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**Working with the Interface**

Photoshop’s interface offers the greatest control for a user. You can customize the program to your own liking and work quickly and efficiently with the tools. Figure 9-1 shows the interface to the left and the Layers palette to the right. The Layers palette uses the default workspace showing a blank document, as indicated in Figure 9-1.

**Figure 9-1 A typical Photoshop workspace.**

Photoshop’s interface consists of a number of panes. The main window is where you work. It has the Tools, Arrange, Properties, and History toolbars across the top and the Layers and File toolbars along the left side of the window. Selecting any tool in the Tools toolbar will open the appropriate tool with the cursor placed in the top of the image.

You can also use the status bar at the bottom of the workspace. The status bar provides information about the current tool and your settings, as well as how much disk space is being used.

The image you are currently working on appears in the main window. The image will not be there, however, when you are on the Layers palette, as shown in Figure 9-1. To select your image, select it from the File pull-down menu in the main workspace window (it may take a few seconds for a new image to appear). You can also change the current image (see the Layers palette shown to the right in Figure 9-1) by pressing Ctrl+I. This will bring up a fly-out menu, as shown in Figure 9-2, where you can select your desired image.

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This tutorial will teach you how to use Photoshop to edit images, create photo manipulations, create digital scrapbook layouts, or even design a website for fun.

We will go through the main tasks you can perform in Photoshop and what their shortcuts are.

First, we will look at the tools that are used to perform most Photoshop tasks.

Tool of the week:

Free Transform


Other tools


Grouping is the process of combining multiple layers into one group, making it easy to move and edit them as one. There are several ways to do this, which will become more clear when we look at tools used to manipulate groups of layers.

Free Transform

This tool allows you to scale and rotate objects by resizing and rotating the layers. The rotating process causes the image to scroll, making it easy to rotate and move objects in multiple directions.

Instead of using several toolbars, this tool has a panel which can slide in and out. Layers can be shown or hidden in this panel and switched to edit mode and copied from one layer to another.

Other tools

There are a lot of tools in Photoshop and you will probably use them for a wide variety of tasks. For example, your friend might ask you to work on a fun image for a profile picture. You could tell them what you want and ask them to create an image that looks like it was taken with an iPhone. You might be told to sketch a photo of yourself to tell others how much fun you are having. It is important to learn the basic tools in Photoshop that will help you to perform these types of tasks.

You might find that some of your friends are good at using specific tools. For example, you know a graphic designer and you could ask them to create a picture for your profile photo. You might be told to use the pen tool to draw a vector image of your tattoo and then use the cross-hairs to create circles and lines. The pen tool and line tool are covered in the next section.


Curves is a powerful tool for manipulating curves and performing tonal adjustments and exposure.

You can use the Pen Tool for drawing things like lines and shapes.

The settings to the left of the image show the pen tool set to a round brush and the width set to 7. As you can see, the image looks quite rough.


Adobe Photoshop Version 6.0 Free Download Crack

Photoshop Tweaks

The last category of Photoshop features are more advanced and powerful tools for editing and retouching images. They are described in greater detail on the Photoshop Tweaks page, but here are a few of the most common ones:
The Vibrance/Saturation panel features six sliders that allow you to adjust color and tint.
When you select the Spot Healing Brush tool, you can use the Healing Brush button to make a hard-edged selection that can be applied to another image.
The Pen Tool lets you create custom shapes and arrows, with multiple options for stroke styles and sizes.

If you have questions or need support when using Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorials has a staff of Photoshop experts online and can solve all of your problems, no matter how big or small. Have fun working on your next project.
Photo by Jeremy Jones.

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What It Is

Learn the tricks of the trade by watching in-depth training videos that cover every topic from the basics of using the program to advanced concepts such as color management and production. There are tutorial videos for the Mac and Windows versions of Photoshop, as well as tutorials on how to use Photoshop’s extended features, such as 3-D tools

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