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HeavyMath Cam 3D 1.46 Crack License Key Full Download For Windows [Latest 2022]

The most popular way to record 3D movies at home is the anaglyph method. Anaglyph means different colored glasses to allow you to see a 3-dimensional image. But like with all things virtual, anaglyph cams are expensive, need constant care, and are very heavy.

Anyone that has ever recorded 3D has tried anaglyph. Why not just record the 3D videos and take advantage of all those 3D TVs you are planning on buying?

Cam 3D is a simple way to capture the 3D videos from your web cam.

HeavyMath Cam 3D Features:

Works with two webcams and any type of windows webcam.

Records.3MP (.3PG) stereo video. It could use higher quality resolution, but the.3MP (.3PG) is good enough for 3D viewing.

Two webcams have the same focal length to produce the 3D effect.

You can adjust the field of view angle. Normally, it should be somewhere between 30-45 degrees.

Anaglyph type (color or gray scale) can be set. The filter color (red/cyan, red/blue, or red/green).

A scheduler is provided for you to run it unattended.

Include one button to capture still photo.

5 main 3D record modes: Advanced video record mode, Standard video record mode, Stereo Anaglyph mode (Color or Gray), Stereo 3D mode (Color or Gray), and Stereo Win98/95 (gray only) mode.

Adjust the camera position and field of view angle to the best effect.

Preview window shows the anaglyph video to be recorded.

Record directly to MKA, OGM, or WMV. You can set the minimum recording codec, quality, audio sample rate, channel, bits per sample, and bitrate.

Record to QuickTime MOV, MPEG-4 video, and even animated GIF. You need a compatible QuickTime player (1.0.1 or above). If one of your webcams does not support this encoding, Cam 3D can create an MPEG-4 self-encoder program.

You can specify the anaglyph type (color or gray scale), and the filter color (red/cyan, red/blue, or red/green). It has a

HeavyMath Cam 3D 1.46 Crack+ Free Download

Record your WebCam and Play your Digital Media
HeavyMath Cam 3D Crack Keygen is the first and only All-in-One webcam Recorder and Digital Media Player in one. It is the ultimate webcam utility. Record your web cam video and digital media files to compatible Matroska (MKV), OGG Multimedia (OGG), and Windows Media Video (WMV) format without any codecs installed. You can also record video and audio as digital media file like MP3, WMA, and AU.
Record Multiple Camera and Video Feed
With HeavyMath Cam 3D, you can start recording from any of the web cams you connect to your computer, simultaneously. With special effects, you can even record the webcam video of your desktop background. By creating multiple recording targets, you can keep multiple cams recording simultaneously.
Ultra High Quality Recording
At 1.2Mbps or above, the new technology in the latest version of Windows Media Video format enables you to record ultra high quality video. You can set the video and audio bitrate and audio sample rate. You can also record the VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format.
Multiple Stereo and Non-Stereo Recording
HeavyMath Cam 3D records stereo and non-stereo audio at the same time. It also has the ability to record multiple stereo and non-stereo audio sources. You can choose from the built-in preset and save them as a WAV audio file or MP3 format audio file.
Quickly and Easily Switch Recording Media
By simply pointing your mouse cursor, you can switch the recording media to the Matroska container in.MKV format, OGG Multimedia container in.OGG format, and Windows Media Video format.
Record 3D Anaglyph Video
In Matroska (MKV) format, HeavyMath Cam 3D automatically detects the color of the scene and makes a color anaglyph 3D video. In addition, with the built-in filters you can choose the type of the color anaglyph.
Recorder Create and Share Media Files
When the recording is done, you can easily create media file like an MKV, OGG, or WMV video clip in the same directory.
With HeavyMath Cam 3D, you can also record other digital media files to Matroska, OGG, or Windows Media Video container without any codecs. It has the ability to

HeavyMath Cam 3D 1.46 Crack+ License Code & Keygen For Windows [Latest]

*** Edition 3.4 –
New Themes

Added a new “Orange” theme

Fixed a bug in the Anaglyph display

The gamma settings are now restored to their default value when Cam 3D is launched

The menu hierarchy is now restored to default value when Cam 3D is launched

The font size is now restored to default value when Cam 3D is launched

The bug is fixed in which Cam 3D starts automatically as a system startup application.

A “cancel” button to the installer window is added to stop the Cam 3D installation

A Restore button is added to the Cam 3D settings window

A Restore All button is added to Cam 3D settings to restore all the Cam 3D settings to default value

The license is changed from RT-VN10 to RM-VN10

The license key is restored from the registry

The Help pages are updated

The Mac OS X version is updated to the latest version

The conversion of M2V to MKV are updated to the latest versions

The WMV1 on Macintosh and the WMV3 on Windows can be converted into OGM

The MKV can be converted to QuickTime VR

– Change the error message message when movie is too big to fit into memory to “movie size is not a multiple of the block size, but you have enough memory”.
– Added a new icon for the media path property.
– Added a new icon for the input path property.
– Added a new icon for the output path property.
– Removed the “continue” button when there is no more need to search for the missing resource.
– Added a new filter bar in the library window.
– Adjusted the filtration of the video volume control when there is no audio.
– Added a “1/2” and “1/4” icon to the right side of the filter bar.
– Added a progress bar when transcoding to OGG format.
– The VLC icon can be put on the system dock now.
– The video popup menu can be renamed.
– The “open video files” dialog can be renamed.
– The buttons “Go back”, “Go forward”, and “Go to next/previous” on the bookmarks menu can

What’s New in the?

HeavyMath Cam 3D is the only webcam program that enables you to record 3D anaglyph stereo video from two webcams.
Anaglyph video is the technology used by Hollywood movies. Two videos of slightly different perspectives are merged into one. By using red-cyan colored glasses, the viewer can get a true feeling of 3 dimension effects.
Traditionally, to make an anaglyph video, two camcorders are mounted on costly specialized rack and record at the same time. Afterwards, the videos are processed and merged. This process is expensive, time consuming, and difficult.
Cam 3D makes it easy. Two webcams with the same focal length is all you need. The preview window shows the anaglyph video to be recorded. Yes, you can see the 3D by wearing the red-cyan glasses. Adjust the cameras to get the best 3D effect, and press “Record”.
Record to MKA (Matroska Video), OGM (OGG Media), or WMV. You have full control over the recording codec, quality, audio sample rate, channel, bits per sample, and bitrate.
You can also record to QuickTime MOV, MPEG-4 video, and even animated GIF, with appropriate booster packs from River Past installed.
You can specify the anaglyph type (color or gray scale), and the filter color (red/cyan, red/blue, or red/green). It has a built-in scheduler for unattended recording. You can set the start time and/or the stop time.
There is a “Capture Still” button to take a snap shoot photo – also in 3D. Get rid of those flat boring pictures. The photos from Cam 3D will “pop” – literally.
HeavyMath Cam 3D Screenshot:

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System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003
1 GHz or faster 32-bit or 64-bit Processor
OpenGL 2.0 with Shader Model 3.0
Windows Media Player 9 or newer
3D-capable Display
DirectX 9.0c or newer
DirectSound 7.0c or newer
Windows Sound System 7.0c or newer
Internet connection and disk space for installation
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