By default, Firefox, like any other browser, is configured to remember your browsing activity, a feature designed to make it easier for you to find previously visited pages. However, having the browser log all your history might be a bit too much in some cases.
You might think that a private Firefox window is the answer to this problem. And it is, no doubt about it. But, on the other hand, you can use DynamicHistory for Firefox, a simple add-on that automatically removes visited webpages from your browser’s history based on criteria of your choice.
Define removal criteria for the browsing history 
As expected, installing the extension is a breeze and a new icon is displayed near the address bar. The first thing you need to do is go to the add-on’s settings to configure the filters.
DynamicHistory for Firefox features three different removal criteria. The add-on automatically removes browsing history for domains you mark as dangerous and excludes domains that you consider as being safe. Additionally, you can build a list of dangerous keywords. If DynamicHistory for Firefox finds any of the words on a page, then it deletes the browsing history automatically for that particular domain.
Support for regex and additional features 
Scrolling down in the Settings area, you discover that DynamicHistory for Firefox also comes with support for regular expressions, which means you can set very specific filters for its configuration. The addon can check the entire URL for matches or even parse the HTML code of the page.
Further options allow you to inject CSS or JavaScript code snippets into any page that has its history removed by DynamicHistory for Firefox. Moreover, continuous matching makes it possible to monitor the content of a page for matching keywords. Please keep in mind that enabling this option might affect the browser’s performance.
On the other hand, please keep in mind that the cache data or the browser cookies are not removed, which means the page might still appear in the list of recently accessed pages or closed tabs.
A way to automatically delete the browser’s history 
DynamicHistory for Firefox provides a convenient way to filter your browser’s history right off the bat, without going through dozens of URLs manually. If you are using private windows just because you do not want the browser to remember the websites you visit, then rest assured that this add-on can achieve the same. However, as the extension does not affect cookies and cache, there might still be traces of your activity available.









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Change history size

Change number of pages to keep history on

Clean history by a regex

DynamicHistory For Firefox features

Supports regular expressions

Script snippets on pages


Shortcut keys (Ctrl+Delete) for history, history options

Useless, obsolete add-ons to delete history in other browsers

For example: the popular Pale Moon browser doesn’t have shortcut delete of browsing history, so you just shouldn’t use it.


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DynamicHistory For Firefox

DynamicHistory for Firefox Activation Code is a browser extension that helps you to clean your browser history. It is quite simple to use: just keep browsing, or surfing the web and it will do the rest. DynamicHistory for Firefox Free Download automatically cleans your browsing history based on three different criteria: dangerous domains, dangerous keywords, and continous matching.

The dynamic matching system works very well, but it should be used with caution: you might accidentally remove content you want to keep. Be careful when removing content, make sure that what you are deleting is safe and desirable.
DynamicHistory for Firefox is a very good Firefox extension to clean your browser history.

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DynamicHistory For Firefox Crack +

With DynamicHistory for Firefox, you can easily control your browser’s history. The add-on allows you to mark domains as dangerous or ignore them altogether.
The good thing about DynamicHistory for Firefox is that it’s quite easy to set up and use. All you need to do is to install the addon and to go to its settings. Then, enable the options that you want to use.
Other features include a continuously monitoring mode and a whitelist feature. The latter will protect your browsing history even if it is removed in some cases.
Overall, DynamicHistory for Firefox does a good job at filtering your browsing activity. If you are not comfortable with all the features offered, then the add-on can be set to work on a custom schedule, depending on the criteria you use for its removal.
DynamicHistory for Firefox is compatible with the following browsers:
Additional features include a constantly monitoring option as well as a whitelist feature. The latter protects your browsing history even when it is removed.
Overall, DynamicHistory for Firefox does a good job at filtering your browsing activity.

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Additional features include a constantly monitoring option as well as a whitelist feature. The latter protects your browsing history even when it is removed.
Overall, DynamicHistory for Firefox does a good job at filtering your browsing activity.

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What’s New In DynamicHistory For Firefox?

A way to automatically delete the browser’s history

Using a combination of filtering features and keywords, this add-on makes sure that your history is under control and you can set it to automatically delete any webpages that match your criteria, even if it is not the default behavior of the browser. Although it is still recommended to remove the browser’s history manually, you should know that DynamicHistory for Firefox will enable this feature automatically, for example, when you mark a webpage as dangerous.
Some features are only available on the premium version of the add-on; the free edition only has a limited number of filters. In any case, the free version is still worth a try, as it does not cost much and it is completely free of charge. If you are interested in using regular expressions or CSS or JavaScript snippets, then you will need to pay for the premium version.
Download DynamicHistory for Firefox

How to Install DynamicHistory for Firefox.
DynamicHistory for Firefox comes in a single package, which contains some files and folders.
Step 1 – Install DynamicHistory for Firefox.
As mentioned earlier, the addon is a single package. You need to download the add-on, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You may need to perform some manual installations to complete the installation. You can go to the Add-on page of Mozilla’s official website and find the installation instructions there.
Step 2 – Configure DynamicHistory for Firefox.
As mentioned earlier, the addon is pretty simple to configure. Under the Filtering section, you will need to decide on the filtering options. That is to say, you need to decide how your history will be cleared. For instance, you can decide to remove pages that were visited within a certain time frame.

How to Use DynamicHistory for Firefox.
There are plenty of pre-defined filters for the addon. You can use them to remove visited pages as soon as you open a private window or close a tab. However, it is important to understand that the addon is not a tool to blacklist sites. If you want to block specific websites, then you should find an alternative. That said, the keyword-based filters are pretty useful when it comes to spam. For instance, you can mark the top 100 e-commerce pages and block them from the visited list.


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