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Choosing colors with the Color Picker

I cover the _Color Picker_ tool in detail in the next section, but for now here’s how to choose a color with the _Color_ tool:

1. **Highlight the color you want to add.**

You can do this via the _Color_ palette or by pressing the C key.

2. **Press the D key to enter the _Color Picker_**.

The _Color Picker_ appears, displaying the area of your image as a square.

3. **Zoom in until you can see the details of your image (or just use the Zoom feature of the image), and then find the color you want to apply.**

The _Color Picker_ shows you your current color as well as its color name. (See the upcoming sidebar, “To help you know what color names mean,” for more on color names.)


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Installing Photoshop Elements on Mac

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements from the Mac App Store

Launch the app by clicking the App Store icon on your desktop. Search for “Adobe Photoshop Elements” and select the software to install. It will cost you $35 and that’s about it! You can check your Mac App Store purchase details by clicking on any App Store icon on your desktop.

If you plan to use the app very often, you may want to purchase a license key through the App Store rather than paying upfront.

On Mac, you’ll want to download the Creative Cloud Desktop Apps and install them.

Once you’ve installed the software, click on the Adobe icon to launch the Photoshop Elements App.

How to Install Photoshop Elements on Windows

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements from the Windows Store

You’ll first have to create an Adobe account.

Once you’ve logged in with your email address, click on the Adobe icon in your taskbar. From there, you’ll find “Digital photography and scanning”, select that and then click the Software button.

Then, click on “Get App”. You’ll then see an “Install Adobe Photoshop Elements” window. If you want, you can check out our Photoshop Elements Windows guide to learn more on downloading and installing the app.

You can find other software from the Adobe Store by clicking the Adobe icon in your taskbar and going through the aforementioned steps.

Using Photoshop Elements

Once you’ve downloaded Adobe Photoshop Elements, you’ll need to add it to your dock for easy access.

Open the icon in your dock on Mac and Windows. You’ll see the Photoshop Elements interface, you can click on the Photoshop logo and navigate to the app.

Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll have some basic options that you can explore.

Workspace is where you’ll place files for editing.

On the left side of the workspace, you’ll have more basic controls such as zoom and rotate.

Below those, you’ll find options to filter, erase, crops, and edit images.

The right side of the workspace is where you’ll see the actual editing options.

You can clone, resize, adjust contrast, brightness and exposure, retouching tools, and more.

Here are some tips and tricks when using Photoshop Elements.

How to Use Photoshop Elements

Using the Import menu

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What’s New In?

// GeneralManager.h
// JSLinSongProgramInfo
// Created by Lin on 15/10/27.
// Copyright (c) 2015年 mob. All rights reserved.

#import “JSLinSongProgramInfo.h”

#import “GeneralUtil.h”
#import “GeneralManager.h”
#import “GeneralRequest.h”

* 国税局或者旅游局申请请求分配的自定义信息
@interface GeneralManager (GeneralManager_Private)

– (void)_fetchDataWithCompletion:(void(^ _Nullable)(NSError * _Nullable error))completion;

– (void)_requestData:(GeneralRequest *)request;

– (void)_requestNetworkActivity;


What is the difference between fstab and autofs?

I know what they do but I am unable to understand, what is the difference between autofs and fstab?


Fstab is for mounting filesystems, i.e. mount points in your file systems to mount locations in your filesystem.
Autofs is for automounting filesystems, i.e. mounting filesystems in your file systems as needed.
The former is typically used for static mounting when your computer boots, while the latter for dynamic mounting when you log in.



fstab files are used to store static mount point definitions for all of your file systems on your server / PC. They should be stored in /etc/mtab.
On Linux and BSD systems, the /etc/mtab file used by the kernel contains the path of the /etc/fstab file.
A typical installation of autofs will have /etc/auto.fs.
When you call ‘autofs-mount’ or ‘autofs-umount’ it will lookup the /etc/auto.fs file, which will contain the current mount point

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