PowerShellIDE is the world’s first PowerShell editor and IDE this editor supports the new Microsoft Windows PowerShell script language and includes many intellisense-like functions as well as an integrated debugger. As a pre-requisite, it requires the latest MS PowerShell to be installed.
■ Microsoft Powershell


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PowerShellIDE [2022]

Microsoft’s ‘PowerShell or PS’ is a scripting language & tool very much like many existing scripting languages like Python. With this, you can create scripts that can interact with the Windows environment easily.
For those used to Python, or Unix/Linux Bash, PowerShell will be a really nice re-birth & re-vision of powershell. It includes some language features not found in other languages like objects, more robust variables and dictonary-like structures.
Microsoft Technologies are making a huge push with PowerShell and including the release of PowerPack, Service Pack 1 and Windows 8 this is the first release of a new programming tool in a way that will again revolutionise the way we use computers. PowerShell is the ideal tool to improve the work-flow of the Windows Admin and is also used on a wider level to do automated tasks & improve and automate the overall work-flow with IT in general. PowerShell includes many methods for scripting as well as for starting programs, connections and to interact with the Windows/OS system.
The languages included in this package has support for the following components:
– Data Table (Commands)
– Database
– Web Services
– Active Directory
Please read & do some research for a better understanding of what all is this package!
PowerShellIDE Features:
* This script editor comes with already included with this package.
* Attached to the MS Windows PowerShell, the PowerShellIDE User interface looks like this:
Figure 1:

Figure 1:
* You have Intellisense integrated with variables, commands and even more.
* This editor comes with built-in debugging and debugging support to make programming much easier.
* The included Scripts are dynamically created based on the scripting language that you choose when creating your scripts. As this is a new script-language Microsoft needs to be very clear on what it should be like or else this could be confusing. Microsoft has done a good job here, and this package is like having Microsoft’s written by me!
* There are many other things included with this software, and some of the additional included modules are:
– Data Table Module
– Database Module
– LDAP Module
– Web Services Module
– WMI Module
– Active Directory Module
* These modules can be viewed and selected in the Script editor to create a’module’ if you wished for a set-up similar to Windows PowerShell.
* Included with this package is a detailed readme.

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■ The PowerShellIDE now supports scripting in C# too.
■ Powershell IDE is for free download in both 32bit and 64bit.
■ Plugin development support for both C# and Powershell script languages are in its first phase.
■ PowerShell IDE is delivered along with 32bit and 64bit installer.
■ To check compatibility of the installation to your system, you can download free trial version and check.
■ Install wizard
■ Play with PowerShell IDE
PowerShellIDE includes a shell window for interacting with the system and multiple windows as tabs to view your scripts. You can do whatever you want, even create a tab, and do not need to make the PowerShell IDE work like a standalone script editor.
■ Fully customizable theme;Support auto scrolling
■ While editing a script you can click the tabs to view script data in a tab.
You can select any script you want for viewing, just click on the tab to open and it will update automatically.
To scroll down, as you scroll up, the display content changes.
You can edit script text in a text area, just click and start typing to edit.
All the text in the text area is highlighted in your script.
Double-click in the text area to select a word for editing.
You can copy and paste content from other windows such as the console, editor text, auto-complete and history.
You can open either a file or a command prompt in your IDE, click and drag the script to the IDE and save it.
There are many built-in functions to use in your script, the intellisense feature will show you all the functions. In the IDE, you can just click on the function name to see all functions supported by the IDE.

//This script runs on a newline where a user has executed the script //This is a variation of the “echo” command
$command = Get-Content “C:\…\PowerShellIDE-test.txt”
$line = $command
$line = $line | Select-String -Pattern “echo” -SimpleMatch
$line = $line -replace ‘echo”,”‘
$line = $line -replace ‘”echo”‘,’echo’
$line = $line -replace ‘”echo”,”‘
$line = $line -replace “‘echo”‘,’echo’
$line = $line

PowerShellIDE PC/Windows

PowerShell IDE is the world’s first PowerShell editor and IDE, its PowerShell module supports the new Microsoft Windows PowerShell Script Language and includes many intellisense-like functions as well as an integrated debugger.
It allows users to create new, edit existing PowerShell modules, debug and test PowerShell scripts and modules.
PowerShell IDE Features:
■ PowerShell support module “PowerShell.Editor.Common”
■ Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 supported. The older versions of MS Windows PowerShell cannot be used.
■ Provides almost all features which are available for Visual Studio in terms of features and performance.
■ You are not required to buy Visual Studio to use this editor.
■ Intellisense and other built-in functions provide users with edit, debug and test scripting.
■ Automatic module search & downloading
■ Package download
■ Complete object model
■ Undo/redo
■ Error detection while editing
■ Complete code snippets as well as assembly snippets
■ Multiple file operations are allowed
■ Integrated debugger with rich features
■ Numerous configuration features
■ Script filtering by language, namespace, folder etc.
■ Auto-completion feature
■ Powerful search functions
■ Powerful syntax checking functions
■ Support for auto-formatting
■ Supports Exported Members to all modules by context menu
■ Risks analysis to detect system vulnerabilities before executing the program
Key Features:
■Provides interactive debugging for PowerShell scripts
■ Intellisense-like functions
■ Supports automatic module creation, searching, downloading, unzipping, decompiling, analyzing etc.
■ Supports edit, debug, test, compile, pack etc.
■ Supports the new Windows PowerShell 3.0 scripting language.
■ Built in editor and integrated debugger support the script language and.ps1 (script) file.
■ Scripts are not directly related with GUI on the screen but are under the form of compiled scripts.
■ The script is directly related to GUI on the screen.
■ Supports copying of scripts and copying of the output of an executed script.
■ You can copy an entire working directory to a different location or copy the results of an executed module (in particular with a

What’s New in the PowerShellIDE?

PowerShellIDE is the world’s first PowerShell editor and IDE. Unlike any other PowerShell editor, it includes intellisense-like functions as well as an integrated debugger. It covers all aspects of using and writing PowerShell scripts.
PowerShell IDE originally started as a C# PowerShell editor. When I noticed that the new version 3.0 of PowerShell is written in C#, I decided to make PowerShellIDE be written in PowerShell itself so that even if the new features in PowerShell 3.0 don’t work out in PowerShellIDE it will still be functional. This project took about two years to complete.
■ Powerful command/function completion
■ Intelligent word selection
■ Integrated debugger with breakpoints, watch window and step history
■ Integrated and searchable help
■ Syntax highlighting for comments, variables, functions, types, operators, variables and so on
■ Debugging features: step-through debugging, ignore errors while debugging, single-step debugging and so on.
■ Intellisense-like code completion
■ Intellisense-like variable and function names autocompletion
■ Intellisense-like type and alias completion
■ Auto-properties completion
■ Intellisense-like and intelligent selection support (selecting text, selecting code, etc.)
■ Complete code completion including C# style completion, JScript-style completion, and so on
■ Command line history support
■ Intellisense/autocompletion performance: up to 100% completion in about 10 seconds or less.
■ Show error messages in the editor
■ User-defined local and session variables, as well as const and parameters
■ Advanced Settings
■ Hyper-link to functions, aliases, commands, variables, types, types, help topics, online help topics and so on
■ Tab-based navigation between files and folders. PowerShell opens files and folders in tabs
■ Runs scripts, functions, programs, batch files, and command lines
■ With PowerShell 3.0 version, supports ISE mode for easy debugging
■ Run non-active profile automatically. To run the profile manually you need to set the executionpolicy
■ Script notepad integration
■ Easily edit text files directly in PowerShell IDE

System Requirements:

– Windows 7/8
– 1GB of RAM
– 100MB of hard disk space
– DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card or higher
– Supported resolution: 1280 x 1024
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