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Adding special effects

Images usually are the least interesting part of any project, but they certainly can contribute to a great-looking project. So, how do you edit your photos to make them even better?

Photo manipulation is a big part of the photo art, as well as design process. There are dozens of program applications that specialize in photo manipulation, and they all share the characteristic of being able to change your images in endless ways.

In a sense, photo editing is the practice of painting with light. Many photographers use such programs to make their photo images look like paintings or art. As a result, the line between photo manipulation and a photo art project becomes blurred.

To make interesting images using photo manipulation, you need to get creative and perhaps do a bit of trial and error. Read through this section for a few ideas.

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Alternatives to Photoshop

The following are more applications that are commonly used instead of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Apple’s iPhoto


Easy Photoshop

Funny Photoshop



Marvelous Designer

Microsoft Paint





Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photography and image editing software programs. It is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of editing almost any image imaginable, and can be used to make some extraordinary things.

Adobe Photoshop includes many powerful tools, some of which are:

3D Tools

Adjustment Tools

Effects Tools

Animation Tools

Artistic Tools

Video Tools

Vector Tools

Camera Calibration Tools

Clipping tools

Collage Tools

Color Tools

Color Adjustment Tools



Motion Effects

Masking Tools

Navigation Tools

Portrait Tools

Photoshop Mixer


Photocopying Tools

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Plug-ins

Picture Finder

Photo Editing Tools

Photoshop Actions

Photo to GIF

Pro Photo Tools

Retouch Tools

Raster to Vector

Safe Points


Image adjustments

Image databases

Image styles

Image-editing tools

Image editing

Image masks

Image optimization

Image manipulation

Image resizing

Image Trims

Images adjustment

Image compositing

Media corrections

Media optimization


Network-authenticated image editing

Non-destructive image editing

Photo compositing

Photo editing and enhancing

Photo retouching

Photo masks

Photo stitching

Photo animation

Photo compression

Photo editing

Photo editing

Photo collages

Photo file format converters

Photo manipulation

Photo stitching

Photo templates

Photo editing

Picture tube

Proofing tools

Quick Photo Editing

Retouching tools

Raster to Vector

Resize image tool

Rotate image tool


Share options


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DROUIN, France — When a train operator found the severed body of a woman in a train compartment and notified a police station in France’s Normandy region, investigators set in motion what would have been a painful but routine response: They looked for a ring her family members had sent to her a few days earlier, hoping it would help them find her.

She was a stranger, and her family had no clue where she was, but they must have had a motive, the police thought.

“They found a piece of clothing with some kind of stitching at the hem, they made a rough sketch,” said Laurent Godefroy, a lawyer who represents the woman’s family. “They thought it could be a garter belt and they didn’t think they should go too far looking for it.”

But on Tuesday, in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, the search was revived, Mr. Godefroy said. This time, the police looked in areas too far from Paris, and when their scanners picked up signals on the suspected garter belt, they looked in the wrong place. The search spooked families of missing people, especially those whose loved ones turned out to be terror suspects.

What’s New In?

Volunteer Counselors

by Casey Treat

When the Catholic Church announced Pope Benedict XVI’s intention to resign on February 28, the outcry was deafening. We had all hoped that Benedict would lead the Church into the tumultuous decades ahead and now we realized it was not to be. In the wake of the announcement, many expressed the hope that Archbishop Emeritus Benedict XVI would be replaced by Pope Francis.

“Pope Francis is a holy and trusted man who can bring the Church out of the cultural and political fray, restore unity to the fractured Body of Christ and heal the wounds of racism and poverty that blight the world,” wrote Cardinal Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of Saint Louis, in a piece entitled “A hope for the faith.”

Others, not so hopeful, felt that Francis’ appointment was more of a political maneuver that gives too much power to the Executive branch of the US government.

Beyond all of this, there was one name that was rarely mentioned, “André Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Chicago.” This was because, as a former cardinal archbishop, he currently serves as the Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

In the case of Pope Benedict XVI, there were two parallel processes. The first was the installation of the new pope and the second was the conclave that chose him. Cardinal Burke did not suggest that Pope Francis has anything like the type of prestige of Benedict XVI. That is a major error.

The process of choosing Pope Benedict XVI was the most disorganized that has been observed in papal history. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was installed as the 265th Pope on the evening of March 17, 2005. The process of selecting his successor was anything but orderly. John Paul II died of age-related illness just over a week after his installation. On Saturday, April 8, 2005, Benedict XVI’s predecessor installed him as the 266th Pope.

Ratzinger may not have had the final say over who would be appointed pope, but it was expected that he would select the next pope. In the case of Pope Francis, there has been a complete absence of any indication as to who could be tapped as a papal candidate. That’s unusual.

The case of Archbishop Vingt-Trois is different. He is the Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Chicago, which is the largest archdiocese in

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