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Of course, you don’t have to buy Photoshop to enjoy its image editing benefits. There are a number of software programs that offer image editing abilities. For example, Adobe Photoshop Elements is free and offers many of the same features in the Photoshop program.

Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers even more editing capabilities than Adobe Photoshop CS, especially if you’re interested in removing imperfections from images. Photoshop Elements provides many of the same editing tools but in a simplified interface. Unlike the Photoshop CS version, Elements doesn’t offer the same professional-grade features, but it is ideal for editing digital snapshots, old negatives, and slides.

If you’re familiar with Elements from its predecessor, Photoshop CS, here are some tips for using this new version:

• Know your surroundings: Adobe has extended support for previous versions of Photoshop, and you’ll find that the interface has been heavily updated. You can still use Elements, but know that the UI can be quite different.

• Learn its shortcuts: Just as you learned to know the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS, do the same with Elements. This will save you time when you’re doing editing tasks on a regular basis.

• Master the layers: Elements also uses layers like Photoshop, so you need to learn how to use layers and how they work. Figure 14-1 shows you how to access layers in Elements.

• Watch tutorial videos: Follow the great tutorials that the Photoshop team produces for the latest version of Photoshop, and watch video tutorials on the Adobe website that cover all the essentials for using Elements. You can also download some individual videos on certain topics on the Adobe website.

Photo-editing workflows

In any of the programs that you use for image editing, you need to pick one image editing workflow to follow while you’re working. This choice can affect how long it takes to complete a photo-editing project, because not all editing tasks are the same and require different steps.

Follow the basic steps for any of the programs outlined in this book when you’re working on a photo editing project. The following sections offer some specific workflow suggestions, depending on which of the programs you’re using.


In Photoshop, one of the most important editing operations is separating your image into layers. The Layers panel, shown in Figure 14-2, enables you to create and manipulate layers, modify their properties, and link them together. You can also add selections or masks to your image

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Because Photoshop is often a vital tool for web designers, graphic designers and other professionals, it’s no surprise that Photoshop Elements is not only a professional photo editing application, but is also a powerful graphic designer program.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Here is a comparison between the features of Photoshop Elements and the features of Photoshop:

If you’re just using Photoshop Elements to edit a photograph or create a new high-quality image, then Adobe Photoshop Elements is definitely the best choice. However, there are three important issues you need to consider before making this decision:

Does the version of Photoshop you want to buy actually have all the features that you need? Does the version of Photoshop that’s compatible with your version of Windows have all the features that you need? Does the version of Photoshop you want to buy have enough compatibility with your hardware?

The following chart shows the compatibility issues between the features of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop, and between the operating systems of Windows and Mac.

The table is intended as an overview of the compatibility issues that you can encounter. For your specific situation, you need to consult the user manual of the programs.

Most of the issues mentioned are documented on the websites and forums of the Photoshop and Photoshop Elements websites.

Related: Elements Compatibility Table

All Windows computers will be compatible with the 10.0 version of Photoshop. Only the cheapest computers (from about $300 onwards) are not capable of running Photoshop Elements. For more information, see What is the minimum system requirements for Photoshop Elements?

All Mac computers will be compatible with the 10.0 version of Photoshop Elements.

The 10.0 version of Photoshop Elements is compatible with all hardware. This is compatible with Mac machines, PCs and mobile devices. (A mobile device usually means a smartphone or a tablet computer.)

You can use the most recent version of Photoshop Elements on any Windows computer.

If you have an older Mac computer, then you can only use Photoshop Elements 7 or 7.5. If you have an older PC, then you have a few options. You can use Photoshop Elements 6, you can use Photoshop Elements 5.5 or 6. You can also download the Adobe Update Manager to get the latest patches.

The toolbars of Photoshop Elements contain many useful icons. You can easily access the tools you need with a simple click. Here are the toolbars:

The left panel provides a view of your current image.

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System Requirements:

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