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is a very simple TOOL that will output a listing of the board parts, regions and the
addresses associated with each. By default, this information is NOT saved to
a file, which is pretty useless. However, it can be redirected to a file
by using the 2> board_out file redirection. The output is in the
RS-274X and other well documented component placement formats.
The output listing can easily be printed to a Printer. The list can also
be exported to a file by specifying the “-o” switch, which is a XS PTFE
Version 1.0 was authored and tested using FreePCB version 10.04.
Pre-1.0 has been used to test and verify layout components.
Software Release: FpcPlace v1.0
Author: Brad Traversi
Contact: traversi@magruder.edu
September, 2002

Software Directory: FpcPlace.v1.0

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FpcPlace is an open source console application that reads board file data from PCBLIB files. FpcPlace will extract the component data, flag the selected components, identify virtual and asymmetric parts, reference configuration files used by the board file and generate the required component placement data.
FpcPlace can also generate RS-274X board files for quick verification of your data.
FpcPlace requires the following tools to be present in the %PATH% environment variable: RS-274X, PCBLIB, and a FreePCB distribution of one of the following: FreePCB 1.30 or 2.12. A reference (.cfg) file containing configuration data may be specified to control FpcPlace options.
——————– ———– ————————–
2008/03/26 1.00 Initial version
1. This is a console application and uses various RS-274X (PCB Express) components to generate board data. While the utility can function as a filter or load board data from a file, it is not recommended for use on board files larger than a few megabytes.
2. A user supplied reference board configuration file can be supplied to control specific options and generate the output listing. A user supplied configuration file has been included for an example board configuration file.
3. You must use version 1.00 or

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FpcPlace is a console application that reads the initial component placement data from a board file.
After reading the board file and any directories that are specified by either of the “–dir1” or “–dir2” parameters, FpcPlace parses the information from the board files and generates a list of components or outputs the final component list to the console.
As an option, the user may specify an.ini file, relative to the current directory, that controls many of the most common component configuration parameters (such as output format, colours, specific component groups or component placement issues). The.ini file can include as much or as little information as needed to configure FpcPlace to best fit a user’s needs.
The standard text format is not compatible with RS-274X files. RS-274X files can be generated from the FpcPlace output by specifying the command line “–rs274x” parameter.
If the “–help” parameter is specified, a description of the command line options will be printed.
FpcPlace Usage:
FpcPlace –rs274x[=ARG][,ARG]… –dir1= … –dir2= ..

What’s New in the FpcPlace?

FpcPlace is a console application that uses FreePCB.pcb files as input to generate a listing for your FPCBA board.
Just open the board file(s) and hit the Enter key. An icon will appear in the lower left-hand corner that will indicate if there are component placement errors or warnings.
When you hit the Enter key, FpcPlace will place the components listed by their part number.
It is possible to run multiple .pcb files at once. It is a bit hard to tell at what time the Citect Cores and parts were assembled.
If you hit the | pipe character, FpcPlace will query the tool for the values that should be printed to the console window. This will list the source of each part and its part number.
In addition to the usual FreePCB.pcb file reading features, FpcPlace can operate as a console filter.
Components are read from the input file and then passed to the component placement algorithm. When a component is added to the object, FpcPlace will print its coordinates on the console and it will appear as a component on the board for visual verification.
The console filter only prints data for specific components. It supports several types of output formats and filters, like search and selection, which allows you to take some component information such as color, length, material.
The console filter also allows you to set different formats for component placement warnings. See filters in freepcb -c. This works as a console filter. Select fields, take a look at the FpcComponent & FpcParts source code.
Additional freepcb values can be set directly in the filter, using the fields in the filter source code.

Major Features:
– console filter (and output filters)
– full parsing of parts
– filtering of several parts at once (all, active or sources)
– preselection of components
– component placement
– component position warnings
– component placement

System Requirements For FpcPlace:

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz or faster processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 MB video card with 16 MB of VRAM
Hard Drive: 45 MB
CPU: 3.0 GHz or faster processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 MB video card with 32 MB of VRAM
Hard Drive: 50 MB