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Despite being an industry standard, Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that professionals and people interested in photography and design find themselves using time and time again. If you’re already working on producing graphics for your next project, learning more about Photoshop is worthwhile.

Sizing Up Photoshop

Photoshop’s standard software package includes various tools to create, edit, and enhance images. You have a wide range of options for applying effects and adjustments to your images as you work.

Although the Photoshop interface can appear daunting, the program’s numerous features are easy to learn. If you’re interested in using Photoshop, I recommend starting with a book that introduces you to its tools, such as Photoshop CS6 All-In-One For Dummies (Wiley) or Photoshop CS5: All-In-One For Dummies (Wiley).

To open Photoshop, open the program and click the Open button in the upper-left corner, as shown in Figure 2-1.

**Figure 2-1:** To launch Photoshop, click the Open button in the upper-left corner.

The Basic User Interface

You can get to Photoshop’s most common tools with the Help menu. The Help menu appears near the top of the screen, as shown in Figure 2-2. You can also use the Help screen, which appears when you click the Help button on the navigation bar, shown in Figure 2-2.

**Figure 2-2:** The Help screen provides access to all of the Photoshop features.

The following sections explain each of the main menus and provide more details about their contents.

File | Applications

This menu contains your folders, as shown in Figure 2-3. In the left-hand pane of Figure 2-3, you see your current folder’s content. The right-hand pane of Figure 2-3 is a thumbnail pane that shows all of the thumbnail images for the current folder. By double-clicking a thumbnail in the thumbnail pane, you see a full-screen view of the thumbnail, as shown in Figure 2-4.

**Figure 2-3:** The File | Applications menu is a central location for managing your files.

**Figure 2-4:** Double-click a thumbnail to get a full-screen view of the image.

You can use the File menu to

• Create a new folder to hold new images

• Open an existing folder

• Reposition or remove

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Download the latest version of Photoshop Elements

Elements is the right tool for all levels of amateur image editing. If you don’t want to spend a whole day learning Photoshop, this app will help you efficiently create beautiful photos.

What is the difference between Elements and Photoshop?

Elements is the name of the free product and Photoshop is the name of the full version. The two products have similar features. The main difference is the features available in the basic version of Photoshop, which costs $70 while Adobe Photoshop Elements for beginners costs $50.

The difference between Elements and Photoshop is the level of available features. Elements is a basic starter edition of Photoshop which usually costs less. Elements has fewer features than Photoshop, but it is the perfect choice for hobbyists. Elements will allow you to create professional-quality images quickly.

The main differences between Elements and Photoshop are:

Learning curve

Adobe Photoshop: Easy to use, more features.

Adobe Photoshop Elements: Easy to use, smaller number of features.


Adobe Photoshop: More advanced features.

Adobe Photoshop Elements: More advanced features.


Adobe Photoshop: The full version is for Mac.

Adobe Photoshop Elements: The basic version is for Mac.


Adobe Photoshop: Needs Internet connection.

Adobe Photoshop Elements: No Internet connection needed.

Use the comparison chart below to find the right software for you.

What Elements are for?

Image editors

Lets you work on digital images and edit them.

Best choice for beginners.

Additional software

No need to buy more software with a Mac.

No need to pay the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Less features, but gives better quality results.

Possible trouble in the future.

Image libraries

Add to Photoshop or start using Elements from scratch.

Best choice for learning Photoshop.

Easy to use.

No need to pay for additional software.

Great for beginners.


Photo editing software

Creates the best quality photos.

What Elements are not for?

No low-quality images.

No professional editing.

No advanced editing.

No internet connection required.

Commercial use and editing.

Best for non-photo editing.

Best for image editing software

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That is a quick summary of the main features you need to know about Photoshop. A complete beginners guide will most likely finish your first month to it, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very addicting and you will be constantly on Photoshop for hours.
Later on, we will continue on how to use and apply these features. Make sure to come back for more tips.

How to launch Photoshop

There are two ways of launching Photoshop. You can either start Photoshop in your dock via the Applications menu, or you can open Photoshop from your desktop and the Photoshop icon will appear in your dock.

You can also make Photoshop your default program for opening PNG files from the Mac OS X File menu.
By default, if you start up Photoshop from your dock, it will open your last Photoshop session. To edit an image or other files, you can save the image in Photoshop first, then launch Photoshop again, or you can open a file from the desktop and Photoshop will be added to your dock.

When you open Photoshop for the first time, or when you start Photoshop from your dock, it will try to open the current project, which could be a group, layer, or selection. This means Photoshop has to load up the current project.

You can work on a project in Photoshop and save the image only after it’s done. Then, you can either rename the file or change the extensions to the ones Photoshop recognizes. To do so, click on File, then Open and click on Save As.

In the Save As screen, select Photoshop (*.psd) and then the type of file.

Also, you can save your image to your desktop, or any external drive or network server connected to your Mac. Simply choose Save As from the File menu.

To create a new document, click on File, then New. The Photoshop window will open and the new document will appear in the Window that appears.

Photoshop UI

There are three main windows that you will be using all the time in Photoshop.


This is the name of the window. Use the Window options in the Photoshop menu to change the window name, the window position, or the window position of the Photoshop icon in the dock (choose one of these options in the Window menu).


The Photoshop canvas is the area where your image will be displayed. The Photoshop window is an ordinary window, so it has the usual

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Dynamic get list of objects using ASP.NET

I have a simple object that is like:
public class MyObject {
public string Name;
public int Number;

I want to be able to pass a list of MyObjects, get all their names and numbers and then return a list of all the objects in the list to the user. So far, I have this:
public List GetObjectList()
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return MyObjectList;

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return MyObjectList;

Is there a better way to do this?


If you are willing to limit yourself to.NET 4 you can use:
public List GetObjectList()
List MyObjectList = new List();

MyObjectList = GetObjectList(new List()); // my own implementation

return MyObjectList;

public List GetObjectList(IEnumerable MyObjectList)
MyObjectList.Add(new MyObject() { Name = “Object one”, Number = 1 });
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MyObjectList.Add(new MyObject() { Name = “Object three”, Number = 3 });

return MyObjectList;

Otherwise, if you want to stick to 3.5 you can rewrite it to this:
public List

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 2000 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game is Xbox One exclusive.
The game is an offline game.
The game supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Traditional Chinese (Simpl