Video production, just as general photography, can benefit from all the advantages of RAW format, some of which can add impressive characteristics, such as depth, gamut, processing flexibility, as well as overall quality, compared to other commonly used media formats. Starting from the above mentioned, it is quite easy to see why the implementation of RAW into the video field can bring a range of advantages.
Aiming at offering all the benefits of RAW format into video processing, Blackmagic RAW provides users with a specialized codec that provides all the advantages of RAW recording. It manages to achieve that via a series of technologies, such as de-mosaic algorithms, yielding lossless images, which are intended at high frame rates and high dynamic range workflows.
In order to avoid common video codec issues, such as quality deterioration due to 10 bit and 4:2:2 video filter limitations, Blackmagic RAW will move part of the de-mosaic processing from the PC’s CPU, to the actual camera itself, therefore achieving a more effective recording process, while still retaining quality, bit depth, and dynamic range.
Lastly, the codec carries the Blackmagic Design Generation 5 Color Science protocol, which ensures accurate reproduction of critical elements, such as skin tone for instance.







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Blackmagic RAW is a specialized video codec developed by Blackmagic Design, which is based on the Blackmagic Design Unified Video Editing Architecture. It is a standard 10-bit 4:2:2 H.264 codec, which can also be used to store any other camera capture in RAW format as long as the camera’s H.264 engine supports it.
Blackmagic RAW video codec uses the Avid ProRes codec compression and therefore requires the use of Avid Media Composer (AMC) software. For you to have full access to the Blackmagic RAW codec you will need to license the Blackmagic RAW Media Server, which will be used to deliver on-set videos, in real-time, and with full offline editing access.
Blackmagic RAW has the ability to record the native camera data in a 10-bit 4:2:2 4:4:4 color space. The camera can record up to 7.1-ch uncompressed audio for a 5.1-ch surround mix or a 2.0-ch stereo mix.
Blackmagic RAW provides a variety of recording modes that are designed to help the user overcome common limitations while working with the images and video, such as noise reduction, low dynamic range, color shifts and more. Moreover, the codec also features some advanced workflow features to help improve color grading and color management.
Recording Options:
10 Bit 4:2:2 4:4:4
1280×720 Full HD, 1280×720 50P, 1280×720 23.98P, 1280×720 23.98X
1920×1080 Full HD, 1920×1080 24P, 1920×1080 25P, 1920×1080 30P
3072×1760 Ultra HD, 3072×1760 23.98P, 3072×1760 23.98X, 3072×1760 24P
3680×1920 Ultra HD, 3680×1920 23.98P, 3680×1920 23.98X, 3680×1920 24P
10 bit 4:2:2 8:8:8
1920×1080 Full HD, 1920×1080 50P, 1920×1080 23.98P, 1920×1080 23.98X
2560×1440 Full HD, 2560×1440 50P, 2560×1440 23.98P, 2560×1440 23.98X
2160×1080 Full

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Blackmagic Design has been a leader in professional video camera since 2010, with many accolades and awards. The company’s G.E.C. camera has set the standard for high quality video recording, even while remaining flexible in terms of workflow and production. Seeing the potential in this high quality workflow, Blackmagic decided to develop a revolutionary RAW codec that would surpass G.E.C. in quality. Blackmagic RAW Activation Code, or BMX RAW for short, is the latest in technology and engineering from Blackmagic. The perfect marriage of RAW format video and professional image quality, BMX RAW yields exceptional video quality and image processing flexibility.
Whether you’re capturing RAW video to the BMX camera, or generating your own RAW images with an iPhone or iPad, the BMX camera will render sharp, brilliant images, with little compromise to the ability to capture detail at lower resolutions.
With a massive six megapixels, RAW images can be generated to the BMX camera, with a whopping 14 megapixels and 12 megapixels being rendered at the camera, respectively. The BMX camera, intended for both consumer and professional video recording, is compatible with standard Apple and XF format via a card slot, or with a card slot adapter if working in XF raw mode.
RAW video recording gives the user many options, including 0-255 exposure, 6-bit color and up to 16-bit floating point depth. In addition, due to the BMX camera’s 6-bit DNx100 signature, color management is simplified. Blackmagic RAW Activation Code gives camera users a level of control, unsurpassed by all other RAW codecs.
What makes the BMX camera and RAW format so special is the dedicated software solution the company has designed. Blackmagic RAW Studio, with its Processing and Encode tab, enables professional looking video editing. A powerful multi-platform video editing suite with separate windows, RAW editing is an unparalleled experience.
Additional features of the BMX camera include full frame recording with an ultra-wide angle lens and the latest and improved 4K recording. Standard features include recording and playback with 13 stops of dynamic range, and audio metering to enable for precise, timed audio sync. Addition to the camera, the BMX portable is a small recorder offering users the latest features of the BMX camera, but in an easy to handle package.
While RAW image formats have become an extremely popular choice amongst photographers for the past decade, the topic of RAW video recording has,

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Blackmagic RAW is a new codec designed by Blackmagic Design, for application on removable media devices. The codec has been engineered with the aim to go beyond the regular video interfaces, in order to achieve a high level of quality. By encoding and decoding internally, the codec will give an image with overall excellent quality levels, in spite of the lossless de-mosaicing algorithm being used. This will enable the codec to reach new perspectives regarding frame rates.
Compared to other video codecs, the codec will perform somewhat well with low frame rates, as per the high de-mosaicing accuracy and ability to record a high dynamic range video. Moreover, the codec is known for its ability to record color accurate videos, as well as good quality in the 4:4:4 and 4:4:2 cases.
As mentioned before, the codec is oriented towards removable media devices. It requires Blackmagic Resolve as the card that will be used for recording, which according to Blackmagic, is the only card that has a PCIe Gen 3 interface. This means that the codec can be used effectively with any PCIe Gen 3 capable PCIe card that exists on the market, such as Blackmagic Design’s BMD-XA2, and the BMD-Pro, among other low-cost PCIe video cards.
Blackmagic RAW Details:
Blackmagic RAW can be used in any tool that supports raw video, including Blackmagic Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, Davinci Resolve Lite, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Avid Media Composer (V9.9.0 or later), Apple Final Cut Pro X (V10.3 or later), Adobe Premiere Pro CC (V2019.1 or later), Google Cloud Video, Apple Final Cut Server (V7.3 or later), Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018.1 or later), Avid Media Composer (V8.x or later), Avid Media Composer 2018, DaVinci Resolve Lite (V9.0.2 or later), Avid Media Composer 2018, Avid Media Composer (V7.3 or later), Avid Media Composer 2017, Apple Final Cut Server (V7.2.1 or later), Apple Final Cut Server 2018, Apple Final Cut Server (V7.3 or later), Google Cloud Video (2018.1 or later), Google Cloud Video (2017.1 or later), Blackmagic RAW,

What’s New In?

Blackmagic RAW, a specialized RAW codec that records raw data in the camera, contains a wide range of tools, including the ability to record at extremely high frame rates. Blackmagic RAW is an extension of the Blackmagic Design reference RAW codec, however, it has been created with the goal of serving the needs of the video editing workflow.
Besides recording and transmitting in high quality and high bit depth, Blackmagic RAW has some interesting features:
– De-mosaic is done without touching the source image, therefore it has no degradation of image quality, and is extremely lossless.
– Camera color can be adjusted and tweaked.
– Blackmagic RAW is designed to record lossless footage.
– Developed with a series of advanced technologies, such as de-mosaic algorithms, since it is able to deal with very high dynamic range images.
– It comes with an extensive toolset that allows fine-grained controls, which will enable post-production artists to manage the various aspects of their workflow.
– It also comes with tools that can be used to analyze images in the computer, and adjust recording settings based on those analyses.
– Other benefits of Blackmagic RAW will be described in detail later on, in this article.
Technical Specifications:
– Video Codec: Blackmagic RAW
– File Format: RAW
– File Size: Approximately 20 Gb per 1920×1080 24p HD recording
– Format native Support: Windows 8.1 (32 and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.9
– Language Support: English and Chinese
– File Extension:.abw
– Web Browser Support: Firefox
– Web Browser Support: Chrome
– Web Browser Support: Opera
– Web Browser Support: Internet Explorer
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System Requirements For Blackmagic RAW:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 or newer.
Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
Minimum: 2.0 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM
Recommended: 3.0 Ghz processor, 2 GB RAM
Download the game and follow the instructions to install it.
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