PhanTim3 application represents a fully customizable and skinnable countdown timer software.
It can stick on your desktop and count down to any arbitrary date or special event; for example, movie and DVD releases.


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What is PhanTim3?
PhanTim3 is a timer software which helps users to countdown to any special occasion or date.
You can change time text, background image, sound and other stuffs to customize the timer.
Unlike other countdown apps, you don’t have to calculate one by one.
You can set the timer to a set date or the system time.
It works as a standalone application without the browser addon.
So you can use it even you don’t have Internet connection.
By the way, the application can show the timer on the desktop which allows you to set the timer even you’re working with multiple applications or laptop.
PhanTim3 Features:
– Fully skinnable
– Customize font, text color, time font size, and much more
– Countdown to any dates, even the server time or random time
– Show timer on desktop
– Support both font (Custom system fonts are supported) and background image
– Automatically restart the timer if time limit is reached
– Countdown event can be controlled by : slide button, sound/music, and Live data
– Countdown event can be controlled by timed messages from other PhanTim3 users
PhanTim3 Screenshots:
Time Texts:
Choose the font and color of time text when you want.
PhanTim3 has more than 100 free desktop icons, you can choose an icon from icons folder to use as the timer background image.
You can change the timer background image, time font, time font size, sound, and more.
Just specify the place of those parameters in PhanTim3’s Config.ini file.
System Requirements:
Windows Vista or newer
How to Download and Install PhanTim3:
* Download PhanTim3 from
* Double-click the file to install
* Double-click PhanTim3.exe
* Click “Start” to start the timer.
* If you want to see the timer on desktop, click the Icon on the lower right corner of the window.
*Contact Me
For all questions and comments, please contact me by

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– Countdown Timer.
– Sticky reminder.
– Speed and delay can be set by user.
– Customizable skin.
– Theme support.
– End a countdown with one click.
– Countdown start automatically.
– Countdown on crontab.
– Countdown on specific time-period.
– Countdown with special events.
– Countdown on fixed date.
– Countdown on release day, week, month, or year.

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Count down timers and event managers with one of the most powerful and customizable countdown widgets.
Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and most web browsers.
Groups any countdown timer together with custom countdown pictures, custom titles, different countdown forms.
PhanTim3 Youtube Preview:
PhanTim3 Demo Video:

Download PhanTim3 (2.0)
For more information about the PhanTim3 application or licensing, feel free to contact us at:


This software is hereby licensed, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of it.

You may use this software in accordance with the terms of the EULA.

It is possible that our free software download link is broken, not or that files are missing. If this is the case, please contact us.

You may not reproduce, copy, or transmit this software without the express written permission of the PhanTim3 author or licensor.

You may not use this software or any portion of it for commercial purposes.

This license is effective unless and until terminated by you.

You may terminate the license at any time and for any reason.

The license will automatically terminate upon a breach of any term of the EULA.

Any sections which are omitted or deemed invalid by any applicable license provision may be removed without affecting the enforceability of the remaining provisions.

What is a Counter for?

Every software developer and every non-developer who has to test, program and write scripts in the command prompt or in Linux, Java, Visual Basic or Microsoft and has come across the “for” loop, and especially the “for” loop in the “while” or “for” loop has probably experienced the pain of having to code a specific counter to make the program progress, be it a disk cleaner, a system recovery, or a countdown timer.

So, the question is: Is there a way to make the program continue after it reaches the end of the loop without coding the counter?

This way, the programmer (or the non-developer) could enter the required values by hand or use a random program like PhanTim3 to automatically generate values for the counter. It’s a handy feature if you want the program to

What’s New In PhanTim3?

Applying modern design and animation techniques, PhanTim3 is available in three styles: Dark, Emoji-based, and Clean.
PhanTim3 Features:
* Countdowns can be customized through different themes and backgrounds.
* Calendar integration is possible.
* App icon and splash screen can be changed.
* Countdown timer can be embedded in web page and all the settings and configurations can be stored on your local device to make the clock portable.
* Timer can be set to start automatically when you open the application.
* You can record any sound, launch it when the timer starts.
* Countdown timer can be fully skinnable.
* The plugin is fully responsive.
* Countdown can be exported as images and exported text
* PhanTim3 includes two sample screens.

Add countdown timer to your web page, Android or iOS device in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years without any plugins or programming.
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* CountDown Timer Lite is the most beautiful countdown timer solution on the market today.

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System Requirements For PhanTim3:

The simulation requires a Pentium 4 processor with a clock speed of at least 1.3GHz and 1GB of RAM. You can run this simulation on a computer with Windows Vista or Windows XP.
How to download the simulation
The simulation can be downloaded from this page. The download is free.
The simulation can be downloaded from this page. The