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Although Photoshop is a popular and widespread program, and a lot of people use it, the program is complex and requires some study to be fully understood. We highly recommend that you take some tutorials to start with before you try to learn all the toolbars and then advance to the “Photoshop basics” section of this book. You can download Photoshop tutorials for free from the Internet, including a few from this book, at

A Quick Tour of Photoshop’s Menus

To make it easy to use Photoshop, you can “hide” some of the complex toolbars or menus and put them out of the way of the active tool. You don’t need to see them all the time to do things, so they can be hidden. However, it’s worth remembering that those parts of the program that are hidden are still working on things, but you won’t see them until you click the menu button again.

To hide a menu or toolbar, move the cursor over it until a gear icon appears on the tool. Click to select that menu or tool, and then press the Delete key (Windows) or Backspace (Mac) key to hide the tool. If you delete a menu that has over 20 submenus, the program will be a little confused.

The following menus are the most important ones in Photoshop. We give you more detailed instructions on them in the chapters to follow.


This option, found in the Standard toolbar, enables you to work on one or more images at the same time, as shown in Figure 1-1. The submenus found in this menu let you control the active image (Image) and the active layer (Layer), as well as the active swatch (Adobe Stock Icon), which enables you to change a range of options for the active file. You can change color, contrast, and so on, as well as merge multiple images into one. You can also change the foreground and background colors. Figure 1-2 shows the button for the active image.

**Figure 1-1:** The Applications menu provides control over multiple images.

**Figure 1-2:** This button is the one to click to switch to the active image.

Photoshop Elements

This is the menu for the Photoshop Elements program, which is Adobe’s free program for those who want to use Photoshop’s tools but don’t want to buy the full version of Photoshop.

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The final version was announced on February 3, 2002, at a press conference held in San Jose, California.

Photoshop was originally developed by Macromedia, a now-defunct company. On April 30, 2003, Adobe purchased Macromedia for $5.6 billion. Elements was officially developed by Adobe.

This article is a look at how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images. The techniques shown in this article won’t work well in advanced settings like advanced retouching and conversions, so I suggest you learn those techniques separately.

Photoshop Elements Basics

Adobe Photoshop Elements is designed to work as a standalone image editing program and for use with your digital camera. It contains all of the tools you need to edit images, whether you have a Mac, a Windows PC, or both.

You can also use Photoshop Elements to work with other types of media such as digital cameras, video, scanners and digital music systems.

Pressing the hotkey Shift + F5 opens the Files of New Image dialog box. From here you can browse all the files on your hard drive to see whether you have any photo, video or other image files to edit.

Click any thumbnail to start the editing process for that file. All thumbnails are viewable at 100% zoom magnification and any image in your documents folder can be opened when the program is started.

Click on the image you want to modify and your toolbox will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can customize the order of the tools you use most often. For example, you might set the order of the tools as follows:




Adjustment Layer







Other tools can be hidden if you don’t need them and tools are added as you use them. The Tools panel is a great way to customize the file-management window that opens when you click an image from your computer’s hard drive or from a folder on your hard drive.

The Tools panel has controls for setting tool paths, for the corrections you want to make to your image and a search bar. You can also drag and drop tools into and out of the Tools panel.

The Tools panel has a grid that you can use to align tools.

You can crop images, rotate, resize them

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Civil rights groups call on lawmakers to reject ‘Republican-led’ plan on schools

The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to begin work on a slate of education bills Tuesday, but one particular proposal has drawn the ire of civil rights groups.

Sen. Jennifer Sullivan, R-Sprague, and House Education Committee Chairman Peter Judge, R-Lisbon, are sponsoring a bill that would amend the state constitution to prohibit “adverse legislative, executive or judicial action against any school districts, school corporations, or schools for their compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act.”

Gov. John Hoeven, Senate Majority Leader Michael Turpen and House Speaker Dave Peterson have co-sponsored the constitutional amendment, which was included in a package of education bills they announced Monday.

It appears to be the main proposal in the package, though Sullivan said during a meeting with editorial writers for the Des Moines Register that the measure was first written by Paul Walker, an opponent of the federal education law that is being overhauled by Republican-led Congress.

Court challenges under NCLB have led to major changes in education rules and policies under the federal government.

Sullivan, who is running for the Republican nomination to unseat Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said school districts are being asked to take more than they could under NCLB, and the measure that is being considered in the Legislature doesn’t go far enough.

“In our view the amendment is too restrictive to the U.S. Constitution,” she said. “It’s too restrictive to the state’s ability to make decisions on its own. So, we’re really calling on our fellow Republicans to not go down that route.”

The constitutional amendment is supposed to limit state intervention in school-funding matters, but critics say it would require the state to waive its veto power over what schools can do regarding NCLB or its waiver plan.

If adopted, it would amend Article XI of the Constitution, which says the state and citizens have the “exclusive right to make laws for the establishment of a general and uniform system of public schools and for levying money for public schools.”

Doug Bernstein, executive director of the New Mexico branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the measure is asking state lawmakers to give away a valuable constitutional right.

“To be a state lawmaker, you have to sign up to believe in the principles of the U.S. Constitution. It’s a pretty big deal

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Louisiana State University’s Board of Supervisors voted today to freeze tuition for undergraduate students starting this fall. University President Mark E. Keenum said in a statement that the board unanimously adopted a plan of freezing tuition as one of a series of proposals that might be considered as the university seeks to address what he described as an imbalance between tuition revenue and student aid.

He said the tuition freeze can be implemented immediately if any of the proposals to be considered during the May meeting of the board are approved by the Legislature.

The move by the university comes as lawmakers consider legislation this week that would allow public universities in the state to avoid cutting classes or laying off staff as legislators try to close a $446 million budget gap.

Over the past four years, the cost of attending the university has gone up nearly 50 percent. Keenum said he is confident that there will be new revenues in the 2016-2017 academic year, however, the university is obligated by law to freeze tuition until then.

The board also voted today to accept $27 million in state appropriations as part of the university’s capital improvement plan, subject to the state legislature approving the funding request.

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