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_Make no mistake: Photoshop is an expensive and powerful program. There are inexpensive alternatives such as the Paint.NET and Paintbox programs, but Photoshop is almost always the best choice._

Access to image editing tools is just the beginning of what you can do in Photoshop. You can manipulate layers of images, edit color, distort forms, alter and composite images, and so on. Creative artists and designers use Photoshop for many aspects of their profession, but the editing capabilities are just a slice of what Photoshop can do.

In this chapter, I cover the basics of opening, saving, and editing images, including editing for resizing, rotating, cropping, deskewing, and compositing; using filters for enhancing, manipulating, and correcting colors; and using layer masks for selective editing.

Adobe’s Photoshop provides extensive documentation of all its tools in the Help menu.

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In this How to Photoshop Elements tutorial we’ll show you how to edit and enhance pictures using the built-in tools. If you want to learn how to start designing graphics and images with Photoshop Elements, check our Photoshop Elements tutorials.

Note: Some of the steps may appear confusing. Don’t panic, just keep going. Photoshop Elements is easy to learn if you know basic graphic design and editing techniques.

Before we begin you’ll need to check out our list of the best graphic design apps for both Mac and Windows computers.

How to edit photos in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a simple editor, with a few options and no complicated features. The advanced features we’ll show you here use most of the tools and options found in Photoshop, but with a simpler interface.

Learn how to:

Remove red eye from photos

Fix blue-eyed people

Apply skin-friendly filters

Fix photos with uneven exposure

Dodge and burn shadows

Boost contrast

Retouch and remove blemishes

Remove red eyes from portraits

Remove smiling faces from pictures

A number of basic editing techniques are covered in detail in our editing tutorial.

1. Remove red eye from photos

Red eye removal is a common image editing technique. It usually works best on digital photos, but can be used to remove blemishes from existing prints.

Exposure bleeding

The easiest way to remove red eyes is to use Exposure Bleeding, an option in Photoshop Elements. To activate this tool, click the Bleed icon on the main menu bar.

Click the green area in the photo to select the portions of the eyes that you want to remove. You’ll see a small area where the selected area is overlaid over the image.

Click and drag the edges of the selected area to make the area larger or smaller. Repeat this to make more adjustments to the selection.

When you’re happy with the selection click “OK”.

Click the Bleed icon to activate the Exposure Bleeding tool. Click and drag the highlighted areas to select the areas that you want to remove.

This photo has more than one red eye. Click to select the areas to be removed.

You can merge the selections by right-clicking to add new areas. The overlapping areas merge into one selection.

Click the

Photoshop Pc Download For Windows 7 Crack+

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