The Cassini++ application was designed to be a personal web server for the .NET 3.5 framework based on the Cassini v3.5 implementation by Dmitry Robsman with an improved GUI.
Project Intention
– Provide an embeddable Personal Web Server.
– Provide a Development Web Server that can be used for tests and as development alternative to WebDev Web Server.
Cassinipp c: 80 /
Starts cassini with application directory “c:” listening on port 80 on
loopback device ( aka localhost)
Cassinipp c: 80 / any
Starts cassini with application directory “c:” listening on port 80 on
any ip adress (reachable from network) using virtual path “/”
Cassinipp c:
Starts cassini with application directory “c:” listening on port 80 of
loopback device using virtual path “/”


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Cassini++ Cracked Version is a web server for.NET using the Cassini framework by Dmitry
Robsman. Cassini++ Crack allows you to run full.NET applications in a
personal web server. The Cassini++ Web Server runs without the need for
IIS or an external VM application.
Cassini++ can be used as a
development web server by running Cassini++ locally. You can use
Cassini++ to develop.NET applications in addition to Cassini’s web
server and to test your.NET applications in a production environment.
Cassini++ is a personal web server for the.NET framework. It is designed
to be a small personal web server that can be used as a development
server and a replacement for WebDev. Cassini++ is implemented in C# and
C++ and has a minimal memory footprint and requires no external
additional applications or services.
Cassini++ is based on the Cassini web server engine by Dmitry Robsman.
The web server engine was implemented in C++ and was used as a basis for
Cassini++. Cassini++ provides an improved interface on top of the same
server engine. The C++ web server engine is fully compatible with the
Cassini engine in version 3.5 and up.
– Customizable web server
– Support for HTTPS
– Support for Server Side Includes
– Support for UTF-8
– Database support
– Authentication mechanisms
– Basic Http authorization
– User/Group based access control
– Multilingual support
– Easy to understand URLs
– SSL support
– Statistics logging
– Filters and a built-in middleware
– Configurable Handler Mappings
– Support for XML configuration files
– Supports Virtual Directories
– Support for static file serving
– Support for custom controllers
– Portable Class Library support
– Supports GET and POST parameters
– Supports Cookies
– Supports Authentication
– Supports several custom Authentication implementations
– Supports Basic and Forms based Authentication
– Custom HTTP authentication schemes
– Support for HSTS
– Support for the AntiSpam AntiSpamX module
– Support for Retry-After and ETag support
– Support for Servlet 3.0+ support
Cassini++ Description:
Cassini++ is a cross-platform, embeddable, personal web server based on the
Cassini web server framework by Dmitry Robsman.

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Cassini++ Product Key is a web development server for.NET and Windows Media
Framework (WMF) platforms developed using Cassini v3.5 by Dmitry
Cassini is a port of the Firefox project:

The modulo system is used to provide a RESTful API to be used for
web services by clients of the server.
JSON is used to deal with data as webservices result and query
The HTTP classes can be used to implement other protocols like
AJAX, REST and so on.
The WMF classes can be used to access Windows Media files stored
on disc or streamed directly from the Internet
Cassini++ will support the following protocols:
HTTP: REST, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, Head, Trace, Webrequest
HTTPS: REST, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, Head, Trace, Webrequest
Cassini++ – Using the.NET 3.5 Framework
Cassini++ is not using any system registry entries which may
cause conflicts with other operating systems.
– Super simple GUI
-.NET Web Server support (TCP/IP)
– HTTP Trace support
– HTTPS support
– Minimal memory footprint (1.9Mb for the recent version)
– Fast processing
– Remote access (not Windows only)
– Isolation of running in process
– Thread safe
– Supports memory mapped files
– Supports multiple Ip adress
– Supports both C# and VB.NET
– Supports ASP.NET 3.5
– Supports Windows Media files
– Supports Windows Media files streamed directly from the
Internet using the WMF classes
– Supports Windows Media files stored on disc or streamed from
HTTP clients
– Provides a set of web services (REST, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, Head,
Trace, Webrequest)
– Supports web services on HTTP and HTTP Plus protocols
– Supports asynchronous requests on HTTP and HTTP Plus protocols
– Supports requests for streamed files on HTTP and HTTP Plus
– Supports requests to authenticated users
– Isolation between requests
– Supports cookies
– Supports pagination in requests
– Supports GET requests on symbolic links
Cassini++ User Interface
The GUI is standalone with no dependencies to others.

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Small application for development of personal web server
Cassini++ Implementation:
Starts Cassini with a configuration file that can be changed at runtime.
Ports and Virtual Paths:
UDP: The data port for the HTTP protocol. TCP: The standard HTTP port.
Both TCP and UDP can be used.
IpAddress: Your IP address.
VirtualPath: path for your application. Relative virtual paths are supported.
C: will be implicitly set to the application directory.
C:\> Cassinipp.exe c: 80 /
========== Cassinipp 2.0 (Released 3/11/2010) ========================
– Attempted to clean up a few things about CassiniWebServer/CassiniWebServerBuilder.cs
Added the IpAddress and VirtualPath properties to CassiniWebServerBuilder
Added the virtual path for the file IpAddress.txt
Added the handler to initialize the CassiniWebServerBuilder and register the
Added the RegisterAttribute as an option in the new CassiniWebServerBuilder
Added default handler for CassiniWebServerBuilder
Added Logger as an option in the new CassiniWebServerBuilder
Added a new option to CassiniWebServerBuilder to set the IpAddress(VirtualPath).
Implemented IWebServerOptions.
A new utility class to be used to implement Web Servers.
– Implemented a new version of CassiniWebServerBuilder and CassiniWebServer.
– Uses Microsoft.Net.Http 2.0
– Uses System.IO.FileSystem.Web
– Uses Microsoft.Net.HttpExtensions
New Options:
– IpAddress: IP address to listen on.
– VirtualPath: VirtualPath for your application.
– C: The directory for your application. Default is “.”
– Credentials: Username and password that will be used to connect to remote
ip addresses.
– Logger: Logging implementation for CassiniWebServer.
– IpAddressHandler: An implementation of an IP AddressHandler that can be
used to set the different handlers for the Web Server.
– UseSession: Returns a Session object in request and response handlers.
Cassini++ Dependencies:
Cassini++ uses Cassini (C:) to build the entry point.
Cassini has the following dependencies:
– Microsoft.Net.Http
– Microsoft.Net.

What’s New in the?

Cassini++ is.NET HTTP web server and HTTP handler framework for ASP.NET.
It provides multiplexing mechanism for HTTP requests.
Cassini++ allows to create a set of user defined HTTP server roles and to
implement their functionality (i.e. POST, GET, PUT, HEAD etc).
– Built-in support for port 80 and 443 ports
– Support of user-defined roles
– Support of HTTP 1.1
– Support of HTTPS
– Support of AJP
– Easily to configure with INI files
Cassini++ implementation is currently available for.NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5 but
other versions also can be implemented.
Please visit the Cassini++ official website at: for more
information and documentation.
Cassinipp – Support for Designers
Cassini++ may be used in an existing Visual Studio based applications or
even as Visual Basic (.NET) front end for some machine local web
Cassinipp – Developer Friendly
Cassini++ fully supports the.NET Framework 3.5 web development model.
Cassini++ does not try to replace or interfere with the.NET web servers,
and it is not meant to be used with the.NET compiler.
It may be used as a developer’s tool for quick testing of the.NET
project’s web pages and server functionality.
Cassini++, as Cassini, allows to use configuration files for the entire
Cassini++ application’s startup.
Cassini++, as Cassini, allows to configure HTTP server’s global settings
in a.NET app.config file.
Cassini++, as Cassini, allows to create and use user-defined HTTP role
switches in the same way as Cassini.
When you use Cassini++ as a Visual Basic.NET application, it is not very
difficult to consume its functionality from Visual Basic.NET code.
However, if you want to run Cassini++ as a system level (i.e. global
app.) process you will need to deploy it to the system’s default website
Cassinipp – A Quick Start
The quick start guide on Cassini++ website may help you to start quickly.
To get the Cassini++ package please make an update on Cassini++ website to the
“latest release” download.

System Requirements:

Operating Systems:
-Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista –
-Mac OS X 10.6 or later –
-Linux operating system –
-Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.13 GHz or better CPU recommended
-OS: Intel Pentium 3.2 GHz or better CPU recommended
-OS: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better CPU recommended
-OS: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz or better CPU recommended