SecurSurf Crack With License Key Free PC/Windows [March-2022]

Installs in minutes: no installation is required. A button is all you need to press. No additional configuration is required.
With the click of a button SecurSurf is turned ON and you are connected to our worldwide network of SecurStar security proxy servers.
Your privacy is our top priority and no one, not even your ISP can track your IP address. With SecurSurf you will get total anonymity on your ISP provided Internet connection. No one knows who you are or where you go.
If you are trying to protect yourself from online identity theft (E.G. Phishing, Spoofing, Social Engineering or Identity Theft), SecurSurf is the only way to get TOTAL ANONYMITY on the Internet. In addition, when you use SecurSurf you can rest assure that no data is left exposed and your credit card, PayPal account, banking information or any other sensitive information that might be a target of Identity theft will never be at risk.
As soon as you log in to the SecurSurf, a self-configuring setup wizard starts and you will get complete instructions on how to use SecurSurf and how to configure it to give you the maximum anonymity with the most secure way to surf the Internet.
If you have an existing internet connection, SecurSurf is not required in order to keep surfing the Internet anonymously. Our SecurStar servers are designed to handle traffic from up to 500 users simultaneously and work with most operating systems including Vista, XP, OS X, Linux, Windows 7, Linux and Unix (Solaris, Debian and others).
SecurSurf is a great way to surf while keeping your identity from being revealed. By downloading SecurSurf you are protecting your identity.
YOU are protecting YOUR IDENTITY. In the age of identity theft and fraud, SecurSurf is the perfect identity protection tool.
SecurSurf can be used on different OS systems and with all internet connections. With SecurSurf you can make it even harder to track you online: from your personal computer, or from different browsers and/or tools.
On the interface there is a privacy and protection button available. The servers used by SecurSurf are password protected. We do not publish on the Internet any password used by SecurStar servers.
One of the Server does not use TLS/SSL (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), but it is non-functional for Internet surfing purposes.

SecurSurf Crack Registration Code

1. Basic version:
* Support Proxy Password
* Advanced version:
* Support Log Time Interval
* Log History File
* Support 2 IP Numbers
* Support A new HTTP Authentication

What can SecurSurf do:
* Encrypts all data traffic from your computer(web browsing, email, file transfer, etc.)
* Gets randomly generated Secure IP address from proxy server(maximum of 5 per proxy server)
* Gets the user name and password from the proxy server
* Provide encrypted e-mail
* Support FTP over Secure SFTP connection
* Download files over Secure FTP connection
* Email customer support team about blocked pages
* 3 different language support
* Supports 2 different payment methods:
– Credit card
– PayPal

It also has an option to automatically release files after certain period (ex. 1 day, 1 week) and a option to automatically clean the “cookies” from the browser.


In an ideal world, you could create a connection to a proxy that is not in your home country. In practice, you’d probably get caught if you tried. Maybe somebody in a different country would be dumb enough to let you use it, but they probably would at best tell their IT/security team (or whatever the equivalent is) and you’d have to deal with the consequences.
If you want to go out and purchase your own proxy, I can’t think of anything that would be better than Tor. It’s a lot more complicated to set up, however, and you’d have to run it yourself, not a company who probably wouldn’t care if you broke your site.

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SecurSurf Crack + With Serial Key

SecurStar is a Private Proxy server that unites the best-known proxies that are the most secure worldwide.
The server operates in stealth mode with the client’s IP hidden. When you connect to the website, your IP address is changed from your ISP’s computer to the server’s IP. That means the connection is totally protected. Since the content is encrypted, the information sent and received is totally invisible for any monitoring.
A user can select one of the five servers located in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands and the Czech Republic to connect to a specific website.
In addition, the user can also choose the domain that he wants to protect(like for instance his home IP address or the proxy server of a famous website)
There is a feature named “CatchAllMode” in which the client is connected to the server randomly.
When a user subscribes, he gets a secure login and password which identify him to the server. The authentication process prevents the user from using the password of another user.
And the most important: The user is able to choose the time the session will be active.
The user will be able to track the time the session last worked.
(The session time is based on the NTP protocol).
The feature enables the user to check which websites have been accessed while the session last worked.
The time when the client last logged into the server will be changed automatically.
If the user logs out while the session is active, the server will disconnect the connection immediately. The client will not even know that he has logged out. If there is no activity at the client, the client will be logged out automatically.
The software is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
SecurStar Features:
* Available for all Windows OS
* Invisible to the administrator
* Transparent
* Useless to firewall
* Generate your own password
* Eliminate all the data sent and received
* Protects the information from eavesdroppers, hackers and spammers
* The client is able to get totally anonymous
* The client is able to retrieve the IP address of the connection
* The client is able to get a time of the last usage
* The client is able to use the authentication feature
* The client is able to save all the sites that are called and their time of last access
* The client is able to see the total amount of users online
* The client is able to select the domain he wants to protect
* The

What’s New in the?

* * * *
SecurSurf delivers a safe anonymous surfing, surfing and downloading experience on Internet. You can surf anonymously by surfing SecurStar proxy servers.
* * * *
* * * *
What is Proxy Server?
* * * *
The SecurStar proxy servers are fully non-partisan, non-vendeted and non-commercial computer servers. These proxy servers are famous as “free proxy servers”. SecurStar proxy servers are strictly directed to the anonymity and protected browsing of Internet users. They were recommended by the security agencies of top countries all over the world. They are popular and well known in some major countries of the world. In Malaysia, they are among one of the Internet service provider in Malaysia.
* * * *
* * * *
How SecurSurf Proxies work.
* * * *
You can surf the Internet anonymously when you surf through SecurSurf Proxies. When you type a URL, the SecurSurf Proxies send this URL to the SecurStar Proxies. Each SecurStar Proxy decides which URL and website is the right one. If the Proxy decides to go to a website that is not listed in the cache of the SecurSurf Proxies, it will collect it from the web server.
* * * *
* * * *
Now many SecurSurf users are surfing on the Internet safely and anonymously. The Internet users around the world are benefited by the SecurStar proxy servers.
* * * *
If you want to know more about SecurSurf Proxies, visit the SecurStar Website at:

If you need the demo version, visit our website:

To download the SecurSurf software you need to login on SecurStar’s secure website.

Screenshots of WinXP SP2 + Windows 7 home Premium SP1


Win XP SP2/SP3/SP3a/SP3b – Anti-virus Misconceptions

Win XP SP2/SP3/SP3a/SP3b – Anti-virus Misconceptions

Win XP SP2/SP3/SP3a/SP3b

System Requirements For SecurSurf:

OS: Windows 7 or later
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or later (2.8Ghz or faster)
GPU: At least ATI X1950 or NVIDIA 8800 GTS or newer (ATI X1xxx or NVIDIA 9xxx)
Xbox 360:
OS: 360 OS
CPU: 1.5GHz
GPU: At least 8800 GT or 7600 GS
RAM: 256MB
OS: 2021 Sustainability Report_Updated.pdf