

Photo by Alexander Roth and Pierre-Olivier Bercegeay. Additional images by Adobe.

Organizing images into folders will allow you to easily find them when you want to edit, upload them, or download them. With all of your photos in the same folder, you can duplicate your images and edit them all at once, resize them, crop them and more.

Photo by the author. Additional images and diagrams taken from Adobe’s website and Adobe Creative Cloud user documentation.

After you have created a folder to store your photos, you can perform different tasks on them in your photo library. The first thing you will most likely want to do is make the photos look better. Begin by clicking on the photo to

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3) [Updated] 2022

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3):

1024 MB hard disk space
15 GB free disk space
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