While in most cases you can simply go to the Control Panel to uninstall an application, there are cases when a certain program does not show here or cannot be removed via the classic methods. Consequently, using a specialized tool, such as an uninstaller is your best option to making sure the application is completely removed from your system.
InstalledAppView is a tool designed for Windows 8 and 10 and, as the name suggests, has the role of displaying the applications installed on your system.
Displays valuable information about all apps and packages installed
The application does not require installation, but rather you can start using it as soon as you decompress the archive. Upon launch, you are welcome by a table like interface where you can view all the applications listed. Each program is displayed with valuable information, such as name, version, registry name, registry modified time, install folder, install folder modified and created time, the owner of the install folder, uninstall command from PowerShell and the registry key.
The highlight of the tool is that it also displays the Microsoft bloatware that is commonly installed on systems with Windows 8 or 10. Consequently, if you do not use any of these services and consider they are taking too much space, then you have the option to remove them. Simply click the uninstall option and follow the steps provided.
A handy tool that allows you to view and, if necessary, remove unwanted apps
A noteworthy function of the tool is that it can be used on remote computers, thus considerably simplifying the tasks of network administrators. You can find the remote function in the Advanced Options by simply pressing F9 and selecting the Remote computer.
All in all, InstalledAppView is an easy-to-use tool that provides detailed information about the applications installed on your computer as well as the possibility to remove them.







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The program provides detailed information about the programs installed on your computer. It does so by displaying, in a table like structure, information about every application installed on the machine, such as the name of the program, the version, registry name, the owner of the install folder, the install folder modified time, the uninstall command from PowerShell and the registry key.
It is important to highlight that the program displays this detailed information even for the Microsoft bloatware applications, such as those related with the Start menu, Games, Search, etc. that normally you do not want to be displayed.
Main Features of InstalledAppView Cracked 2022 Latest Version:
Displays the installed apps without the need for installation
The program will provide you a list of all apps installed on your system, even those that normally you do not want to view. The list is displayed in a table like structure that you can scroll by pressing the up or down arrow keys.
It is worth noting that the program will display the owner of the install folder in the table title. This way, you will immediately be able to view the apps that you installed and allowed to be displayed by opening the system properties.
The program displays the related registry key
The list of applications installed on the system will display the registry key where each of them is stored. You can click the registry key to view its content. This is a particularly helpful feature when you want to avoid the file corruption caused by the installation of the apps.
You can uninstall the installed apps without using PowerShell
Normally, you will have to open the Control Panel to uninstall the applications, but this is something that InstalledAppView will allow you to do from the main interface.
The software is capable of removing the programs from remote computers
InstalledAppView is a tool designed for Windows that will display detailed information about the applications installed on your computer. It will display the apps, their versions, the owners of the install folders, the install folder modified time and much more.
The tool will also allow you to uninstall unwanted programs without leaving the main interface. Simply press F9, select the Remote computer option and you will be able to access all the applications installed on the remote computers that are connected to your computer.
If you want to remove the programs from the remote computers, simply press F9 and select the Remote computer option to start the process.
Obviously, it is necessary to inform you that InstalledAppView is not a utility that requires installation, but rather you can start using the tool right after you

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When you are unable to find the installation of an app on the Control Panel, then InstalledAppView will do the job and provide you with all the information you need to take action.
Possibly the best way to download files in Windows
The tool is easy to use and has a very simple interface. Once you have downloaded it on your PC, it only requires a double click to start the application. Once you have entered the name of the.exe file to analyze, you can wait till it is done. Once the utility is done, simply press the OK button to exit from the interface.
InstalledAppView is the best program to find applications on Windows
The program is currently in the Beta-version and the code is still quite new, but it already has very useful features that make it the best program for finding apps on Windows.
What does it include?
It displays all the apps installed on your system, thus getting rid of all the intrusive applications that may be taking too much space and slowing down your computer.
It also shows Microsoft bloatware applications, such as the Office apps, that you may not necessarily need and could remove.
You can access it from both the desktop and the web, thus saving you time. It can access remote computers, thus saving you time and money spent on the maintenance of the network.
Information provided by the tool is detailed and reliable
It allows you to remove unwanted applications
You can access the tool from both the desktop and the web
Not a native Windows program and require admin rights
May not be fully compatible with Windows 10

Important: F1 Help is NOT enabled by default with the help of this installer. You need to use the default settings and it will appear as an option during the installation.
How to Install?
You need to download the file InstalledAppView-setup.exe from this website and then run it. You will get a message to verify your products and the license key for the tool.
Next you will be prompted to enter the license key.
Next, you will be asked if you wish to perform a check for the InstalledAppView Beta version.
The installation will then commence, following which, you will be asked if you want to Register with the InstalledAppView Demo Mode, which will give you access to a limited version of the tool. If you do not select this option, you will get the full version.
Next, you will be asked to confirm the

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Manage all Windows applications. Inspect registry and uninstaller data.
View file system info for all applications.
View all installed packages and applications.
Remove multiple installed applications at once.
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What’s New in the InstalledAppView?

Displays important information about all installed applications on Windows OS
Fully uninstalls apps even if they are blocked by the Microsoft company
Allows to block entry of Microsoft Bloatware into the computer
Uninstall applications from remote PC
Remote access (F9)
Uninstall apps by command line
Displays the contents of the AppX files

InstalledAppView Features:

Uninstalls and removes all the unwanted applications and games
Displays the list of installed applications
Gives you the possibility to remove Microsoft Bloatware
Allows to bypass the activation of.NET framework versions
Displays the contents of the AppX files
Remote uninstall and remove applications from remote computers
Uninstall applications using command line
No more uninstall errors caused by the publisher
AppX files are displayed

NOTE: This tool is absolutely FREE!

How to uninstall InstalledAppView from PC – Bluestacks?

Open this page.

Click the button to download installedAppView.

After downloading, you can run this program from the folder where you have saved the downloaded file.

Use included EasyUninstaller.exe to uninstall the program, then, restart your PC and enjoy the restored WinXp PRO.

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