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Most of the functionality of Photoshop can be performed by using the Elements, so there is no need to purchase the more expensive version. However, there are times when you really need the vast arrays of tools and features offered in Photoshop and when you really want to save some money. Use Photoshop when you want to do professional-level work with a good level of quality, time-saving features, and a great range of customizable presets for different types of photographs.

Creative Suite

As of this writing, Adobe offers a full-feature $600 version of Photoshop called Creative Suite 6 (CS6). The fully configured version includes Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and the following Adobe programs: Frame Shop, Bridge, Photoshop Elements (which works with any aspect ratios), and SpeedGrade. Photoshop and the other Creative Suite programs are updated regularly, with new features introduced almost every month. The updates are constantly changing both the program’s look and the way it behaves.

However, if you’re looking for a free version of Photoshop and don’t want any of the other Creative Suite programs, Photoshop Elements is the way to go. Photoshop Elements includes some of the tools found in Photoshop, but doesn’t include everything. It also lacks some of Photoshop’s complex tools, like the ones used for creating special effects and complicated composites, although the streamlined version of these tools can still be found in the free Adobe PixelSpace (see Figure 13-12).

Photoshop Elements is one of the few programs, if not the only one, that lets you begin working on your images without the need to buy a separate editing program. The software is best for people who know a lot about Photoshop, but don’t want to pay a lot of money for a complete version.

Figure 13-12: The new creative suite allows you to blend various tools to create your own unique looks.


Illustrator is a vector graphics program that’s part of the Creative Suite program (see Figure 13-13). The main features of Illustrator are that it enables you to create and manipulate vector (non-pixelated) graphics. These graphics can be easily adjusted using the various tools found in the program and can be resized, contracted, and stretched without losing quality.

Illustrator includes an impressive set of tools to create graphic effects and composites. Additional tools include ones for creating rounded-rectangle shapes, straightening images, creating frames, and modifying color depth. Using Illustrator is

Adobe Photoshop 6 Free Download Crack + Free Download

Adobe Photoshop Elements is built in the latest version of Adobe Photoshop (CS6). Photoshop Elements differs in several ways from the professional version, including the features of the tools themselves.

This article lists the tools in Photoshop Elements 16. Photoshop Elements 16 was released on October 16, 2017. Version 17 was released on October 22, 2018 and version 18 was released on October 19, 2019.

20 Photoshop Elements Features You Should Know

Photoshop Elements includes some cool features that have inspired people. Some of the things include the following:

Naming Files: You are able to name your files. Previously, you could only choose file type or default. Now you can name files as you please.

Resize: Since version 13, you can resize your images. You can do this by cropping your image. You can also use the Photoshop Elements ‘Auto-Crop’ option to do it for you. Also, you can remove the border in this option.

Crop: Crop is one of the main features of Photoshop Elements. This crop feature allows you to crop your images using the cropping tool (and you can also use the Auto-Crop option to do this for you).

Selective Crop: You can also use the Selective Crop tool to crop your images. You can crop any part of your image. You can also crop images using the Auto-Crop function.

Align: You can align images to crop them properly. You can align images vertically, horizontally and diagonally. For more than just that, you can also align images using diagonal lines and horizontal lines.

Rotation: You can rotate images manually, and the tool used to do this is the Rotation tool.

Red Eye Tool: You can use the Red Eye tool to remove the red eye from your images. You can also save your images while removing red eyes using this tool.

Layer Comps: You can choose to see the layers in the original image or in the comp. This feature can make your life a lot easier when you want to cut your image into different layers. You can also duplicate layers, delete layers or merge layers together. You can also edit layers and use the filters.

Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope is a great feature of Photoshop Elements. You can use this feature to add a special effect to your images.

Remove Noise: You can use the Noise filter in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop 6 Free Download


Javascript-based project with C++ (Qt) back-end

I am developing a web-based standalone desktop application using QML and JavaScript (I am a JS newbie and I am using the latest version 0.2.13 of the Qt toolkit). In that application there is a block of code in the javascript file that makes a series of API calls to my C++ (Qt) server, and the result of those calls are displayed back in the application (and for testing purposes I am simply using an alert to show a message).
My problem is that while I do get valid responses from my API calls and my C++ code is fine, the response from the Javascript code is not. I have checked my network connection and here is what I get:

So I cannot tell if the Javascript is simply hanging on that line, or if it is doing something else (i.e. the response it does get is not valid).
Here is the relevant code snippet, as it currently stands:
function execute() {
// Dialog box to tell the user about their location
// And get location back using the “GeoLocation” API
location = document.getElementById(“picker”).value;
if( location ) {
var client = new XMLHttpRequest();“GET”, “”, true);
client.setRequestHeader(“Content-Type”,”application/json”, true);

client.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (this.readyState == 4) {
if(this.status == 200) {
alert(“request OK”);
xmlDoc = this.responseXML;
if(xmlDoc!= null) {

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System Requirements:

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Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 810
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