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In a pinch, a WYSIWYG Web editor or a browser can serve as a basic image-editing program (image-editing programs aren’t just for photo editing). A WYSIWYG editor provides a basic editing environment in which you can create new images from scratch or edit existing ones. Web browsers, like Internet Explorer, are more common in photo-editing because they’re popular throughout the Web. A quick way to see what a browser can do is by opening a new document in a Web-browsing program and then looking at the Tools menu’s Edit menu.

# Chapter 3. Laying Down Tracks for Your Photos

Photoshop’s editing and organizing features make editing and improving photos easy. Once you’ve gathered your photos and inserted them into a folder, you’re ready to make some tweaks and sharpen up a little. But before you do, you need to set up your photos so they’ll be easy to organize and edit. This chapter gives you the steps to doing just that.

## Organizing Your Images

You’ll use several techniques for keeping the photos you shoot organized: using labels, folders, and _smart_ tags. _Labels_ are items you place on items that organize them, _folders_ are containers for storing items, and _tags_ are items that mark, or tag, the files in a container. With every new photo, Photoshop makes sure to add it to the right folder or folder’s sibling to keep everything organized.

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The Basics of Photoshop

As is the case with any graphic software application, Photoshop is not an easy application to learn. The interface is very complex with many menus and options that may seem overwhelming.

If you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to start with a simple edit and only progress to more complex edits as you gain familiarity.


For a general purpose image editing software, Photoshop has a large number of adjustments available, ranging from general image adjustments like white balance, contrast, brightness, and the ability to remove objects to more specialized adjustments like making black-and-white images look like they were taken in black and white, adjusting RAW images for use with Photoshop, and converting images to a different color space.


One of the most important features is Photoshop’s layer system. Photoshop is a program that can be used for both editing and creating. If you plan on making edits to an image then you will most likely want to create a new layer and start working. Otherwise, you can work in a file with existing layers.

When editing images you want to be able to make changes that will not affect the other changes you have made. If you add a text layer to your image, it will be there when you do a “delete layer”, but if you move the text layer, it will stay where it is, even if you delete the layer.

Also, if you add a gradient, it will apply to all the layers in the file, but if you move a layer, the gradient will be applied to that layer only.

You can create a brand new layer, group layers together, or move layers around by using the Layers menu at the top of the program.


You may find that when you select an object and apply an adjustment or modify the spacing of an object that you have created, that the spacing of everything else in the image has changed. There are two ways around this.

One is to simply move all the objects off of the current layer so that the new spacing you have created is not visible. This can be a little difficult and time consuming, but it is what will happen if you have put one object on multiple layers and you apply an adjustment.

The other way is to create a new layer and make all of your adjustments. It is this second method that is most often recommended.



Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3)


How to add values to a List from another List?

I have two List and I have to add the values from List one to another List.
Here is the sample code:-
class Class1
private List myList1 = new List();
public List MyList2

public void AddList()
for (int i = 1; i myList2 = new List();
public List MyList3

public void AddList(Class1 class1)
for (int i = 1; i ();. So the instance is being created to the default, no-parameter constructor – that’s why you can assign to the property MyList2 and the assignment is not blowing up. If you change it to a new-() instead of a new not-named-with-parameters constructor, the program will throw. Note that if you made MyList2 a readonly property instead of an auto-property, the compiler would have flagged the assignment here as well (and you would have not gotten it working).


The problem is that you

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