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Photoshop includes dozens of complex layers, layers with transparency, layers that are hidden, and layers with a host of other unique properties. You’re probably not going to use all of these in a single project. The more tools you use, the more time you’ll spend learning them and the more likely you are to make a mistake.

Whether you need to begin editing your images or you’re an experienced Photoshop user, keep the following tips in mind.

## Buying Photoshop

Photoshop is sold as a standalone program or as an Adobe Creative Suite program. That said, the standalone version is considered the professional version of Photoshop; it has all the tools and plug-ins that the standalone version has, as well as other more advanced tools. The Adobe Creative Suite version includes everything you need in one package, except for the more expensive programs (which you can find in the Creative Suite), so you get these programs as well:

* **Photoshop:** This is the most widely available version, and it’s probably the version you’ll use the most.
* **Adobe Photoshop Elements:** Elements is a scaled-down version of Photoshop for those of you who may not have a budget for the full version. But you get the same tools as the full version, including everything except the plug-ins and layers that can be created in the full version.
* **Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:** A product created by Adobe to compete with Adobe’s own camera RAW products, Lightroom enables photographers to process images and create photostories with a web-based interface. It doesn’t include any of the tools found in the regular version of Photoshop, so if you like the tools of Photoshop and you like having a web-based interface to work with, consider downloading this free program.

Photoshop is still the best tool for image manipulation, but Elements is a great tool for image editing for beginners who want to explore the basics of editing photographs.

## Choosing a workspace

It’s easy to start your Photoshop adventure with a window that’s half the screen. Don’t. Photoshop is all about big images and big changes. Because Photoshop is a bit of an intimidating program to use the first time, start with a big screen and go from there.

To change to the maximum amount of screen space, choose Window⇒Workspace⇒Full Screen.

To return to your regular work area, choose Window⇒Workspace⇒

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Of course, if you are already a Photoshop user, you’ll be interested to know that the best way to get the best of both worlds is to use the application along with a cloud storage solution.

The best free online photo service is Google Drive

If you’ve ever used Photoshop to edit images or create graphics, then you’ll be used to the way the application works – but it’s also possible to use Photoshop Elements in a much different way.

One of the most intuitive, simplest-to-use editing software that’s also cloud-based is Google Drive. This approach to cloud-based storage enables you to utilize your Dropbox data folder, Google Drive and iCloud to work with images you want to crop, edit, and export and at the same time, as it’s simply an online solution, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The best online photo storage service that’s free is an online photo storage service with a free version, called Lite, as well as a premium version with more features.

Some of the features of the online storage option include an automatic backup option (called “Automagically Backup”) that backups your photos and related files to, in the event that your online account is deleted or your device fails.

Other features include:

Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr

Collaborative editing

Zoom tool

Auto-Cropping tool

Original size

Automatic sorting of images

Album creator

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Thai

Crop tool

Edit tool

Effects tool

Trim tool

Selective tool

Free storage for 10 GB

With so many great features, this is an ideal way to store and work on your photos as well as a great way to share your images with friends and family.

Boxcloud – the best online photo storage service

Boxcloud is an alternative to the free online storage services offered by the likes of and Google Drive.

While it only offers unsecured Dropbox storage, as you can’t download files from the cloud, it does offer some attractive features that are worth considering, including:

Storage is of excellent quality and can be accessed from anywhere

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C# Stop sending emails through an app

I wrote a Word App that reads each word from a document, inserts this word into a list, and then sends this list to me through email.
I have a button that I want the user to click to stop sending these emails. I also want to know how I could be alerted to a potential crash while it is sending the emails.
In short, I want to know how to make my program end gracefully when the user clicks that button, and when it crashes, I want to know it crashed so I can take the appropriate action.


If you want to stop the sending of emails, you can use a try catch block for the sending of your emails. If you catch an exception inside your try catch block you can cancel the sending. So, in your method that will send emails you should put:
//your code
catch (System.Exception ex)
//code here to cancel the sending of emails

To stop the sending of emails, you can use the following function:
private void stopEmails()

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For example, a computer user

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This mod is designed for Minecraft 1.7.2 or higher, but for those on lower systems it will run fine, albeit with a few modding limitations.
System Requirements
For some reason I got a lot of people complaining that the mod wouldn’t work on their systems. So in the effort to appease them, I’m posting the requirements for running the mod on the lower systems.
Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP SP3
Minecraft 1.7.2 or higher
2GB Video RAM
Java 1.