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Other image-editing programs

As with Photoshop, Apple’s _iPhoto_ is the industry standard program for creating and editing images, whether from a camera or imported from another image-editing program, such as Photoshop. The new release,

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Learn more about this Photoshop alternative in this article. You can also go back to the beginning of the guide for a more in-depth tutorial on Photoshop Elements.

1. Features of Photoshop Elements

The features of Photoshop Elements are divided into three main categories:

• Photo Management

• The Photo Editor

• Document Management

The Photo Management section includes tools that are designed for serious users. They are more complicated than the Photo Editor that includes basic features such as cropping and resizing.

The Photo Editor is the core of Photoshop Elements and it is the only section that can be used for general photo editing. It includes tools that are usually used in a gallery or in web sites.

You need to activate the Photoshop Elements Photo Management tools from the main settings menu before you can use them. If you use the Basic mode, you will find the Photo Management settings in the Tools > Photo Management menu.

Editing digital photos does not need to be a difficult process. Photoshop Elements makes it easy for every person to learn and use the photo editing features. A good tutorial or a course on Photoshop Elements will make the editing process easier.

2. Where to Learn Photoshop?

Learn Photoshop on Photoshop Elements

Photo editing on Photoshop Elements is pretty similar to editing photos on the traditional Photoshop CS6 and higher versions. Nevertheless, using Photoshop Elements is much simpler than using the professional edition.

The Photo Management section contains tools and features that are similar to the advanced version of Photoshop, but the Photo Editor is simpler than the Advanced version.

3. Tutorials

You can find free tutorials on Photoshop Elements on YouTube.

4. Buy Photoshop Elements

Buy Photoshop Elements from

You can purchase Photoshop Elements for only $9.99 on If you are a student, the purchase price is discounted to a small amount.

Buy Photoshop Elements from an offline Adobe store

You can also buy Photoshop Elements from an offline Adobe store. If you have any issues with the activation key or your Adobe account, you can download a product key generator.

Trouble activating your Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Problems with the activation key or a problem with your Adobe account?

Download a key generator and activate your Photoshop Elements.

5. Comparison: Photoshop Elements vs Adobe Photoshop CC

In this section, you can find Photoshop Elements compared to other Adobe products. You can choose

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How to use F# Signatures to set a function’s generic parameters explicitly?

Is it possible to use F#’s signatures to set the generic parameters of a function? So far I’ve only found a method to use them to infer a function’s generic parameters. What I’d like to do is something like:
let sumIter (iter: seq) =
let sumAcc = 0
let rec loop input =
match input with
| [] -> sumAcc
| x::xs -> sumAcc + x
loop iter

I can do this in C# and I have a particular motivation for doing this in F#. Does anybody know how I can do this?


I was trying to answer your similar question (in C#) a while back.
So given
type A

let rec b(a: A): A =
if a.Count = 0 then a

F# won’t let me do it for A directly as such
let a0 : A = new A() with
member x.Count = 0

let a1 = b a0


This should just work:
let sumIter(iter: seq

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I have a file which has data stored in the following format:

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