Auto Cleaner XP Crack License Key Full For Windows

Remove junk files – Fix startup problems
Remove temporary internet files – Fix Windows/Internet startup problems
Remove (auto delete) notepad, word, excel, wordpad, powerpoint, all type of edit files.
Remove temporary internet files that stay in temporary folder (Internet browser cache, cookies and temp file).
Remove saved password for login on websites, if you saved it in cookies or any other place.
Remove all hard disk cache, temporary files and junk files.
Remove all temporary folder even when you do not want to clear folder, just remove unwanted files and folders.
Remove temporary internet files that doesn’t need to cache and store stuff.
Remove language list cookies.
Remove Netscape and Mozilla’s cache.
Remove history list.
Clean up Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox cache.
Remove browser cache and temporary files that are not used.
Remove Windows firewall temporary file.
Remove all folders and files automatically from specific folders on startup.
Remove temporary files (application logs) that are not used or not needed.
Remove temporary files (text cookies) in current directory.
Remove file/folder names that you do not want to be cleaned on startup.
Remove all temporary Internet files (cookies, temporary files) that are not used or are not useful for visiting websites.
Uninstallation/Automatic Cleanup:
To uninstall/automatically cleanup the program, please use the following steps:
Run “Auto Cleaner XP Crack For Windows” and click “Uninstall or Repair” button.
NOTE: If your computer is not infected with any harmful files, it’s not necessary to clean your computer.
Main Features:
Here are some key features of “Auto Cleaner XP Cracked Version”:
1. Remove temporary internet files and history list, save passwords
2. Remove (auto delete) backup files, temporary internet files
3. Remove Windows Live cache (browser cache, cache, cookies and temporary internet files)
4. Remove saved password for login on websites, if you saved it in cookies or any other place.
5. Remove Netscape cache and history list, cookies list
6. Remove all hard disk cache and temporary files, junk files
7. Remove language list cookies
8. Remove Internet Explorer cache and temporary internet files
9. Remove (auto delete) application logs, temporary files that are not used
10. Remove all temporary internet files that stay in temporary folder (Internet browser cache, cookies and temp files).
11. Remove

Auto Cleaner XP Crack+ Activation Free Download [Win/Mac] (2022)

There are some junk files on your Windows, these junk files store information about opening and saving document etc. If you haven’t downloaded or copied files from the internet recently, it means some temporary files also exists in your harddisk now.
Auto Cleaner XP Crack Keygen can quickly find and delete temporary files on Windows startup.
Additionally, Cracked Auto Cleaner XP With Keygen can also clean up temporary internet files, Netscape cache, logs, History, Recent Documents, text files and HTML/XML cache. It also can automatically do the job on Windows startup.
Main features of “Auto Cleaner XP”:
■ Automatically find and delete temporary files on Windows startup
■ Define which folder should be cleaned up on startup
■ Customize how frequently Auto Cleaner XP runs on Windows startup
■ Customize what type files you want to clean up
■ Deselect which files to be deleted and set the time interval
■ Customize which domain files should be cleaned up on Windows startup
■ Set Startup when you run this file
■ Clean up temporary files(not including cookies, history etc.)
■ Clean up temporary internet files
■ Remove netscape cache
■ Remove history, recent documents, text files and HTML/XML cache
■ Cleanup temporary file extensions that won’t be used for visiting websites
■ Clean up temporary files by size
■ Set shutdown time when this file runs
■ Customize what.exes or.scr-files to be cleaned up
■ Define what OS service to start when you run this file
Auto Cleaner XP FAQ:
Q: Why can’t I cancel the startup of this program after I run the file?
A: “Auto Cleaner XP” is a startup application. If you don’t want this file to run automatically, set it to “Disable”.
Q: Why does this program claim a lot of space?
A: All these temporary files will be placed into the specified folder. You can change that folder by right click “Clean up files” tool bar of “Auto Cleaner XP”.
Q: Can I use “Free Up Disk Space” to reduce space which “Auto Cleaner XP”
claims to clean up?
A: No, “Auto Cleaner XP” only clean up what it claims. It will not place an empty folder on your disk.

Auto Cleaner XP [32|64bit]

Auto Cleaner XP deletes the junk files, temporary internet files, cookies and other temporary files on Windows startup. It lets you remove some files using a single mouse click. You can also set the setting for file type so that certain files will always be deleted.
This tool is quite easy to use and requires no registry editing.
The results achieved in this version of Auto Cleaner XP are worth having, because it is better than almost every cleanup tool that is currently available for Windows.
The reason why Auto Cleaner XP is so good is that it uses excellent technology which makes it virtually impossible for it to accidentally delete any of your important files and settings.
There is no possible way that it can make a mistake.
The settings screen in Auto Cleaner XP is easy to use. You can simply select which folders you want to include in the cleanup process and then you can select which files you want it to delete.
Because Auto Cleaner XP’s technology is so powerful, you will get up to a 95% reduction in the amount of time that it takes to clear up your hard disk.
Auto Cleaner XP Features
■ One mouse click cleanup at windows startup.
■ Simple interface.
■ Auto set startup.
■ Speed.
■ Easily deletes temporary files, cookies, temporary internet files and application cache.
■ Help list.
■ Help file.
■ Drag and drop for all files.
■ Internet Explorer history.
■ Temporary internet files.
■ Netscape cache.
■ Text files.
■ Cookies.
■ Windows history and recent documents.
■ Application logs.
■ Auto clear startup.
■ Context Menu.
■ No change of registry.
■ No system modifications.
■ User friendly.
■ Does not get in the way.
■ No hidden files.
■ Eliminates the need for all other junk files cleaning utilities.
You can set the start time for Auto Cleaner XP to delete the temporary files on Windows startup.
You can also set some files to be deleted after a specified period of time, or immediately.
The Help file includes instructions on how to use the utility, how to use the settings screen and how to use the context menu.
It is a great program that everyone

What’s New in the?

Auto Cleaner XP will get rid of those temporary files that usually don’t cause any trouble but still occupy your hard drive space.
Key point is it runs at system startup automatically, so you don’t have to select which files you want to delete at every bootup, it runs silently on its own.
Here is a simple command for startup, but you can change it in Advanced Options.
Timeout: ” C:\auto\auto”
Path: “C:\auto\auto.ini”
A: Clean “Temp” from:

System Requirements For Auto Cleaner XP:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Minimum requirement is an ATI Radeon HD 3200 or better, or NVIDIA Geforce 8600 or better
Hard Drive: 80 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or newer
DirectX: Version 9.0 or newer
Additional Notes: The DirectX version for