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Computerized editing can produce very detailed results, but you need good photos to begin with. It’s important that you take your time in the editing process to ensure your images are clear and well focused.

When you’re preparing images for Photoshop, you should take a few steps to ensure the best results. In this tutorial, we’ll examine how to prepare an image for editing so you can achieve the best outcome when you create your own masterpiece.

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Getting Started

The first step to creating the best image possible is to take your time with the equipment and shoot your images properly. You want to capture the image just as you see it in your mind’s eye, and then you must find a way to convert the concept you have in your mind into a real image. This process of “planning to print” will not only prepare you for the editing process in Photoshop, but it will also help you produce images that are more consistent.

So, what exactly does “planning to print” mean? Your brain is a hard thing to explain. What is in your mind is hard to capture in physical reality. However, you have quite a bit of control over how your images will print.

When you plan to print, you are controlling the size of the images you create, the contrast, the black levels, the white levels, the sharpness and other factors that impact how the image will look when it’s printed.

In a digital image, the contrast and white and black levels of the image are the three most critical parts of the image. That’s because these levels control the brightness and darkness of the image, and, as such, the final look of the image when it’s printed. When you shoot an image, you want to have a means of capturing the brightness of the image and the darkness, too.

When you shoot a picture, the brightness of the image and the darkness is already defined. You can try to control the image while it’s on the sensor by changing the brightness, contrast and white and black levels. However, since it’s already captured on the sensor you’re not going to have much control over how it’s converted when it is captured.

A large amount of manipulation can be done to the image after it has been captured as well. However, the technology we have these days will allow us to

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Photoshop Elements — what’s in it for me?

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What is the reason the suntan light in this photo looks blue-ish?

The photo is taken outside on a cloudy day. I want to know what is the reason why this sun light looks blue?


The color looks a lot bluer to me than it really is; it is probably a combination of over-exposure (+1.2 EV) and f-stop of 1/2.5. The peak intensity of sunlight for this image is actually around 670 (blue) — if you zoom in around the location of the sun you’ll see a bright moonlight area, too. At the f-stop of 1/2.5, the maximum aperture should be around f/1.4 or f/2.8, and that is much too fast to have the amount of blue light you see.
The sun looks slightly darker, but with a well-exposed (by what I perceive to be) high ISO, over-exposed but still not blown out photo.
To me it does not look blue, but I have a little difficulty telling, because the color of the sky and a lot of the surrounding objects is either that of Earth’s atmosphere which looks like what I get when using a brown filter on my camera (the same brown that nature photographers use), or brown-ish due to the strong orange color of the air itself.
Other possibly relevant factors:

Two EOS-1Ds mark II cameras with 20mm f/2.8 lens.
The clouds are reflecting the bluish (but already dim) light of the afternoon sun. If you really mean: what is the reason why this sun light looks blue?


The color of the sun is mainly determined by the spectrum of the sun.
What you see when the sun is behind the clouds (a setting sun) is an orangey color. When the sun is fully up in the sky or above the clouds (a bright sun) it is a yellowish color.
This is hard to capture since you can’t see the orangey part of the spectrum when the sun is behind the clouds. But you should be able to see the yellow part of the spectrum.
So what you see is the combination of the color of the sun and the color of the clouds.
To get a blue sun in the picture you would need to be shooting in the first phase of a sunset (when the

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1.1)?


How to initialize a Java multi-threaded program

I am programming a 2D board game in Java where many threads access a shared resource in the “GameEngine” object.
I am trying to find the best and simplest way to initialize all those threads. Obviously there is no way to create and start several threads once the program starts: Once there is only one thread, there won’t be any concurrency issue.
Here are my options:
1.Start all threads in a loop
I feel this approach is not very good because the threads won’t finish at the same time. It’s common to see exceptions thrown from the threads with no clear way to initialize them.
2.Start them all when the program starts
This approach is somewhat acceptable in my case but I would like to know if there is a better way.
3.Create a new object on each thread startup
This approach is the best but then my question is how to initial a object on each thread startup?


a) Just loop, you’ll be fine.
b) Start them at the same time via a third thread and have them (gently) wait.
c) Use up-to-date code from Java 8 onwards, there is the java.util.concurrent.Executors.newFixedThreadPool class, and concurrency utilities.

I am programming a 2D board game in Java where many threads access a
shared resource in the “GameEngine” object. I am trying to find the
best and simplest way to initialize all those threads.

Given that, then option c) is definitely the best and simplest. I suspect you’re thinking of something more complicated.


But really, all your threads would have to go through this initialization regardless of where they are started (I assume this is true). You could do
new Thread()
private GameEngine myGameEngine;

public void run()
myGameEngine = new GameEngine();
… etc.

to create the GameEngine object in your initial thread, and then the Thread could pass it on to all the other threads.
When you launch your application you’d see one thread start but the others would just continue.
You need

System Requirements:

Additional Notes:
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-Must be connected to the internet to unlock
-Can only be downloaded on PS3
-Unlockable on PS4 system
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