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**Free Filters for Photoshop and Elements**

Just like any other Adobe program, Photoshop and Elements have a large number of free filters you can download online, download, and use in your work. A few that are useful are Flat Control ( and the Color Splash Filter ( Flat Control adjusts the luminance and the color of your image to make it look flat. Color Splash takes a color and adds a noncolor layer below the color layer to display it as the dominant color.

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You can use this guide to create a ton of beautiful icons for your graphic design projects.

PSE lets you create a range of icons with different sizes and shapes. To use the icon pack, you just have to load your saved.psd files into PSE and simply insert the icons in your web page.

You can use the 960 Grid System with the icons. Simply type the number of columns you prefer and the number of icons you want per row.

It’s time to start creating some beautiful icons.

How to Create Icons in PSE Elements

1. Click File>Open

2. Go to the location where you saved your icon file. If you saved it in the same folder as the.psd file, it should be right there. If you saved it in a different folder, simply choose it from the file browser and then go to the location where it is.

3. Open the.psd file.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the.psd file directly into PSE. You can also drag your icons out of PSE to the other applications and choose Save As.

4. You are going to add some specific tools to the canvas. You can use them whenever you want to create and edit an icon.

4a. Line Tool

Use the Line Tool to draw outlines. The Line Tool is also used to create a shape to paste into another shape.

The Line Tool has a standard size. You can always enlarge or reduce it by clicking on the control bar that is located on the left side of the screen. The control bar contains tools that make it easy to move your image.

4b. Pencil Tool

Use the Pencil Tool to add color. It can be used to draw shapes or paths. The Pencil Tool also has a standard size, and you can always change it by clicking and dragging it.

4c. Shape Tool

Use the Shape Tool to create shapes. The shapes can be circles, squares or any other type of geometric shape.

4d. Eraser Tool

Use the Eraser Tool to erase your shapes and colors.

4e. Selection Tool

Use the Selection Tool to select parts of your image. A selected image looks highlighted. You can always zoom in and out, by moving the control bar.

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[^1]: Talk given at Lepton Photon ’99, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, Aug. 1999, [hep-ph/9908245]{}.

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