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Are you getting tired of keeping your documents up to date and applying the required formatting to them? Do you feel that your efforts are wasted?
If you answered “yes” to either of the queries, then you must know that there is a solution for you.
You can use the Replace Genius Free Download tool to speedily apply formatting to the contents of documents.
What’s more, this is a tool that can help you get rid of unnecessary formatting because it will automatically manipulate the numbers and numeric values in the documents that you need to keep clean of any formatting alterations.
Apart from this, you can use the tool to automatically replace problematic strings that may distort the written words of your document.
Regardless of whether you are working on a database in Excel or are just reviewing the contents of various documents in Word, one of the hassles you are bound to face is analyzing and ensuring the formatting is appropriate.
Replace Genius is a tiny piece of software that enables you to easily manipulate data files, spreadsheets and text according to the rules you set.
Intuitive and well-structured interface
In spite of the fact that it is not a looker, the interface is neatly organized and user-friendly. The UI is comprised of two main panels, one that allows you to preview the file and another that displays the automatic manipulation options.
The application is optimized to work with Word Documents, Excel Workbooks and text files. You should know that the tool allows you to load, preview and make modifications to other types of records as well. However, the results might not be satisfactory.
Includes specialized functions that can save you a lot of time
The trump card of the program is that it provides you with several specialized functions that make manipulating hundreds of pages a walk in the park. It goes without saying that since it comes with automatic batch processing, you can save time and energy while getting your work done.
Among the functions that can lend you a hand when you are editing or manipulating files, you can count casing, replace, re-number, zero pad, counter, move and space trimming. It is necessary to mention that you have a few options available with each of the aforementioned tools, so you can customize processing to your working style and preferences.
In addition to the default tools, you can create your own presets where you can include the collection of processing functions that you want to apply in one operation to all documents.
A tool for batch processing documents and data files
In the eventuality

Replace Genius Crack Download [Mac/Win]

· Replace all in a file, word or part of a word
· Re-number numbers and words
· Case all in a file, word or part of a word
· Work on specific pages
· Zero pad numbers, words or columns
· Counter words
· Convert to upper case
· Convert to lower case
· Replace only white spaces
· Convert to/from tabs
· Remove all accents
· Replace a text string
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Replace Genius Crack

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Customers are not pleased

What’s New In?

The tool allows you to automatically remove the extra blanks and tabs from the text and deliver data in a state where all the formatting is correct. It is capable of modifying the formatting of sheets, images, tables and headers and footers.
If you want to zero pad numbers, re-number a specific kind of text or reposition tabs and brackets then you will have to head over to the settings and create a custom script. It is important to mention that the arrangement of these settings is customizable. All you need to do is to choose which script you want to create and under which scenario.
The best Word document formatting tool in the market
Its tools are always there to help, and Replace Genius is no exception. On top of the previously mentioned features, it provides you with a few more options as well.
The most important of these is allowing you to change the font size in 1 and 2 point increments. When it comes to text, you can use the tool to add or remove spaces. In fact, you can use it to change the case of a group of characters.
Apart from the core functionality, the program also provides you with some specialist options that you can include in the scripts. This means that you can remove the starting and ending paragraph marks, remove header and footer, and edit the headers and footers.
The option that you can click to move a document or a block of text within a document is also worth mentioning. It goes without saying that the tool comes with powerful options for manipulating code and logos that will guarantee your business success.
Total access for the price of one
If you have just come across the program, you can download it for free and experience its benefits. Additionally, it is available for a monthly fee that you can buy from 12.95 to 49.95 US dollars.
Since we were really impressed with the tool, we are eager to mention it in this article. To be frank, the program is extremely well designed and it has an intuitive interface where you can easily manipulate data.
The size of the price tag might be a bit much for you, but if you are looking for a professional tool that can help you achieve extraordinary results, then we recommend you to give it a try.
Replace Genius for Mac gives you total access to all of your files.
In the event that you are using it on a daily basis, you can buy it now for a single fee. It has a good interface, powerful tools and a lot of useful

System Requirements For Replace Genius:

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