FTP Navigator will help you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted, or periodically attempt to connect with the FTP server if the pervious link was unsuccessful.
Servers usually break off a connection automatically when the user is inactive for more than a specified period of time. The program includes a command that allows you to “keep connection,” which means that retention prompts are periodically generated to maintain the connection. It also contains a passive file transfer mode.
Server directories are sometimes hidden from view, which means that the directory modification option will be extremely helpful. The properties window of the FTP server offers a number of highly convenient options: “Initial Directory on FTP Server”.
The service functions of the application include drag-and-pop, pop-up and a context sensitive menu, which can be called up by right-clicking the mouse. The program is compatible with Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5 and 5.
The superb options of the program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers (for comparing modified or new files), a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc. Its user-friendly interface becomes instantaneously apparent.







FTP Navigator Crack + Free Download

FTP Navigator is the perfect tool for anyone involved with file and directory management on the Internet. It helps you with file and directory transfers using various FTP servers. You can download a specific file or add new ones from any FTP server in the world.
FTP Navigator runs on all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla, Mac, and Linux. It is absolutely free to download and free to use. You will not get bored by the helpful and colorful interface.
– Control FTP, Telnet, and SSH servers with only one application
– Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and standard browsers
– Drag and drop file, directory, or mailbox from browser right-click
– Help you upload and download files (including directories) with total automation
– Effortlessly add new entries to a directory tree
– Filter your connections
– Automatic detection and completion of broken transfers
– Password-free
– Supports passive mode
– Supports supervisor and monitor mode
– Automatic reconnection
– Help you keep active and open connection
– Support for most of the FTP servers
– Manage multiple FTP connections
– HTTP server
– Secure your connections
– Scan ports
– Extract web resources from web pages
– Directly upload files from browser
– Download time synchronization (for Windows, Linux, and Mac)
– You do not have to go through proxy servers
– You can transfer files between local and remote FTP servers at once
– You can import web resources from HTML files
– You can remove duplicate files
– You can configure FTP service
– Copy and move both files and directories
– You can compare files by renaming them
– You can export a text file or HTML files
– You can update filter criteria
– You can add more items
– Support for AOL


I believe filezilla is about the closest to what you’re looking for.
While it isn’t really intended for web browsing, it’s a very versatile Ftp client / browser.

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FTP Navigator Download [Latest 2022]

FTP Navigator is a convenient, and convenient, a simple-to-use…

… technical solutions consulting in the design and implementation of AD-hoc and business oriented network and embedded system applications.
FTP Client review written by Anthony Morley N4BWA(e)Lampard deactivated = – 11/11/2002 – 07/23/2007
Current versions of Windows operating systems include the built-in Windows File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, but most users would agree that it is far from being one of the best out there. It has been criticized for requiring too many manual setup parameters, and for lacking many of the features found in many of its competitors. This leaves your computer vulnerable to infection via the FTP client, or requires you to set up the FTP server before you can use it at all. Not to mention the fact that it will not run unattended, resulting in downtime when you or another user accidentally shuts it down.
FTP Client
FTP Client & Server is a graphical client for Microsoft Windows. It can be downloaded from the Internet for free, and runs on all Windows systems that include a TCP/IP stack. It uses the built-in Windows FTP service (FTP) to log into a remote FTP server, and view, modify, delete, or copy files from it. Files may be transferred back and forth directly between the local and remote systems using a secure encrypted connection, or transferred from the remote system to the local one using a proxy transfer. Files may be deleted directly from the client, their names may be updated, or they may be renamed. It may also be used to remotely change file ownership, and create subdirectories, moving, and renaming files in them. It can be used to host files that others can download, or to provide a directory listing of files that is accessible from other computers on the network. It supports random access and file size limited transfers, and allows batch and incremental transfers.
FTP Client Supports
FTP Client provides support for the following FTP features:
FTP file transfer protocol server The FTP Server is a client service that may be used to communicate with other client services over the network. FTP servers provide file and/or block transfer capabilities. File transfer features include size/time limited transfers, file locking, file rename, and recursive directory listing. FTP supports both ASCII text or binary-based protocols, and both request and response to transfers. FTP clients and servers may be seen as a hierarchy

FTP Navigator For Windows

– Fetch FTP Files/Download Files from your FTP Server.
– Sync/Unsync/Compare Files from your Local Drive/Remote FTP Server.
– Delete Files from your Remote FTP Server.
– Put Files in your Remote FTP Server.
– Access Files on your Local and Remote FTP Server.
– Create, copy, rename, delete folders on your Remote FTP Server.
– Access FTP Files/Folders on your Local or Remote FTP Server.
– Access FTP Files/Folders on your Local or Remote FTP Server.
– Access FTP Folders/Files in your Remote FTP Server.
– View Properties of FTP Files/Folders.
– Access Files/Folders on your Local or Remote FTP Server.
– Compare Files/Folders on your Local and Remote FTP Server.
– Complete a File Transfer on your Local/Remote FTP Server.
– Send Files/Folders/Attributes to your Remote FTP Server.
– Upload Files/Folders/Attributes to your Remote FTP Server.
– Select/Refresh TCP/IP Address.
– Keep Connection on the FTP Server.
– Use Proxy Server.
– Use Firewall.
– Use Autorun.
– Multi-Language Support.
– Local Support Remote Support.
– Manage the Directory Options.
– Drag/Drop FTP Files/Folders/Attributes.
– Import/Export Files from/to the Local Drive.
– Export Files from your Remote FTP Server.
– Import Files from your Remote FTP Server.
– Export Files/Folders/Attributes from your Remote FTP Server.
– Auto-Connect to the FTP Server.
– Select FTP Server.
– Login/Logout.
– File Data Scanning.
– Intended for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.
– Full featured FTP program.
– Unlimited server connections
– Support for FTP Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4..
What’s New in Version 2.2.3:
– Add User Defined Categories.
– Add Trash command support.
– Add support for new FTP commands v11 and v12.
– Add FTP Proxy Support.
– Add HTTP Proxy Support.
– Add Proxy connection setup.
– Add support for Multi proxy.
– Improve command line support.
– Optimize CPU usage.
– Update thumbnails

What’s New in the?

“FTP Navigator is the ultimate solution for accessing FTP servers. Enjoy the maximum of the server`s functions and the absolute best user experience.

Keep connection after timeout

Auto-resume if client disconnects

Local and remote keystroke monitoring

FTP servers are more secure and valuable than ever. In such a hostile environment, you have to be selective with the programs you select. Enter: Ftp Navigator.

Drag and drop capabilities

Firewall and Proxy support

Startup items to automatically connect to servers

Console mode for advanced operation

Multiple transfers and directory navigation

Drag-and-drop from Explorer’s context menu

Pop-up menu for context-sensitive actions

Keyboard shortcuts for advanced work

Proxy server support

Directory synchronization on local and remote FTP servers

Full API support for developing your own applications

Full event logging and full control over the logging system”



Rating: 9

Size: 2.5 MB

FTP Navigator

FTP Navigator is an award-winning program for accessing FTP servers. It offers you a multitude of functions for the ultimate control over your operations, and it makes your work with FTP servers completely stress-free. The program is especially perfect for monitoring remote access computers and for developing applications.


Version 1.0

Rating: 2

Size: 4.6 MB

FTP Navigator 1.0

FTP Navigator is an award-winning program for accessing FTP servers. It offers you a multitude of functions for the ultimate control over your operations, and it makes your work with FTP servers completely stress-free. The program is especially perfect for monitoring remote access computers and for developing applications.

Database Edition

Server Management


Version 2.2

Rating: 9

Size: 5.7 MB

FTP Navigator Server Management

Manage your FTP server, monitor server activity, and create tasks for yourself with this powerful program. For all your FTP server needs.


FTP Trader

FTP Trader is a valuable add-on for this product that will transform your experience.




Rating: 4.6


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card (1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 200 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes: If Steam is not already installed, it can be downloaded here.
Quick Start: Click the big red Start button, and open