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* Photoshop Elements is a free version of Photoshop, and it can be used to edit and manipulate various types of images. It has somewhat fewer editing options, and it must be used along with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements plug-ins. Adobe Photoshop Elements also allows users to do a great deal more than just create and manipulate images. It can even perform image retouching to clean up images taken using a digital camera.

* Photoshop CS5 is Adobe Photoshop’s version of its flagship product. Its interface and program features are vastly improved and easy to use.

Now let’s start creating our first photograph.

# 5 The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through his Stomach

Photoshop’s graphic design features give photographers a powerful weapon in the creation of custom images. These creative tools can enable even the most inexperienced Photoshop user to create compelling images.

You have many creative options when using Photoshop. One of the most powerful tools is called the Lasso tool, which allows you to make selections based on an intuitive stroke.

You can take advantage of the Stacks feature and create three-dimensional objects. This is most useful for special effects such as creating simulated depth with layered textures.

Other features in the creative toolkit are Layer Masks and using Photoshop’s powerful Content-Aware Fill capability.

A little knowledge of Photoshop’s most useful tools can pay off handsomely with photographs. This chapter will show you how to apply these powerful graphic design tools to your images and see the many creative options you have available.

# 1 An Introduction to Photoshop’s Graphic Design Tools

Photoshop’s graphic design features give photographers a powerful weapon in the creation of custom images. These creative tools can enable even the most inexperienced Photoshop user to create compelling images.

Using the basic tools, you can see and create effects such as drop shadows, reflections, textures, and other special effects.

You have a lot of graphic design options available, such as creating text, creating graphics, and using templates to help speed up work. Photoshop includes a large number of tools, which are explained in the following sections.

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Photoshop  Elements 

The first version of Photoshop Elements was released for Windows in 2001. Photoshop Elements 5 was the first version of the program that was designed for Windows-based computers with 64-bit processing. Photoshop Elements was made for a cost-conscious consumer market and remains a good alternative for image editing in that price range.

Why use Photoshop Elements?

If you only need to be able to edit a single image or you don’t need more than a few advanced features, Photoshop Elements can be the right image editing software. The best reason to use Photoshop Elements is if you’re a hobbyist, have simple editing needs, or want to save some money on software and hardware.

Elements is a leaner alternative to Photoshop because it comes with fewer features. While Photoshop Elements does include many of the same advanced tools that professional-level versions include, it has a simpler user interface and fewer features to help make the software easier to use.

What’s the difference between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop?

Learn which features are included in both versions of Photoshop and Elements below.



Added in Elements 14



New Layer styles features

New filters

New 4K video

New layer masks and selections

New Adobe Stock templates

Optimized for web and mobile

Edit RAW files

Adjust RAW profiles

Built-in photo editor

Desktop image-editing tool

Photoshop Elements 14 (download free trial)

Adding and replacing layers

Drawing with the pencil tool

3D text


Blending modes


Magic Wand


Smudge tool

Selection tools


Using filters

8-bit or 16-bit color



Black and white





Screen mode

Open images in full-screen view

Create Photoshop actions

Embed a Photoshop action into a web page

Additional tools

Camera RAW


Measurement tools

Home screen

View options


Colors and image files

Matching colors

Shades of

Wpap Art Photoshop Action Free Download

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