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* Create stunning, professionally-designed photo albums in a very short time.
* Easily insert any pictures you wish to use by selecting the layer and loading them.
* High quality and portability: the files can be saved in the supported formats, while the Psd file structure makes it possible to edit the project as many times as you wish, even after the files have been exported.
* Anymix Digi Album Serial Key is a Photoshop plug-in and opens as a separate window.
* The plug-in’s menu is very easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly.
* Anymix Digi Album Crack includes filters, frame elements, effects, masks and post-processing tools.
* Create eye-catching albums from stock photos in seconds.
* Anymix Digi Album is a powerful tool for both novice and experienced Photoshop users.
What’s new in 1.5.4:
1. You can now perform the following operations on the Layers:
– delete selected layers
– duplicate selected layers
– rename selected layers
2. Corrected the procedure of the file export in the “Export” menu.
3. Fixed an error regarding layers when the cut window is maximized.
4. Added the option to display a window with the result of an operation on the selected layer.
Why you may be interested to buy this product:
Make picture albums in seconds, even with massive amounts of pictures.
Easy to use. Simply select a template, add your pictures and click on the “Create” button.
Professional quality. The Photoshop file structure makes the product easy to edit.
Anymix Digi Album Tutorial:
* How to perform the following operations on the Layers:
– create an empty file and insert the desired pictures within it
– select all the pictures you wish to insert
– delete the unwanted pictures
– duplicate the selected pictures
– duplicate the layers
– rename the layers
* Create a new template with the desired photos
* Open the template
* The window of Anymix Digi Album opens
* Select the layers you wish to insert
* Insert your pictures
* Undo the last action you performed
* You can also quickly resize and rotate the photos
* If you wish, you may even resize each photo individually
* If you wish, you can even rotate each photo individually
What is included in this package:
– Anymix Digi Album
– Photoshop Workspace (*.psd

Anymix Digi Album Product Key Full Download

This is the closest analog to a ‘lava lamp’ effect as you will find in Adobe Photoshop! An asset that will look professional and easy to replicate. This is ideal for product photography, product videos or any other type of shot where a consistent seamless gradient is needed.

Shadows: High and Low Light

Use the same ‘lava lamp’ effect for either a softly shifting light or a bright, dramatic contrast. Create the effect by using the same image (Light & Dark), but adjusting the exposure when needed with the Exposure slider. Use the Effect controls to adjust the angle and color of the lava effect. Create and save your lava lamp shot for future use.


This is the best way to create a custom framing effect in a few steps using a single layer. An incredible framing effect can be created using several Layers and a Gradient Map. See the gallery for some ideas.

Photo Manipulations

This is the perfect effect to add drama and value to your images. A good way to make things more interesting for the viewer. Easy to create and save for future use.

Free Fireworks item to make your life easier

This means that you can use your favourite tool to get the best result. This effect was built using the real-time Fireworks Tools. Use this item and you will save considerable time by easily creating this effect in one click without any prior experience.

Lava lamp effect

It’s an effect to add in seconds in any image. This is one of the simplest ways to create a wonderful image. A good tool to give an awesome effect without much effort.


This is the easiest way to add color and value to any image. Just add a Gradient Map and put the Keyline on top of it. That’s all.

Light and Dark

Use the same image (light and dark) to control the amount of light or dark that is in a certain part of the image. Use the Gradient slider to control the color of the lava.

Easy frames

Add beautiful, creatively frames in just a few steps. Use several layers and a Gradient Map to achieve your desired result.

Birthday Photos

This is the perfect tool to create fun, festive, birthday photos. The result can be easily saved and used for future projects.

Other effects

In addition to the lava lamp and keyline effects, you

Anymix Digi Album Crack + License Keygen

The result you create with this graphic plugin is a professional photo album, similar to some of the most popular available on the market today. Import your own pictures to be included in the layout, or browse your computer for the desired pictures.
Automate the image insertion and resizing
Each template in Anymix Digi Album is a Photoshop workspace (*.psd) with preset layers, masks and filters. You may easily insert your own pictures within the preset slots in each template, by selecting the content from the Anymix Digi Album’s menu.
You can browse your computer for the pictures you wish to insert, then select the layer you wish to assign them to. For example, if you wish to insert a portrait within a rounded-mask layer in a certain template, you need to select the specified layer and load the picture. Similarly, you may control the location of each new element you insert by selecting one of the layers in Photoshop.
User-friendly Photoshop plug-in
Anymix Digi Album works as a Photoshop plug-in and opens as a side menu, separate from the photo editor’s interface. You may easily open the Templates, Frames, Effects, Photos, Backgrounds, Masks and Art collections, then import the desired element in the workspace.
Moreover, Anymix Digi Album’s menu displays quick photo editing tools: you may easily rotate, resize or freely transform the selected layer. There are several masks that you can use in order to artistically crop the margins of a picture.
Graphic elements that you can add to your pictures
Anymix Digi Album includes color filters, several image distortion effects, impressive background pictures or graphic elements that you can easily add to your collage. High-resolution fire effects, fireworks, wedding themes or birthday fonts can be integrated with the pictures. Your final result can be exported to any of the supported formats, similar to any other Photoshop manipulation.

More information and Support!

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Notice: iPhone Screenshot is no longer supported by the App Store. Please download it from the link below to continue using it.

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What’s New In Anymix Digi Album?

Anymix Digi Album is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to produce impressive albums in a short time.
The software is fully featured and includes a wide range of graphic elements that you can freely add to the loaded Photoshop documents.
The use of the plug-in is very easy. In order to create an album, it is only necessary to load the templates and select the pictures you want to insert. Anymix Digi Album is equipped with a large variety of presets, such as colorful backgrounds, frames, fonts, frames, frames and masks.
The plug-in consists of a menu that, when selected, displays a dropdown list with the available options.
Anymix Digi Album allows you to easily rotate, resize, transform or crop the selected layer.
In order to create a new template for new images, a simple drag-and-drop is enough.
Once the video has been uploaded, just click the “Upload Video” button at the top of the interface, and the album will be created and downloaded directly from the website.
Once the picture has been inserted, you may edit the properties in a very short time by selecting the picture layer in the template, and this will be accessible from the menu.
Manage the collection:
Anymix Digi Album works as a side menu. You may freely browse through the templates, frames, effects, photos, background photos and masks collections to select the desired one.
You can install the plug-in, register on the website, select the options you wish to have within the tool and create a new template, or just download the template. You can even display the templates on your computer.
————- archive contains the plug-in, which can be installed directly from Adobe Bridge (without the need to have the Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or other image editing software installed).
The plug-in requires the latest version of Adobe Photoshop.
Once installed, if you have a new version of Photoshop (CS3 or CS4), close Photoshop and reopen it, then enter in Photoshop the Preferences menu (Windows: Choose menu: Edit > Preferences > General > Plug-ins > Anymix Digi Album).
Go to the “Anymix Digi Album” tab, and activate the option “Use Plug-in User Preferences” (Mac: Preferences > Adobe Photoshop Plug-in > Anymix Digi Album).

System Requirements For Anymix Digi Album:

Supported devices:
iOS 12 and iOS 13
Minimum iOS version:
iOS 10
To play the game, your device must have at least 128MB RAM.
If the touch screen is not working, restart the device and see if it works again.
The game is a premium in-app purchase game
One of the most popular the swipe puzzle games has made its way to iOS 12 and iOS 13.