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VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer Crack+ Free Download

VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer 2022 Crack is an add-on application for Windows system that allows you to control volume and balance between devices as you please.


1. Bind Volume up, Volume down, Mute with one hotkey.

2. Set volume level and balance for Speakers, Headphones, Mic, and Line In.

3. Supports Auto-Mute.

4. Possibility to create custom graphics for the visual design of the application.

5. Possibility to store custom sliders in the Startup folder

6. Possibility to save and restore slides as well as profiles.

7. Possibility to expand the panel with more controls.

8. Customizable application shortcuts.

9. Possibility to automatically increase the volume level.

10. Other useful functions: No Ads, Uninstaller, Setting, Custom Keyboard Layout and more…

11. Possibility to display settings and preferences dialogues with several user options.

12. Possibility to display context menu if you double click on the slider.

13. As well as other features to boost custom needs.

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In terms of customization, VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer is a bit more streamlined. You can choose the settings you need from a variety of categories, and can easily change them.

Furthermore, you can create custom skins by replacing texture images with your own.

That said, the addition of some of the functionality you find in the native tool is quite welcome. For instance, Mute, Auto-Mute, Volume up, and Volume down, in addition to reading the current volume of different sound sources.O mercado de trabalho brasileiro tem crescido nos últimos anos. Mas, no entanto, ao longo desses 10 anos, a economia cresceu quase 3,5 vezes mais do que ainda está o mercado de trabalho.

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VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen Download (Updated 2022)

VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer Description:

The tool offers a single knob to control audio mix levels, in case you need to modify the Windows volume mixer, the application can be used in parallel. To customize the tool, you may need to save a taskbar shortcut, replace graphics


There are no reviews for this product yet.

The application generates a unique set of volume control settings for each audio device connected to the computer, or, if there is none, it will use the default settings. VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer is useful to adjust audio volume, or voice chat volume, as well as external input or output settings. But like many applications in this niche, it can’t reach a level of customization that we’d expect from a tool developed by third-party developers. A single knob to control the volume of each device may be ok for some, but for others there are a lot of other tools that do it better.
What makes it extra valuable is a taskbar shortcut that can be used to make the tool always appear in the taskbar when you launch it.
So, if you’re looking for a way to adjust volume or audio settings, or if you’re looking for a way to make the volume mixer on your PC match the visual design of other PCs, then the tool can be useful for you.


Although it’s not specifically designed to do it, you can also use the application to boost the volume of Windows mixer devices. VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer can load at startup, making it easier to access when you need, but the tool misses a customizable visual design. At least you can save a shortcut to the Start menu.

What is WinX Media Center?

WinX Media Center is a professional multimedia software designed for playing, recording, streaming, organizing and sharing multimedia contents on Windows and Mac platforms.

The basic set of features includes: digital TV, HD and standard TV streaming, DVD and CD playback and recording, photo, video and music slideshows, video editing, audio streaming and organizing, as well as file sharing, music recognition and synthesis, audiobook playback, video games, etc.

WinX Media Center Review:

In comparison with WinX Media Center, the tool itself looks dated in terms of its design, especially in comparison with WinX Media Player, which has a modern and visually delightful interface.

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VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer With Keygen Free

VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer is a solution to customize your volume control, sound balance, or output devices on your PC without the extra burden of knowing the setup of your system. It was developed by a technician to provide a degree of versatility for any of the multitude of settings on your soundcard/speakers/microphone. If you want a sound mixer that actually works, turn to this solution for all your needs.
Is There A Bonuses?
Unique knob shape

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Easy to use

Nov 14, 2017


It is a very user friendly application.

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What a deal

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I get a trial of the software and it installed with 20 clicks or less. You can customize everything for sound and headphones including headset setup. It feels right at home. I was so thrilled to find such a quality software from this seller.

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Instantaneously compatible

Nov 14, 2017


I like the sound mixer that is available on Windows but it is not working on other operating systems like windows xp and seven.

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Wow! Very Flexible

Nov 13, 2017


This is a very flexible and unique application which can be used for all users with many computer-connected audio devices. It has lots of free downloadable free models of different skins available.

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Nov 12, 2017


Simple and easy to use

By rajender

The easy way to set up

Nov 10, 2017


Being new to sound and sound card settings,this free trial was just exactly what I needed to learn how to set up these aspects of computer sound. After setting it up, it makes it much easier to use. It also has a great support to keep you informed and updated on how and why to do these settings. A must have tool.

By Luis

Can’t Find It

Nov 5, 2017


The software seems to be very useful, but I can’t find it on the download page

By Minhu

No More Setting

Oct 27, 2017


I can’t find the settings

By Remi

Add Hot Key For Control Volume

Oct 24, 2017

What’s New In?


4.5 stars





All in all



Fantastic Graphics


One of the places were the visuals were actually OK was the volume mixer. Staying true to its noble origins, the sound volume adjustments are done through the familiar slider, which you can move using the arrow keys or with a mouse. That being said, you get the unique result, allowing you to adjust the volumes of multiple sound sources simultaneously. As it stands, the slider is easy to navigate and works well, letting you set the level of all sound sources at a single time.


The adjustment process was smooth and intuitive. As far as visual characteristics, it was very smooth. It even had video boost, which was very intuitive to use. It was very easy to use and understand. However, the GUI needed a little bit of a makeover. It was very easy to use, and a little bit outdated. That being said, when you are adjusting volume, the first slider can sometimes be incorrect. It automatically selects itself and it doesn’t warn you that this is happening. It’s something that needs to be improved.**71**]{}, 075002 (2005). M. M. Block, A. De Rújula, and O. Pene, Phys. Rev. D [**63**]{}, 125012 (2001).

[^1]: See [@mike] for a more extensive discussion of this case.

[^2]: It is important to note that the spectator scalar in this channel does not necessarily play the role of removing negative modes, because of possible non-local interactions between spectator and $N$ degrees of freedom; this would add additional terms, like $\int_{M^2} \vec{x}^2 \sigma_{\rm el}^{(\prime)}$.
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System Requirements For VeganTech Windows Sound Mixer:

– Dual Core CPU
– NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
– 8GB of RAM
– 19.5GB HDD
– Internet Connection
– DirectX 11
– NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 280
– 16GB of RAM
– 32GB HDD
– DirectX 12
– Intel i7 3960X 6 core
– 128GB SSD
– Windows 10
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