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# **PowerShell**

The _PowerShell_ scripting language (of which there are two versions: Standard and Extended) is a common scripting language included in Windows Server operating systems.

Many users find it useful for simple tasks such as making directory and file system changes, configuring advanced file sharing or printer settings, and so on. PowerShell also adds useful features such as history review and tagging.

* * *

You can see a tutorial for how to use the PowerShell command-line interface at

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The following list looks at all of the features Photoshop Elements offers, and lists some of the best ways to use them. The list is arranged in four categories, starting with the most featured features: Image editing, Selection tools, Layers and Filters.

This list includes only the elements within the Photoshop Elements application, and does not include the online services.

To make it easier to keep track of all the features, Adobe has a list of them on their website, here.

Editor’s note: These tips are written for Photoshop Elements 16, but the process is the same in previous versions of Photoshop Elements.

Image editing

There are lots of features in the Image editing section. Here is an overview of the new ones in Photoshop Elements 16.

There are three ways to open a file. The most obvious is the Open image button on the top-left corner of the interface. There is a link at the bottom of the Open dialog box to locate the “open image in” option. Click this and you will be presented with a list of the most common file types. You can then select another application if desired.

You can also access the Open dialog box by using the Window menu. There is an “Open” option next to the “Save” option. The Import tab will be at the top of the list. Select this to access the Open dialog.

There are three ways to save an image. The most obvious one is the Save As dialog box. Click Save and you can save the file to a location of your choice. The File format section will show the most common types. Click Create new, and choose a location and file format.

The Image Save As dialog box can be accessed via the File menu. Click Save As and choose a location and file format.

There are three ways to crop an image. Click the Crop tool icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. Click the Crop tool and select an area to crop. There is a preview of what the crop will look like in the image itself. Click OK.

To remove the cropped area, click the Crop tool icon again and select an area that you want to keep. Click the Eraser tool, then click and drag to delete the area that is outside of the cropped area. The surrounding area will become transparent.

There are also three ways to add or remove color from an image.


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Use Maven 2 with Eclipse (SDT?)

Is there a way to integrate Maven2 with Eclipse SDT (Subversion)?
I want to commit my svn changes directly in maven2 repo.
Thank you.


It’s possible to integrate Maven directly into Eclipse, but you have to ask for its support. I’m guessing that is exactly what you’re after.
The only other way I know to do this is to use the Subclipse plugin for Eclipse, which works with Subversion.


With the latest version of Maven you can use the Eclipse Maven Integration Plugin. This plugin brings Maven’s runtime behaviour in the Eclipse IDE.
This will give you the ability to create Maven projects from the Eclipse wizard, do a full Maven build or even use your Maven tags and version numbers like eclipse project names.
If you are using the Hibernate, Spring or IntelliJ IDEA plugins it will also provide integration in their respective Eclipse IDE’s.
Eclipse Plugin:


There is no plugin for Maven and Subclipse integration, but there is an open feature request on the Eclipse tracker: M2Eclipse Enhancement – Integration with Eclipse Subclipse and check out which version of Subclipse does the plugin support.
The Subclipse plugin for Eclipse can be downloaded here:

A putative internal control in the biosynthesis of polyphenolic compounds in bitter geranium (Paulownia tomentosa) seeds.
A strict correlation between the accumulation of polyphenolic compounds and the presence of the polyketide synthase PKS 4 genes in the seedlings of Paulownia tomentosa suggests that polyphenolic compounds may be synthesized by the same gene cluster as the alkaloids, a result that was also observed in the pericarp of P. fortunei. To determine whether PKS 4 genes play any regulatory roles in the biosynthesis of polyphenolic compounds in the bitter geranium seedlings, we compared the expression levels of PKS 4 genes in bitter geranium (PG) and weak geranium (WG) seeds, which differ in their capacity to accumulate polyphenolic compounds in both cell walls and cytoplasm. The amounts

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The Economist: “The Arab Spring’s lose-lose for India”

Published: March 8, 2011

The Economist’s lead story on March 8, 2011 is entitled: “The Arab Spring’s Lose-lose for India”.

It reflects upon the outcome of the Arab Spring, and particularly the situation in Egypt, which has shaken India’s position as the world’s largest arms importer. India has so far counted on stability, but “there is a very real prospect of further instability in the region. Saudi Arabia, of course, is still doing everything in its power to crush the protests of the Shia in the oil-producing Eastern Province. If the result were civil war, the Saudis would have to reckon with the prospect of losing the Gulf of Oman, and possibly their strategic oil pipeline through Iraq, and even threaten India’s oil imports.”

The fact that the Arab world is made up of several sects, with each one wanting a share of power is not lost on them. The case of Bahrain is now well known to the Indian Defence Ministry. The “Bahraini Sunni regime has repeatedly promised reforms. But it has given in to the demands of the Shia majority and arrested scores of mostly Shia activists. The same is happening in Yemen.” However, if the result is that Arab states split into several factions, India could find itself suddenly in a more fragmented world, “with the possibility that India’s weight may be even more sidelined in the region than it already is.”

India has traditionally rejected that kind of thinking, yet the loss of its influence may well emerge as the worst of all possible outcomes for India.

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How to use separate methods for’save’ and ‘update’ for an entity?

I’m new to c# and I have a problem. How should I handle requests to add/edit a single record or entity? I mean, ‘Save’ and ‘Update’ requests come to same function ‘EntityManager.saveChanges()’ and I need to do different things for those two. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?


First of all, after adding a

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
1GB VRAM or more
CPU: Intel Core i5/i7/i9
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270/R290/R390 (shader model 3.2)
Headset: Playstation VR Headset
DirectX: DirectX 11
PlayStation VR Share Your VR Experience:
A SteamVR enabled room or path must be created in your Steam environment!/?p=18533