VFlash Card Crack+ Product Key Free (April-2022)

Whether you’re a high-school student trying to pass an exam, a business student trying to test employees, or a graduate student studying for the certificate, vFlash Card Serial Key is the perfect tool for you. It provides a great way to test your knowledge and skill in a variety of topics. Using vFlash Card Serial Key you can create several profiles each with questions and answers, and practice. You can export the packs to file and then import them later on. The learning tool also offers many features to help you make use of vFlash Card Activation Code.


Multiple profiles and question packs: you create profiles based on subject and each profile has various sets of questions.
Compare yourself with your classmates and friends: show the score you earn against theirs. Make sure you are on top.
Detailed statistics: you can track how your progress on each topic.
Quick quiz: test your knowledge using flash cards in a flash.
Vectored question-answer mode for simulating real exam experience:

Statistics table display: answer accuracy, time, and error type.
Customizable question text: add different text according to your choice.
Create a random order of questions: choose one of the four buttons to set up the order.
Sort profiles by time: you can easily see how you did on a list of profiles.

All in all, vFlash Card allows you to take a challenging test to see how well you can cope with the upcoming exam.
vFlash Card Download:


The evolution of technology helps improve any domain of activity, even education. Specialized applications can now be used as powerful learning tools, and vFlash Card is a suitable example. With it you can create interactive flashcards and use multiple profiles each with its own question packs and statistics.

Create one or more profiles
You only get to spend a little time in the installation process, but you also need to make sure that.NET Framework is installed as well. The first launch takes you to the profile creation screen. Adding a new one only requires you to write a name, with options to export and import later on.

With a profile loaded the main window shows up which is both the place where you create question packs and practice. Hitting the “add” button enables you to fill in fields for question, and a couple of answers, one of which is correct. Questions

VFlash Card 2022

– Introducing vFlash Card Crack Free Download 4.0! a Windows Forms Application designed to create flash cards with multiple profiles and allow you to create, manage, test, export and import the cards.
– Create a profile with one or multiple question packs, answering can use a random, case-sensitive or case-insensitive order.
– Create a custom content for each question and answer it from a list or a picture.
– Export your profile to a Zip Archive to import it later.
– Import a Flash Card from the archive.
– Test the card with a random order, in between a list of answers or after one.
– View detailed statistics on your performance.
– Export statistics to an Excel file.
– Delete the profile.
– Export content to a Zip Archive.
– Provide feedback in the comments.
What’s New in this Version
– New Windows 8 look and feel.
– Configurable question cycle time.
– New interface elements.
– Easy to use profiles and question packs.
– Can now import from.NET Framework 4.5.
– Inclusion of all languages of Windows 8.
– Sorting of the questions as well as of answers.
– Bug fixes.
Installation process:
1. Unzip the archive.
2. Run the exe file.
What’s new in this version
Custom question order and time limit
Multiple profiles
Import and export
Support for Windows 8

Choozy – free cross platform, collaborative note taking.

Android iOS

Choozy is a free, cross-platform, open source note-taking application.

What is it?
Choozy is a collaborative note-taking application that helps you organize your ideas through pictures and videos. It’s like taking handwritten notes on a piece of paper, except that the notes can be shared with others, and keep changing over time.

Choozy is completely free and completely cross-platform. It’s written entirely in Python, uses Google’s open source Webkit, and can be run on any machine with a web browser (PC/Mac/Linux/Windows/etc.).

Why it’s good
Choozy is great because it:
– Is completely free, open-source and available to download as source code.
– Has a very minimalistic interface, and is thus relatively light weight and fast.
– Is great for quick notes (think

VFlash Card Crack [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

A collection of detailed statistics is an important aspect of quality test. Collected data shows how well you can remember. It can be broken down into terms like
1. Accuracy %
2. Number of questions right
3. Number of questions wrong
4. Test duration
vFlash Card is a powerful educational tool for students.
Key features include:
Free Trial and Pro features available
Easy import or export of question packs
Ability to create a multiple profile system
Multiple test option
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What’s New in the VFlash Card?

“Flashcard” is a term used in educational settings for a pack of questions and answers.
vFlash Card is a premium flashcard application for.NET Framework with multiple profiles, interactive questions and statistics.
There’s a lot of features you can use to help study difficult subject and test your skills with detailed statistics to analyze your performance in time.


There are a lot of flashcards programs online. Here is a selection that come to mind in a 5 min search:

Elizabeth Lim

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Early life
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System Requirements:

– Hardware: At least Pentium IV 3.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card, 2GB of hard drive space (with extra space for save files), DVD-ROM drive (CD-ROM drive not needed) and screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher.
-Software: The installation package of the product can be obtained by purchase.
– Note: If you install the product on a dual boot system, you can choose to install only Vista Ultimate in the first partition (C:) or use your primary hard drive